What Life Is Like On The Island Of Sumba

The villagers that live on the isolated island of Sumba are very spiritual in nature. For example they use nyale sea worms in order to predict whether the next harvest will be a feast or famine. As one villager explains it, if these worms are biting each other that means that the harvest will be covered in rats. However, if the worms look healthy and long than the harvest will be great that year.

This island has about 750,000 people living on it. It is a very different world from most of civilization. They don’t even use a regular currency, instead bartering with animals in order to obtain goods and services. One of their biggest traditions is a celebration called the Pasola. This is a game that results in a lot of blood being spilt on the island. That’s actually the main point of Pasola as the villagers believe that this bloody ground is an offering in order for the next harvest to be bountiful.

Over 30 years ago two surfers from America by the names Claude and Petra Graves arrived on Sumba. What they saw was an untouched paradise and so they decided to build a hotel with the help of the villagers. The result was the hotel Nihiwatu, one that is unique in the world.  Read more about Nihiwatu, check businessinsider.com.

Fast forwarding to the current day, entrepreneur Chris Burch bought the Nihiwatu a number of years ago, drawn to the same untouched paradise setting. After buying Nihiwatu he invested $30 million into expanding and improving it. He hires locally and invests in the Sumba community in order to help the villagers on the island prosper. He has said that giving back to the community that his hotel operates in is one of his chief concerns.  Read his views on matters around his area of focus, browse on entrepreneur.com.

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Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur who has been heavily involved in starting over 50 companies since the 1970’s.  More to read on bjtonline.com.   Many of the companies he has founded are in the fashion industry although he has also branched out to other industries such as hospitality and technology. Many of his brands are widely known by consumers such as TRADEMARK, Cocoon 9, and Poppin.  For contact details, hop over to burchcreativecapital.com.

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Chris Burch’s Investments and Philanthropic works

Residents of Sumba villages are still firm believers in their cultural practices and beliefs. Simpson though seems to have gotten over this culture as he has undergone through western education. He offers his services to one of the hotels in that region. With a population of 750,000, Sumba inhabitants are mostly recognized by their spirituality with the cultural practices passed from one generation to another.

With the sighting of nyale, it indicates the nearing of Pasola which is one of the most gore social games globally. The primary purpose of the blood spill during the games is for appreciation of the marvelous harvests. The competitors are riding horses while carrying wooden sticks that use to attack others.

Nihiwatu is a hotel that has been ranked the best worldwide twice. The hotel Chris Burch has invested around $ 30 million for enhancement and expansion of the hotel to keep up with current trend while still offering the best of Sumba culture. The hotel consists of 32 villas which give a variety of styles. The hotel location ensures you remain in contact with nature while still having access to the ocean.  Read more about the resort, check on businessinsider.com.

Due to the hotel development, there was also need to establish Sumba foundation which has assisted the local community very much through latrine creation and in the fight against malaria. It has helped with the supply of essential amenities.  Read his views on matters around his area of focus, click entrepreneur.com.

Chris Burch established Burch Creative Capital, and he is the current CEO. Apart from this business he also co-developed Tory Burch which is fashion brand. With his beliefs in branding, he has developed keen interests in other sectors that include hospitality, spanning apparel, sales, and marketing among others. Mr. Burch Went to Ithaca College where he studied his undergraduate degree. Refer to bjtonline.com for a related article.

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In 1976 while still studying he used $2000 to create Eagle’s Eye apparel with the assistance of his brother who goes by the name Bob. They elevated the company into the net worth of $ 165 million. He has also been a board member Rothman institute Orthopedic Foundation. He has also been involved in assist Mt. Sinai Hospital that is based in New York. Mr. Burch looks forward to assisting the community while expanding his business.  Additional article on architecturaldigest.com.

Learn more about the diversity of his investment portfolio, visit http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/portfolio/

Success Marks the Career of Todd Lubar in Real Estate Space

Todd Lubar currently works at TDL Global Ventures as the President. He is a serial entrepreneur and investor with extensive experience in the world of real estate. For over 20 years, Todd Lubar has helped many people realize their dreams of owning their homes. Over time, Todd Lubar has grown to become one of the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States. Besides real estate, Todd Lubar has also worked in industries such as entertainment, mortgage banking, demolition, and construction. Todd Lubar is passionate about giving back to society and leverages his extensive experience as a mortgage originator as well as his business acumen to help others succeed.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar realized that he could help others fulfill their dreams of becoming homeowners after his successful career in the finance and credit space. Over time, he developed ways to eliminate barriers that bar people from accessing loans. Eventually, he came up with a program that would help people obtain loans. Todd Lubar’s day starts with a cup of coffee with his family. Afterwards, he checks through his emails followed by quick workouts. Keeping current with trends in the real estate industry puts Todd Lubar’s day into perspective and allows him to prioritize. Conversely, quick exercises help Mr. Lubar to refresh and energizes his body for the rest of the day. Visit medium.com to see more.

As an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar believes that where there is a will, there is a way. Entrepreneurs can have all ideas in the world, but they will never come to fruition without implementation. Todd Lubar’s experience with real estate and his successful career in mortgage banking has helped him to propel his venture to greater heights. His most fascinating trend is the technology surrounding home remote functions. He feels excited that he can control lighting and room temperature from the touch of a button. Todd Lubar keeps himself hyper-organized and in contact with every aspect of his venture. Staying current with every aspect of his business helps him to arrive at informed decisions. According to Todd Lubar, it takes hard work and dedication to build a successful business. You can follow him on Twitter

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Sheldon Lavin, The True Illustration Of Success.

Sheldon Lavin is a Finance and Accounting, degree holder and a father of three. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group,ameat and food processing service industry, which has it headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. He is also the president of OSI International Foods Ltd. Sheldon joined the OSI Group, by then a small company going by the name Otto and Sons, 47 years ago. He previsiously used to work in the banking sector, as well as financial consulting company owner, before getting involved with the company.

In 1975, Sheldon went out of his way and started looking for overseas investments, though he was still not in full-time business with the company. He was greatly impressed by the way the company operated. Sheldon fully became part of the OSI company and in the 1980’s become a partner, with half of the company’s share, after one of the founding partners of the company withdrew from the business and sold out his shares to Sheldon. He later became the sole company owner after the remaining partner retired. Since then Sheldon, has worked tirelessly to see the business thrive and he has managed ton establish about 55 plants, in 17 contries, worldwide, and still striving for more.

Under his leadership, OSI group has been certified as one omong the world’s best observers of the environmental management standards. He has also engineered the company to receiving several other awards, among them being the 2016 Globe of Honor to the OSI company in UK, by the British Safety Council. He has also garnered a lot of awards, as an individual.

Sheldon has always ensured that the company’s employees, enjoy a free working environment, for maximum productivity. He and his company, has been renown for creating jobs all over the world, through OSI’s many expansions, and that earned him the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy in early 2016.

Other than working with the OSI group, Sheldon has been a philanthropic person, always extending his support and contributuins to several Charity organizations, such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, Boys and Girls clubs of Chicago, United Negro College Fund, just to mention a few. Sheldon has gradually seen his vision of establishing a world class company, come into reality. Other than that, he is dedicated to set an example to the next generation corporate leaders, to commited and responsible leaders, who seek to grow the global market.

For details: interview.net/interview-with-global-icons-food-executive-sheldon-lavin/

Understanding Fabletic’s Use of Crowd-Sourced Reviews

The customer always had the power to decide what makes a high-quality product worthy of that title. It’s just that companies often used brilliantly developed advertisements to persuade customers to buy things that they didn’t necessarily need. Unfortunately, that created a rift between customers and their favorite brands.

Now, customers know they have all the power. With the popularity of online shopping growing, more consumers research products or services before they buy. That’s given way to a new consumer trend where people rely on fellow customers’ reviews of certain products and services. Several studies show that over 80 percent of modern consumers trust online reviews.

It’s actually shocking how much people trust reviews from people they’ve never met. According to those same studies, people trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family members. This new trend’s created countless review-centric marketing strategies.

The biggest advantage to using these types of marketing strategies is that it allows smaller companies to compete with the bigger corporations. Fabletics is one of those smaller companies that grew into a worldwide sensation, thanks to user reviews. Launched only four years ago, Fabletics is now worth an estimated $250 million.

A lot of people know the Fabletics brand. It seems like it’s everywhere these days, but that’s because of its co-founder, Kate Hudson. When Kate joined the Fabletics family, she brought an energy that every member loves. It’s not just a business to Kate Hudson; it’s a dedication to health.

So far, fans seem to love what Fabletics is doing. Even though some people talk negatively about the brand that doesn’t stop the 1.2 million members from taking advantage of Fabletic’s numerous discounts. Fabletics is famous for its on-trend fashion that cost half the price of the more expensive brands.

On top of that, Kate’s devotion to the company is more than monetary aspiration. Kate Hudson wants to use Fabletics as a tool to inspire all women to embrace healthier lifestyles. For decades, America’s struggled with health and fitness, and activewear’s created a trend that seems to be pushing people in the right direction.

Who would’ve thought that fashion could have such an impact on people? That’s why it’s so important that Fabletics cost less than its competitors.

Bruno Fagali: A Crusader Against Anorexia Nervosa

The Photoshop Alert?

True … back to the ‘Alert’ …, in it the punishment for its eventual non-compliance is a fine of 37.5 thousand euros or 30% of the expenses used with all its advertising.

Detail is that, although this Decree of ‘Photoshop Alert’ was promulgated in 2016, only now it will become valid according to about.me.

But let it be emphasized: French law is not unique in dealing with this question.
Since 2012, Israel is going in the same direction either with the body mass index or with the notice in photographs. By 2014, the issue was also discussed in Australia.

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Brazil, in turn, always in the forefront, already discussed the subject in 2010, with Bill 6853/2010, which provides for the need for notice for retouched images.

But finally … more than approving laws, it seems that the advertising sector (and fashion), which values the high standard of their campaigns, has long realized that having thin girls, totally out of touch, does not make sense anymore.

And, well, you cannot ignore the diversity in advertising, whether in France or here in the tropics. A case of success was the “Dove Portraits of Real Beauty” created by Toronto’s Ogilvy & Mather, who by no means winner of the Cannes GP in 2007.

The Photoshop Alert comes as a great service to society from a great man. Bruno Fagali an expert lawyer. He has been a crusader on the issue for years and has finally been successful in assisting with getting the act passed. Bruno Fagali is an example of how people should fight for the rights of better health awareness. Too many young teens have died in our countries because of anorexia and bulimia. The models that retouch their pictures have a social responsibility to live up to. They must adhere to greater standards if they are to remain in their positions of influence. Bruno Fagali believes the photographers that take these pictures and produce them are needing to be held subject to basic standards of human rights. There should not be any deaths due to body shaming and thanks to Bruno Fagali, we are moving towards a better future.

Search more about Bruno Fagali: https://www3.ethos.org.br/cedoc/gerente-de-integridade-da-novasb-comenta-caminhos-para-conquistar-o-pro-etica/- .Wc1e_hNSxTY

Highly Sought-After Brazilian Attorney Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

It is normal for successful businesses to face rough patches from time to time, and this necessitates partnering with the highly-qualified business law attorneys. Reputable attorneys understand the ins and outs of the legal industry and have vast knowledge. Moreover, they are familiar with all legal terms used in the courts. Experienced attorneys like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho have represented numerous clients successfully. More importantly, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is licensed to practice law in Brazil. He is also an active member of the Brazilian Order of Attorneys. Businesses and individuals in Brazil like being represented by Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Over the years, Mr. Tosto has managed to build a great reputation for himself in the country. At the moment, Tosto is ranked among the best business law attorneys in Brazil. As a great litigator, Ricardo is highly experienced and loves what he does.

More about Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo is a member of an elite Brazilian law firm called Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. The law firm is very popular in Brazil and has represented numerous notable Brazilian personalities. Ricardo began his law career in a small office and later became a highly sought after litigation attorney in Brazil. Ricardo went ahead to establish his law firm, which grew to become a large Brazilian law firm within no time.

The Brazilian legal practice is lucky to have Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He has pioneered the adoption of various high-profile Brazilian legal mechanisms. Additionally, Mr. Tosto helped his current partners, who began as interns, to become highly-qualified attorneys. Ricardo’s duties include providing guidance to his current partners, overseeing the law firm’s most delicate cases, and coming up with creative strategies for the law firm. As the leader of the firm, Ricardo ensures that the law firm continues to top the Brazilian law industry.

Dick DeVos Has A Diverse Business Background

Dick DeVos began his business career under his father’s guidance. Richard DeVos Sr is the founder of Amway. The company is a multi billion-dollar organization that was started out of the DeVos family home. Dick DeVos was very involved at a young age. He and his brother took on simple tasks such as catering to potential clients and clearing tables after special events. Before long Dick DeVos was acting as a host by speaking at events and presenting new products.


DeVos received his bachelor’s degree from Northwood University and had brief stays at Harvard Business School and the Wharton School. He joined his father’s company in 1974 and proceeded to work his way up through the ranks of the organization. DeVos refined his business skills by gaining experience from several different departments in the company including marketing, sales, finance, manufacturing and product development.


Dick DeVos became an active executive with the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association when his father Richard DeVos purchased the team in 1991. DeVos remained with the team in an official capacity until he decided to return to Amway and take over as the company’s President.


DeVos became President of Amway in place of his father. The company expanded its operations to over 50 countries and territories during Dick DeVos’s tenure as CEO. He would oversee the restructuring that resulted in Alticor. Alticor became the parent company of Amway. There were also several different subsidiary companies involved in the transaction.


Dick DeVos made a serious run at the governorship of Michigan in 2006. He spent an estimated 39 million dollars on his campaign. 35 million of the 39 million dollars is believed to be Dick DeVos’s own money. It is said that he is the wealthiest man to ever run for governor in the history of the state of Michigan. DeVos was concerned about the unemployment levels in the state. At that time it was one of the highest in the country. He pushed for initiatives to assist start-up businesses in order to achieve personal growth. DeVos believed that this would create the kind of jobs that are needed in the marketplace.


Dick DeVos remains and activists in politics. He was eventually elected to the Michigan State Board of Education. He resigned after only two years served in what was supposed to be an 8 year term. This was the period of time when he decided to return to Amway. However, he and his wife became co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund. The program make scholarships available to low-income families in order for them to attend whatever school they choose. The DeVos family matched every offer that was provided by the Children’s Scholarship Fund in order to maximize its reach. They also cover all of the administrative cost of running the organization.


To learn more, visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/.

What sets OSI Group apart from its competitors in the food industry?

OSI Group, a large food processing. Supplies Company continue to strive for excellence by providing high-quality meat and other food products to the American and the international food industry. The company has embarked on an ambitious expansion plan that has seen them open subsidiaries and purchase related food processing companies in different parts of the globe.

The privately held food processing company has cemented a top position in the American food industry for a century, and now it is reaching to international markets. At the end of 2015, OSI industries reported annual revenues to the tune of $6.1 billion, which placed the company on the Forbes List of the largest privately held companies in America. OSI industries were ranked at position 58 of the largest private companies in America. What sets OSI industries apart from other food industries is their ability to continuously grow and realize profits even in the worst economic conditions.

OSI industries are recognized by the British Safety Council (B.S.C) for their role in environmental risk management. The B.S.C presented the 2016 Globe of Honor Award to OSI Group and its subsidiaries for demonstrating excellence in the environmental risk management. The group also won the Globe of Honor Awards in 2013 and 2015 for showing outstanding ecological management audits. The company has evolved from a family-owned enterprise, formerly known as Otto & Sons into a giant food processing company serving various international markets.

OSI Group’s appetite for growth

David McDonald the company’s president, admits that OSI Group has a much taste for growing its processing capacity to serve a broader market. OSI Group continues to partner with other companies and suppliers to help them realize increased sales. David McDonald notes that the partnering process with different companies helps to give their customers a variety of options to choose from including natural and organic food products.

David McDonald states that the constant variable in their company is that the food is both tasty and healthy. David doesn’t hesitate to shower praises to the Group’s CEO, Sheldon Lavin for helping to put OSI Industries on a global map. Sheldon Lavin has been instrumental in pushing for the company’s growth and creating the energy that makes it grow. The company is currently operating in 16 countries with more than 70 processing facilities.

About OSI Group

OSI Group is a giant food processing company that was established more than hundred years ago by a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky. OSI Group started as a small butcher shop in Chicago but later on grew to be giant meat processor that supplied the McDonalds with high-quality meat from 1955.

OSI Group Info: www.crunchbase.com/organization/osi-group#/entity

The Success Story of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a real estate mogul, philanthropist, and a community leader. He is an Israel native who worked for the Israel Defense Force during the Yom Kippur War. In 1978, Adam Milstein graduated from the Technion. In 1983, he relocated to the US where he was awarded an MBA from USC and started building his career in commercial real estate in Southern California.

Adam is one of the managing partners in a private commercial real estate company known as Hager Pacific Properties. Milstein is the founding partner and chairman of the Israeli-American Council. His role at the council is to supervise the company’s national expansion. He also serves as the board member in various agencies comprising:

  • the Israel on Campus Coalition
  • StandWithUs
  • Hasbara Fellowships
  • Jewish Funders Network
  • AISH Los Angeles
  • AIPAC National Council
  • the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel

Together with his wife, Adam co-founded an organization that offers free reading materials in Hebrew every month. The books are meant to teach Jewish values to over 15000 families of Jewish-American origin in the US. Pijama B’America is the name of the organization.

Adam explained where he got the idea to establish the Hager Pacific Properties in an interview with ideamensch. Adam came to the US to pursue his studies where he joined USC and obtained an MBA in entrepreneurship. Before his graduation, Adam was hired by the many people who came to campus to recruit students in various posts. He realized that they did not recognize his skills and expertise because he received less than what the undergraduate students received. Adam made an informed decision to enter into the world of self-employment and started offering the brokerage services to real estate companies. After serving for three years as a broker, he began to invest in the real estate industry.

Adam adds that when someone starts a business, it is not possible to know their day’s schedule because the structure of the business becomes more complicated as you get more assets. That means that you will have more activities to complete. For many years, Adam realized that participating in philanthropic activities made his daily work more satisfying.