New Trustees Offer New Insights For Autism Rocks

The charity Autism Rocks has announced that they will be appointing two new trustees to their board. As reported on PR Newswire, Will and Pete Best will be joining the charity in its work to combat autism and spread information about the disease. The charity was founded by and is presently run by Sanjay Shah. He has known the Best brothers for many years and feel that they will have a positive influence on the charity.

Sanjay Shah runs more than 13 different businesses and ventures in London. One of them is Solo Capital. This firm is an investment firm that aids others in growing their wealth and financial stability. Mr. Shah offers a number of different services with this firm that include advisory services, investment options as well as portfolio management.

Autism Rocks is the brainchild of Mr Shah. He was donating funds for children who had autism. When his son was diagnosed with the disease he wanted to do something more, and Autism Rocks was born. The charity holds yearly concerts to raise money for research and to develop cures.

Will Best has extensive experience in the entertainment sector. He is thought to bring new insights as to how to expand the reach of the charity and to organize concerts. He also has experience in advertising which is thought to be an asset for the charity in that he will know the best ways to get information out to the public.

Pete Best has the bulk of his experience in the financial sector. He has worked and held positions as CEO of major firms. He will be able to help Autism Rocks to streamline their collective employees as well as to be able to manage larger numbers of people.

The two new trustees are considered to have the collective experience and ability to help the charity move into the future.

White Shark Media: Keywords are Key to Effective SEO


In a recent blog post, the search marketing firm White Shark Media explains how to find the keywords to target on your website and how to optimize them on each web page.

It does not do a business any good to rank highly for irrelevant keywords or keywords which do not have enough search volume to make the effort worthwhile.

They suggest using three different pieces of keyword software: Ubersuggest, WordStream and the Google Explore Trends tool. With Google Trends, results are broken down and displayed based on time, regional interest and related searches.

But start off with the most obvious, relevant, broad keyword term that describes your service or business. If you’re a plumber, use “plumber” or “plumbing.” If you sell homemade candles, put in “candles.”

Look at some of the search engine results. Think about the keywords. Put yourself in the mind of the persons putting those keywords into Google. What do they want?

Typically, keywords fall into two categories: informational and buyer intent.

For example, if someone searches for “how to become a plumber” they want information about becoming a plumber themself. They do not need to hire a plumber. Therefore, that’s a good example of a keyword phrase a plumber should not put on their website.

But if someone types “best plumber Raleigh North Carolina” they probably want to hire a plumber. Every plumber in Raleigh North Carolina should be trying to rank highly for that phrase.

“Candles in the Middle Ages” indicates a request for information. “Lavender smelling candles,” however, would be a good phrase for a company that makes such candles.

Take the buyer intent keywords and turn them into titles and headlines for articles to go on your website. Examples:

* How to Find the Best Plumber in Akron Ohio

* Why the best candles are beeswax

Use synonyms and variations on the web page. Google knows words that are connected to each other.

According to White Shark Media, effective keyword target is about search queries, not keywords. That is, the exact order of words is not important, but the words and their variants and synonyms and related terms.

Google has processed trillions of search complaints since they started. They are very sophisticated at understanding what a searcher is looking for. It’s much harder to fool them than it used to be. White Shark Media starts off the post by sharing a website listing that is stuffed with keywords the way sites used to do that, and it is embarrassingly spammy looking.

White Shark Media Review began helping webmasters optimize their Google AdWords pay per click campaigns. They are a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. They also help businesses with Bing ads and eCommerce PPC ads.

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Slyce Provides its Year in Review

Slyce has released a year in review report from Yahoo Finance that details all of its achievements throughout the year. Slyce has made quite a bit of progress financially. It has also made quite a bit of helpful partnerships with plenty of companies. One company that Slyce has partnered with is SHOES.COM. One very useful feature of Slyce is image recognition that allows people to take pictures of items and find out the exact type of item it is. This allows the user to find out where the item is sold. As a result, he will either be able to buy this exact item or similar items to it.

Another announcement made in the year review report is the expansion of Slyce image recognition technology for every product. Among the features that was expanded was the ‘Snap Find Shop’ feature. This allows shoppers to take images of any category of items. This could be anything like jewelry, shoes, women’s apparel and other items. Neiman Marcus will show if that exact product is available in the store or if there are any similar items being offered in the store.

Another company that has signed up with Slyce is Urban Outfitters. This allows people to be able to use visual search in order to find similar products at Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters is one of the more popular shops for both men and women’s apparel.

QNET Recognizes the Importance of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are often admired. However, people that try to be entrepreneurs are met with discouragement. There are a few things to understand about entrepreneurs. For one thing, if it wasn’t for entrepreneurs, there would probably be no jobs. Many of the large companies were started by entrepreneurs who took the risk. QNET understands the value of entrepreneurs as evidenced by their reviews on Glassdoor. The company is paying special attention to the women that are taking the risk to start their own business or work for themselves. I personally am an entrepreneur that sees the advantages to being an entrepreneur over working a regular job.

CHIEF & Regional V Partners in our Bangkok office, checking out what we have in store FOR YOU in #VCON16. Expect to be completely blown away. 😉

Posted by QNET (Official) on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I know the advantages and disadvantages to being an entrepreneur. For one thing, entrepreneurs are less likely to be paid by the hour. In many cases, entrepreneurs are paid by how much work they get done. I also have to manage my time very effectively. Otherwise I won’t make money for the day.

Among the products that QNET sells are healthcare and personal care products. There are also electronics products that women could sell with their company.

Women entrepreneurs could benefit greatly form an opportunity like this to build a very lucrative business. One thing that could be said for the most successful entrepreneurs is that they have a great work ethic which takes them very far in their journey towards running a successful business. 

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Why We Should Pay Attention to Helane Morrison

It is well known that there is a glass ceiling that some people cannot ever seem to get past in the corporate world. These ceilings can be caused by gender bias, by racial bias, by integrity, or a lack thereof. However, these glass ceilings are being shattered by one powerful person: Helane Morrison.

Morrison began her shattering career as the editor in chief of the University of California Berkeley School of Law. After graduating from the school, she went on to work under Harry A. Blackmun. From there, she went on to work with the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk, and Rabkin law firm. She started there as a small time partner, but soon graduated to a full time partner in the firm.

However, it didn’t take long for her to max out her potential in the law firm. In 1999, she was given a position with the Securities and Exchanges Commission, or the SEC. It is here she made the most impact in the corporate world.

As a member of the SEC, and later the head of the San Francisco branch, she took down more corporate corruption than anyone at that point thought possible. The ones she is most noted for the downfall into a category the corporate world calls “untouchables”.

Helane Morrison took them down. Using her place in the SEC, she found ways around the power, money, and influence the “untouchables” had. For 11 years, she did this and was praised for all of her efforts in the Wall Street Journal. With such an impressive record behind her, it’s no surprise she became head of commission and regional director before she moved on with her career in 2007.

To learn more about Helane, visit her Crunchbase to get news about her life and career.