I like Feeding My Dog Benefuls

My dog Pippy is a picky little soul, but she also has a very big appetite. She’s a beagle mix, and only very small, so we treat her like a baby. However, she sure can eat a lot. As I mentioned, she is picky, however, so finding her a dog food that will satisfy her taste buds and satiate her hunger has been a challenge. But through one of my friend on twitter, we finally landed with Purinastore‘s Beneful brand and here’s why.
Beneful offers a wide range of products in both dry and wet foods, including a wet food line specifically designed for smaller dogs. I appreciated this because Pippy sometimes would refuse other dog foods when the pieces were too big for her to chew or sometimes even get in her mouth.

The Beneful Incredibites range is perfect for Pippy because it’s designed with smaller dog breeds in mind. The bite-sized chunks of meat and veggies are much better suited to Pippy’s needs, and this line also comes with a variety of flavors perfect for her picky taste buds.

Our favorite blend, or should I say her favorite, is the Incredibites Chopped Blends chicken flavor. This wet dog food is soft and moist, with a little bit of juicy sauce and lots of soft, tender pieces of meat. It also has carrots, peas and wild rice in it. Pippy also likes the Incredibites turkey blend with sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach.

We also discovered from wikipedia.com that in Beneful’s dry food range there is a puppy formula, and for whatever reason, picky Pippy likes this one in spite of being four years old. This dog food has real chicken in it, along with corn, peas, carrots and wild rice.

Occasionally we have also given Pippy Beneful’s Healthy Weight dry dog food because, in spite of being so picky, she has been overweight before too. This dry dog food must be tasty in spite of being low calorie, because she really likes the blend of chicken, peas, carrots, corn and apples.Beneful is available online on http://www.amazon.com/Beneful-Food-Originals-Real-15-5-Pound/dp/B001VJ0B0I

Get Chic With Fabletics In New Swimwear

Originally, reported on Elite Daily, the athleisure brand Fabletics is making your summer more fashionable than ever. Kate Hudson, the actress and now entrepreneur, is sharing her love of summertime with all who are a part of the JustFab customer base and those who love the functionality of her clothing. New, this season, Fabletics, are releasing their new swimwear line that all fashionistas will fawn over. What began as a response to the athleisure trend, as well as, brands like Lululemon and Nike, has grown into its own.

The new swimwear line has the same appeal as the athleisure wear currently offered by the brand. The intermingling of comfort and style are unrivaled this season. The simple geometric designs and the ability to mix and match sets make for a very chic look. In addition to what is on their Facebook page, The styles are perfect for everyone, ranging in size from XXS to XXL, while, also, coming in a myriad of cuts that are both classic and cutting edge. Fabletics has quickly become one of the trendsetters for this season with their reasonably priced clothing and its mass appeal.

In coordination with JustFab, you can have clothing from Fabletics delivered to you monthly. Your first outfit can be acquired with only $25 and if you maintain a subscription you will pay just under $50 per month for a new outfit. Not much is better than shopping for a new outfit and then having the new clothing of any style you want dropped off at your doorstep on a regular basis. The ease of delivery will help keep you fashionable and up-to-date, while, simultaneously spending less time on shopping so, you can get more done during your day.

Also, released this season, Hudson is bringing a line of spring/summer dresses to the Fabletics line. Also, these dresses come in the same fare price range the fans of Fabletics have come to expect. Sticking with the same design theory and mass appeal of the athleisure wear and swimwear, fans of the brand will have no problem picking out exactly what they want.

Additional detail are here at https://www.instagram.com/fabletics/?hl=en

Diving into Sky High Courage

Hero Andy Wirth is the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski on https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfSquawValley/posts/10152191670133708 in Olympic Valley, CA but Andy Wirth is no ordinary CEO. This 52 year old man has taught the world a valuable lesson. Andy was in a Tahoe sky diving accident that severed his arm. However, after his quick thinking, the inspiration he gained for the song, “Just Breathe,” 21 surgeries totaling over 30 hours, and 50 days in the hospital, Andy Wirth on wsj is now on the way to a successful recovery. The remarkable part of his story wasn’t the accident, or even the miracle of his recovery, it was how Andy Wirth on kcrw had the courage to turn a not so pleasant situation for himself into a blessing for so many others.

Through his friendship with the Navy Seals, Andy Wirth was able to get the motivation to cycle and raise over $40,000 for the people who actually did lose limbs in order to protect our country and the freedom we have. Mr. Wirth so beautifully said about the Navy Seals on crunchbase.com, “From them, I’ve learned that courage is not when one has the strength to press on; courage is found when, in the absence of strength, one finds a way to advance….to press on.” I am sure for them too, the feeling is mutual.

Andy Wirth is such a selfless man that as much as he does miss skydiving, he chooses not to go back to it as to not put his wife and children into the stress of worrying about him.
Andy Wirth’s selflessness on http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=36030954&privcapId=7911768 doesn’t stop there. A DAY after his accident, he actually wrote a thank you letter to Eddie Vedder (the man behind the “Just Breathe” song that inspired Andy). Amazing how in the midst of unspeakable pain, he was thinking about how he can encourage someone else.


Madison Street Capital, a global investment banking firm providing financial advising services, announced the winner of The M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. The proud honoree is MSC’s Chief operating officer, Anthony Marsala.

There was an impressive pool of nominees by an independent judging panel of distinguished business leaders. Anthony’s accomplishments and expertise made him stand out among his peers. The same team of professionals to whom Marsala gives credit and gratitude for their dedication, which according to him have attributed to his accomplishments.

Madison Street Capital professionals have represented a broad universe of public and private Companies, as well as their shareholders, Boards and Special Committees. They offer financial advisory services, valuation services, financial opinions, as well as merger and acquisition advice. All which are committed to delivering with integrity, excellence and leadership. The firm services small to middle market business in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and Asia. They differentiate them self by leveraging their experience to provide sound strategic advice at each of the critical junctures in the Transaction process.

The 2016 US award winner of the M&A Advisor Emerging Leaders have joined a truly global network of young leaders. This after the expansion of the program to the United Kingdom and Europe.

The Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, Anthony Marsala, is a veteran on the investment banking industry, who specializes in business valuation finance and M&A. In 2015 he was recognized by the 40 Under Forty Program. This year, he was also selected as a participant in the Crain’s Leadership Academy Program.

The M&A Advisor will host a black tie Awards Gala at the New York Club in Manhattan, New York to introduce the Emerging Leaders Award Winners. It is set to take place on June 10th.

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Venezuela Attempts to Pass Foreign Aid Bill

Venezuela has been in the middle of a serious health crisis as of recent, as there simply has not been enough medication in the country to help individuals that are sick. There has been a lot of debate as reported by Visual CV over the health care system that is currently in Venezuela and it has gotten to the point where the country may have to take foreign aid. This foreign aid would come in the form of medication coming from other areas of the World, most of which would be through various countries in Latin America, and in Europe as well. The country is currently trying to pass a bill through legislation that would allow for this type of foreign aid, and it would also allow them to attempt to seek help from the World Health Organization.

If passed, the bill according to Analyst David Osio would get a huge amount of sick people that are living in the country of Venezuela without prescription medication get the various things that they need. Supporters of the bill have come out and stated that there is not a problem with the pharmacies in the country, but there is a lack of medication, which is why so many people feel that it is necessary to pass. There is no denying the fact that the country is currently afflicted with a lack of food and a lack of medication, leaving the population hoping that they can receive foreign aid.



National Humor Month Celebration From Skout

Laughter can do a lot of wonderful things in the lives of whoever is engaged in the activity. It can brighten the lives of the people involved in it. Laughter brings people together. It is one of the first things that we do to show our appreciation for another person. We laugh in so many different ways to show how we enjoy a person or what they are saying. We laugh at jokes, and we laugh during fun parts of stories. Laughing with another person is a great way to show how much you appreciate what the person is saying to you.

Skout recently conducted some valuable research on the science and art of laughter. It appears that laughter brings people together through social media as well. Skout is one of the largest social media networking applications, so they know what brings people together. This information was originally published in a compelling piece from PR Newswire.

Skout is free to use, and it is easy to set up a profile. You can get your application on your smart phone now, and you could be laughing with some new friends by tonight. People meet on Skout to make online friends, real life friends and other types of relationships as well.

Skout’s Survey On Humor

April is National Humor Month, so Skout decided to have their team conduct some valuable research about what laughter does for their users. Apparently, the team at Skout found that laughing in a profile picture will help you get better results from the Skout community. You should always be yourself. However, if you have a picture of yourself laughing, then you might want to share it on Skout to make more friends. According to their research, the people who show their humorous side with a profile picture will have more than 400 percent more favorites from users than the average user on Skout.

Skout also polled their users on how important they consider humor to be in building friendships. 94 percent of users reported in the survey that they enjoy helping make other people laugh. 75 percent of users surveyed reported that they think of themselves as funny. Laughter can go a long way when you are making new friendships, so be sure to show the funny side of yourself when you meet new people. The survey information from PR Newswire can be found here.

Wen by Chaz Makes the Grade

Bustle recently featured a story on whether WEN by Chaz could help revitalize fine, damaged hair into gorgeous locks, like the ones seen on the popular Wen by Chaz infomercials. While she was certainly skeptical at first because her hair in particular is so fine and thin, and the claims from the infomercial appear to be so over the top, her final results definitely justify all of the hype surrounding Wen by Chaz. In fact, she included before and after pictures from each of the seven days to prove it. Her overall assessment was that Wen by Chaz can deliver shine and volume to otherwise fine, thin and dull hair, but that in order to be effective, you need to use Wen by Chaz daily as part of your hair maintenance routine.

Wen by Chaz was created by celebrity hair stylist, Chaz Dean. He wanted to create a revolutionary hair care product that women could rely on to totally transform their hair into something luscious that you expect to see in a commercial. And, more importantly, Chaz wanted to make this experience accessible to all women without paying salon prices or having to make a special excursion to feel fabulous.

Instead, WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner delivers fantastic results with just a simple wash in the convenience of your own shower and on your own time. You also won’t have to make space in your bathroom for multiple hair care products because Wen by Chaz essentially makes a shampoo, conditioner and styling cream all in one cleansing conditioner product. Women swear by the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner, which works on a variety of hair types because its special formula from sephora is free of any harmful chemicals that cause unnecessary build up and damage to hair over extended use.