Sam Tabar Talks About Financial Pitfalls for Millennials

All parents want the best for their children and are willing to help any way they can. Once your child is grown and out on their own, a parent may still feel obligated to assist their child with expenses. This can go on for quite some time, eventually, parents wonder when is it time to cut the umbilical cord.

Millennials, between the ages of 25 and 35, were surveyed by Fidelity Investments. Some shocking results were found: 47% of millennials admitted their parents have aided them by paying some of their bills since they moved out on their own. The most common expenses included: cell phone bills at 21%, groceries at 20%, clothing at 16%, utilities and entertainment at 14% each, and rent or mortgage payments at 12%.

According to the Federal Reserve, 50% of Americans have less than $400 in their savings. The millennials surveyed averaged $9,100 in savings–exceeding the national average. More than half of millennials have some form of investment account and retirement savings. Clearly being financially prepared for the future. What does this mean for the parents? Are they sacrificing their own financial wellness to secure their child’s?

If your child has a steady income, it may be time to discuss their money situation. If a grown child has worry about taking full financial responsibility, then help them understand the basics: needs vs wants. A parent should not risk their own financial well-being if their child is fully capable of supporting themselves.

This article was originally written by Sam Tabar, an attorney, and capital strategist. According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar is located in New York City. Sam Tabar began his career as an Associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. Afterward, he transitioned to business development and capital strategy.

Sam Tabar united with Bank of America Merrill Lynch to be its Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region. Later Sam returned to the legal field to join Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP to be a Senior Associate, dealing with hedge fins, fund information, and structure. As well as regulatory and compliance issues.

Handy Home Cleaning Must Adapt To Changing Investor Expectations

Venture capitalists are changing the way that they measure the ongoing success of new startup companies that they invest in. In the past, the focus was on the rapid growth and expansion of these new companies into new territories. But too much expansion can be risky and it can leave a young upstart company in precarious position where it is severely low on cash. Venture capitalists have started looking at a company’s actual profits rather than just its growth rate when considering whether or not to invest additional money. Handy Home Cleaning is feeling the squeeze of its investors demand for a profitable return on their money.

Handy Home Cleaning was founded in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan, CEO and Umang Dua, COO. Handy Home Cleaning uses the same kind of business model that was made popular by companies like Uber and others. Handy hires independent contractors to do the work. The independent contractors can look for and accept jobs using a mobile app.

Handy Home Cleaning has been mostly focusing on battling for dominance in new market territories. If Handy doesn’t move quickly to conquer a new market place, it runs the risk of a competitor beating it to it and taking over. Handy was pouring massive amounts of money into expansion efforts at the expense of profit.

Venture capitalists have already invested $110 million into Handy and are pressuring Handy to show a larger profit. The investors are threatening to reduce or stop future investments if Handy does not start showing a profit that will help secure their money. changed its business plan to focus on profits to calm down the investors.

Handy has streamlined its hiring procedures by implementing a company wide online hiring process for its contractors which saves millions per year in expenses. More importantly, Handy has focused on increasing its customer base within existing territories rather than on gaining new markets. These steps will allow Handy to show a profit for the investors.


IAP WorldWide Services Makes The Impossible Possible

Responding to natural disasters is a skill that only a few organizations have. It requires specific resources and technical expertise to deliver the effort that is needed to assist in such a situation. IAP Worldwide Services has been a mainstay in this department for many years. The United States government has relied on the company in times of crisis at home and overseas. The versatility that IAP Worldwide Services brings to a job site is unmatched by any other institution.

IAP specializes in many different trades including communications, logistics, construction, generator support and training. It is able to set up shop in any type of environment. The company’s technicians are experienced when it comes to working in adverse situations. The U.S. Army relied on IAP Worldwide Services to provide power during the first Gulf War. This began a long-standing relationship between IAP and the United States Armed Forces.

IAP Worldwide Services would later secure an exclusive contract with the US Army. The multi-million dollar deal requires the company to provide structural support and training. It will work out of bases located within the United States. There will also be operations conducted on an international level.

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The Army Corps of Engineers called upon IAP Worldwide Services for relief during Hurricane Katrina. The company provided power support along the east coast. This enabled critical operations to be conducted and restore order in a disastrous area.

The United States Navy signed a 900 million dollar contract with IAP Worldwide Services. There are many aspects to on base Naval operations that require the skills and expertise that IAP brings. The Navy will rely on the company to provide structural support in the shipyards and on certain vessels.

IAP Worldwide Services prides itself on being an equal opportunity employer. The company’s ranks is filled with former military servicemen and women. Its relationship with the United States Armed Forces opens the door for many military veterans to have a career after completing their service. There are special programs in place that allow U.S. military veterans to make the transition from active duty to civilian life. The process can be tricky and intimidating for those who have never had to look for a job outside of the military. Experts at IAP understand how to translate the skills of a U.S. service member into a civilian occupation. Many of the men and women coming from active duty have already worked with the company and are familiar with its mission and operational capabilities.

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Ignition Financial


Based in Austin, Texas, Ignition Financial provides auto refinance loans. If you are thinking, “I want to slash my payments!” then this company might be the right refinancing provider for you. Ignition helps simplify the money-saving process for clients who are paying a high interest rate on their cars.


Refinancing your auto loan has a number of benefits. This process can allow you to get a lower interest rate. This services helps to give the car buyer more power. It can also bring you down to a lower monthly payment. Many buyers are not aware that banks and credit unions buy loans from dealerships. Sometimes, a person buying a car is paying a higher rate than they would be if they borrowed from their financial institution directly. Dealerships tend to sell buyers on convenience, never letting them know that they could get a better rate elsewhere.


The team at Ignition seeks to bring the relationship between lender and buyer into better balance. The loan advisors are all experienced pros who know the importance of excellent customer service. President and CEO Taylor Carstens has experience both in the automotive world, and in the world of finance. He worked for Toyota for years, then spent a decade as a Senior Vice President at People’s Trust Federal Credit Union.


Almost no one knows as much about automotive lending as Carstens does. He has a BS in Finance from the University of Houston. With an experienced pro like Taylor Carstens at the helm, you can trust the information and service you are getting. He truly believes that borrowers should be able to keep more of the money they work so hard for. And his whole team is on board with this philosophy.


The process Ignition uses is streamlined. The whole operations teams has worked to create a process that will save you valuable time, as wells as money. Ignition is a company that works only with reputable lenders.


This is a valuable service, that can lower your rate beyond what you are paying through your dealership. In the long run, this makes the car you drive far more affordable.


NTC Launches New Website

Nationwide Title Clearing is an institution that is based in Palm Harbor, Florida. The organization is privately owned, and it is currently the leading research and document processing service providers in the United States. The company provides its services mostly to mortgage lenders, investors, and servicers in the country. NTC was founded in the year 1991, and since then, it is has delivered high-quality services especially in document processing. In its operations, the company ensures that it follows standards that protect the homeowners, the mortgage banking industry, and the national land records.


NTC has employed a team of dedicated document experts who have the experience to track and also fulfill the document requirements in the recording jurisdiction nationwide. The company is known for providing property reports, land records, lien release services, final document tracking, custom business solutions and assignment services. The company has expanded its services in the recent past to cater for the needs of the growing real estate industry.


The company has noticed that title defects have become very common in the recent times, and this has become one of the leading causes of concern in the industry for all the stakeholders. Title defects lead to wrongful foreclosures and stagnation of smooth transactions in the secondary market. Nationwide Title Clearing understands that the property document have a lot of value to the investors and property owners, and they should not have any defects.


To ensure that this problem comes to an end, NTC has decided to launch a website that will make the whole process of securing necessary property records as simple as possible. The new website from Nationwide Title Clearing will ensure that all property reports are available on the internet for everyone.


According to a recent study by the company, most of the title defects occur when an individual lays claim to a particular property that is already owned by another entity. Several other factors can cause defects in this documents, but this is the most common cause. The chief executive officer of NTC, John Hillman says that all property owners in the country must address any title defects present before they choose to sell the property or transfer it to other people.


The company has now put in place several measures to ensure that consumers do not experience this problem. The institution has put valuable property records online for everyone to see. If an individual realizes that their property documents provided online are not in order, they can start processing them again to prevent more problems in future.


WEN Cleansing Conditioner’s Make Hair Care Easy For Women With Unmanageable Hair

When it comes to hair care, there is an enormous variety of different products on the market, for all different kinds of things. The thing to remember is, there are many products out there that are not good to use for extended periods of time, or really at all, because of the chemicals used in creating it. This is what made all natural products a trend today, and it’s also why WEN cleansing conditioners are still around after a decade. Chaz Dean, WEN hair care’s creator, took extra special care to make his cleansing conditioner capable of cleansing the scalp deeply to remove product buildup, while at the same time nourishing the hair.

There are many great reviews to be seen on WEN by Chaz Dean and the benefits it has on hair, most notably Emily McClure’s review, which was published on, and goes into great detail about how she used the product for a period of one week. She described how she altered her method for using the product, and how she got great results by the end. At $40 dollars or so per bottle, WEN cleansing conditioners are a steal for an all natural high quality product, as most salons will charge a small fortune for a similar product. Along with Emily’s review were before and after photos that even show the difference in her hair after a week on WEN. Also, because of Wen’s gentle formula, it can be used on a daily basis.

WEN cleansing conditioners of all varieties can be found online through certain retailers, such as Sephora and Amazon as well as Ebay and the like. They even feature speedy delivery with a help service in case of any issues with orders. WEN cleansing conditioners are at the very least a must try for any women having difficulty managing their hair.

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