OSI Industries & Its Pursuit To Greatness

Greatness comes in many different forms, and it comes across just about every other field of work. The food service industry is no different because this demanding field of work is full of competitors, big profits and high-profile images. Did you know that the United States is home to one of the best food providers in the business? OSI Industries is its name and producing the best tasting food solutions is the game. Besides being one of the largest privately held companies in America, this company is a job producer. OSI Industries has set the precedent with its estimated 20,000 employees. These 20,000 employees fall under a huge umbrella of success that spans across 16 countries. The numbers are simply staggering to a degree.

So, how do other companies benefit from the services? The answer to this question is fairly simple because others will receive the benefits of:

• Fast & Timely Service
• Plethora of Food Products
• Development of Custom Food Choices
• Real-World Knowledge of Cuisines
• And many more

OSI Industries is very strict when it comes to your safety. The company uses a wide range of safety protocols to ensure peace of mind. These are some of the most stringent protocols, which comes via process control measures, independent third-party audits, exceptional monitoring of raw ingredients & material as well as a host of stringent policies. If this doesn’t provide you with reassurance, then nothing else will. OSI Industries has plants all across the U.S. This would include the states of Utah, Illinois, California and Iowa. The company has a state-of-the-art feed mill in China’s Shandong Province that can hold a capacity of up to 600,000 metric-tons. The 600,000 metric-tons helps to make this the largest, operational feed mill in China.

On top of that, OSI Industries has added a high-capacity production line that is worth $25 million. This production line is at the company’s Hungary location, and it processes over 22,000 tons of chicken. All in all, OSI Industries is raising the bar to unreachable levels, and it’s definitely outperforming its competitors on every level.

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Ravishing Results With Mark Mofid

Dr. Mark Mofid Plastic Surgeon is Board Certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Mofid has successfully been in practice for 21 years.

Dr. Mofid’s Education

  • Harvard Medical School 1993


  • Johns Hopkins University 1997

Medical School Graduate

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital 1999

Internship Completed

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital 2002

Residency Completed

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital 2004

Fellowship Completed

Office of M MOFID, M.D. FACS

Dr. Mark Mofid medical practice mainly consists of plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Mofid is an expert in his field and gives all his patients the uplifting confidence and precise information regarding the procedures that will take place at one’s initial consultation.

Dr. Mofid using the latest digital imaging equipment can demonstrate to one the potential results before performing the service. Dr. Mark Mofid offers patients at the time of their personalized consultation a careful and respectful surgery experience.

The office of Dr. Mofid services generally in medical and dermatologic, cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeries. The Body areas of the various services provided are the face, breast body, and skin.

M MOFID, M.D. FACS office is located in La Jolla, Ca also; servicing potential customers from the greater San Diego, CA area and out of town visitors.

Dr. Mofid’s Specialty

Dr. Mofid specializes in plastic surgery. Plastic surgery, unlike cosmetic surgery, is a medical specialty focused on the reconstruction of injured, impaired and defective parts of the face and body. The procedures of reconstructive plastic surgery may restore or improve a patient’s appearance. The primary focus of plastic surgery is the restoration of the body.

Dr. Mofid’s extensive surgical procedures are tailored to artistry, attention to detail and the latest technology utilized to give patients the utmost optimal aesthetic results.

Awards and Honors

  • Health Grades Honor
  • Patient’s Choice Award


  • San Diego Super Doctor


  • Top Plastic Surgeons


Dr. Mofid after Working Hours

Dr. Mark Mofid M.D. is a highly respected known plastic surgeon in the greater San Diego, CA area, but he’s not the only M.D. in the household. Mona Mofid M.D. Marks wife is a highly respected known Dermatologist in the San Diego, CA.

One could really take advantage of the services performed by both its skied limit for one who is looking for skin or body improvement or enhancements with ravishing results.

Paul Mampilly predicts about the future of cryptocurrencies

Currently, there is a new craze in town that is uncalled for competition on who invests first in the cryptocurrencies. The competition has been created by the huge gains which have been recorded by bitcoin. In just one year, bitcoin has grown by over 1000%. Many people who have been in fear of investing in the crypto have now realized that it is going up and are putting their investments in there hoping to become overnight millionaires.

Although the cryptocurrencies market seems to be gaining recently, according to former hedge fund manager in the Wall Street Paul Mampilly, there is a huge risk involved in this investment. Many investors are currently doing it blindly but this has potential to haunt them back in the future. Paul Mampilly says that the cryptocurrencies market is a bubble that is about to explode. According to him, bubbles do not last for long and very soon we will see the crypto bubble explode and the uninformed investors stand a chance to lose their capital.

Paul Mampilly does not give the exact time when the bubble explosion is likely to happen but says that it will most likely take a few years. Paul who has won the famous Templeton Foundation competition is asking investors to watchful and pay close attention to changes in the market. A bubble is characterized by an unreasonable increase in prices. For instance, no one can sufficiently explain why the price of bitcoin is going up. There is no economic or fundamental reason to support the increase. It has only been happening due to the pressure people have put on the market. Once the prices reach an optimum level with nothing to support it, it will come tumbling down.

Paul Mampilly gives an example of a stock that did the same thing as the cryptos are doing, in 1999. The stock prices rallied but there was no reason they were going up. The stock in the technology sector was up by over 1000%. Paul warned one of his friends who had shares in the stock about the possibility of it being a bubble that would crash. Just as he had predicted in 1999, the bubble burst and left many people in agony having lost all their investments.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a prolific investor in the stock markets. He possesses long-term experience in the industry and therefore his advice about financial markets is authoritative and needs to be respected. He has predicted about the bitcoin bubble and this should not be ignored.

Paul Mampilly currently works as a senior editor at Banyan Publishing House. He is also the editor of his own newsletter known as “Profits Unlimited”

Paul Mampilly’s Social Media: twitter.com/MampillyGuru

Rocketship Education Providing Youth with Opportunities to Grow

Rocketship Education is a leading network of non-profit charter school that was established in 2006 and opened its first charter school a year late in 2007 in San Jose, California. The founders are John Danner and Preston Smith. Up to date, only one of them is part of the leadership with Preston Smith being the Chief Executive Officer.

The fist of the Rocketship Education schools achieved a huge success and was comparable to institutions such as the Palo AltoShool District. The two scored the same scores on California’s assessment exam. That placed the start of the Rocketship Education charter schools on a successful path and led to the establishment of more such institutions.

After the first school in San Jose and the excellent results of its students, there were six more charter schools opened up in the area of San Jose city in the following handful of years. The first charter school opened outside of the city of San Jose, California greeted its students for the first time in 2013 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After that a year later Rocketship Education got a school in Nashville, Tennessee. The success continued through 2016 when the Rocketship Education opened up a school in Washington D.C. as well. With the partnership of Apple Tree Institute, Rocketship Education managed to provide kids with preschooling as well.

In 2015, Rocketship Education truly experienced the support of parents when almost five hundred parents gathered in Redwood City, California to raise enough money to build a Rocketship school in the city as well. Rocketship Education charter schools have been receiving generous support form the Andre Agassi and his Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund.

Rocketship Education charter schools have achieved a lot. The schools offer education to youth from families with low incomes and provide them opportunities to grow and develop their skills and talents. The charter schools make an effort always to include the parents of their students in their education. At the Rocketship Education charter schools, parents and teachers work together and communicate regularly. They are a team. Rocketship Education will be expanding further in the next couple of years.

Whitney Wolfe Looks to Empower Women

Whitney Wolfe is a recently married entrepreneur that has changed her name, but she is still the same power player that is taking over the dating app industry. Whitney Wolfe knows a lot about dating apps and the dating app environment. She has become someone that helped create Tinder, one of the most successful dating apps, and now she is pushing forward with her own powerful dating app called Bumble.

This year she got married to an oil tycoon and entrepreneur Michael Herd. This officially makes her Whitney Wolfe Herd, but many of her fans still simply know her as Whitney Wolfe. It may seem odd for some people to hear that Whitney Wolfe has a fan base, but this is very true. She has a network of fans because she has become someone that is interested in empowering women.

The Bumble company that she started employs women in 80% of the jobs that are available through this company. Whitney Wolfe has described the Bumble as a feminist dating app. All of these are things that have translated into a movement where women are in charge. That is why Whitney Wolfe has a huge fan base. Women are loving the fact that she is helping other women gain control of their situations. She has become a leader in the dating app industry because she puts so much time into building an app that is easy to use.

Whitney Wolfe has also become popular because she has changed the way that people look at this dating app environment. Women make the first move, and that is another part of her feminist movement in the dating app community. All of this makes other women that are interested in engaging in the business world fond of Whitney Wolfe Herd and the legacy that she is leaving behind. She is revolutionizing things for women in business as she takes on the evolution of the dating app world as well. Whitney Wolfe has her hands in a lot of different areas, and she has made significant progress as a strong female dating app development leader.