Vinod Gupta Is Successful And Compassionate

Vinod Gupta may be a wealthy man today, but he came from the humblest of beginnings. Vinod grew up in a tiny town within the poorer areas of India. Despite this, Vinod was interested in education and wanted to commit himself to become something better. Vinod earned a position at the Institute of Technology in India and he followed a course for a degree in agricultural engineering. After the first part of his education was finished, Vinod went to the states to finish his master’s degree.


One of the first companies Vinod was able to work was at Commodore Corporation, which gave him working experience and a foundation to start off his own business. In 1972, Vinod Gupta was able to open his own company alongside a team with just 100 dollars to his name. Thankfully this teamed worked great together and within two decades, the company was worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Vinod sold the company in 2010 for nearly three-quarters of a billion.


Today, Mr. Gupta oversees Focus Group, which is a company, which offers venture capital for database technology startups and acquires struggling businesses to make them profitable. Perhaps, the mission of the Focus Group revolves around the vision of Mr. Gupta who wants to extend helping hand to new entrepreneurs, who have an idea just like Mr. Gupta. Unlike the early years of Mr. Gupta, these new entrepreneurs will have a sponsor in the form of Focus Group. Refer to This Article to learn more.


Vinod is a kind man and understands the common struggles more than most given his upbringing. This is why Vinod has never lost his heart and works to bring aid to others around the world who are born to disadvantaged communities or situations. Over the years, Vinod has worked with various charities and organizations that perform philanthropic projects. (Read more about Vinod Gupta on Vinod Gupta: Indian-born American Businessman, Investor, and Philanthropist.)


Vinod Gupta has been a major supporter of various schools in India to give children a better chance at an education and achieving their dreams. Vinod is also a supporter of equal rights and fair pay for women, which is why he donated one million dollars to the Ram Rat Women Polytechnic.





Roseann Bennett Helps Marriages Remain Afloat

The fifth month of the year is widely recognized as the Mental Health Month. Roseann Bennett’s career that recently crossed the ten-year mark has given her the opportunity to interact with numerous clients most of whom have come from marriage and family settings.


Separation and divorce are on the rise and Roseann Bennett has sought to aid her clients to iron out their issues. She has identified untreated depression as a leading cause of most of these issues. Over the years Bennett has found out that depression tends to have ripple effects.


Loneliness leads many to find solace elsewhere while in other cases depression is associated with financial trouble. For the cases where tragedies cause depression, it rarely lasts long. There is still a likelihood that it could recur according to the seasoned therapist. Recurring depression is tougher to address given that the root cause is not easily figured out. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


Insomnia or excessive sleep along with overeating or poor feeding habits are some of the common symptoms of depressed individuals. Roseann has found out that the healthy partner does not always take this mood disorder very well. This is not made any better especially if they have never had such episodes themselves. Resentment kicks in and a lot needs to be done to restore the love and respect they once shared. See This Page for additional information.


Roseann notes that the society should embrace the culture of seeking help whenever depression knocks on one’s door. Roseann Bennett encourages healthy partners to encourage their spouses to seek help. Looking at the therapist as a mediator is invaluable as it keeps one from blaming their partner for their trouble.


Roseann Bennett takes great pride in the success stories of her patients. She is acclaimed for the compassion she extends to her patients and has also established a name in the business world. When Center for Assessment and Treatment was set up back in 2009, she was at the forefront of the initiative. She now serves as the Executive Director of the charity organization. Prior to this, she had worked as an in-home therapist in New Jersey.




Dr.Sameer Jejurikar-Reconstructing lives

Plastic surgery is become in much more common and is a much safer procedure than it used to be. It is also much more acceptable and can even be called a trend. More and more people are deciding to stop hating their bodies and to do something about it. Plastic surgery is often the only option when diet and exercise are not enough and it a great way to get the body that you love.

Dr.Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic surgery. He is board-certified, and his office is office, the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, is a state-of-the-art facility.

His office supports both pre and post-operative appointments and is a fully-accredited surgery center. Patients can then recover in the comfortable setting offered by Cloister Park Lane which is a luxurious post-operative recovery center.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face, body, breast, nose, and eyes. He is experienced and professional and has received extensive training. He is passionate about his work and strived to offer the very best experience possible when assisting his clients.

He obtained his degree from the University of Michigan Medical School and has been practicing cosmetic surgery for almost 20 years. He’s affiliated with many hospitals in the Dallas area, and he is one of six doctors at the Dallas Medical Center. He is also one of nine doctors at the Pine Creek Medical Center who specializes specifically in Plastic Surgery.

He has a medical license in New York, Michigan, and Texas and has also published many articles and given numerous presentations. He is passionate about what he does and wants to give his patients exactly what they want. He is considerate and has devoted his life to providing others the kind of bodies and lives that they want.

Sean Penn Found America’s Fictional Voice In Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

America’s resident Actor-Director-Provocateur Sean Penn has finally taken pen to paper, or voice to recorder, to tell a story on his own terms, free of Hollywood’s constraints. The result is every bit as fun and thought provoking, weird and attention seeking as any fan of Penn could want. The inanity starts with the title, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. That’s a moniker that doesn’t sit quietly on the shelf.

Penn’s foray into fiction began interestingly enough as an audio book. Penn narrated that original version back in 2016 under the auspicious alias Pappy Pariah. It was all meant to be Penn’s take on the national climate, political and social, but this was before the bizarreness of the 2016 election was well underway. Let’s face it, it was an election year primed for exploratory, subversive fiction.

From these origins, and a wacky election for the ages, comes a story about Bob Honey, a multi-talented handy man who happens to moonlight as a government assassin. Bob’s story leads the reader through scenes that feel both fictional and real life, including murdered police officers, an overhyped media, and a GOP Convention as chaotic and terrifying as any dystopian world.

Penn’s voice comes through Bob loud and clear, as writer and character reassess a changed, and changing, American society seemingly descending into disarray and disintegration. Towards the end of the story, Penn’s well-known social views and angry brand of politicking bound glaringly into Bob Honey’s story, as Bob writes a letter to the President. A President who just so happens to be a “violently” juvenile 70-year-old with “cotton candy hair”. Bob even challenges the President to a Twitter duel.

That Penn has an outlet in which to vent owes as much to his own celebrity as to the literary merit of the story itself. Wherever readers fall on this one, it is an entertaining ride. Penn seems just fine with that, telling CBS Sunday Morning, “Some people are going to get this book and some people are… not going to get this book. And that really is what I’d like to say about me, you know?”


NGP Van Stays On Top of Technological Changes

NGP Van uses big data to connect with voters. The use of this model helped President Obama get re-elected. NGP Van’s implementation of the big data model tools on the web help Democratic campaigns run smoothly and more efficient. Democrats have the edge when using NGP Vans technological experience. NGP Van is known as the leader in Technology. NGP Van the data driven campaigns give democrats, liberals, and labor unions the advantage. NGP Van is based in Washington Dc.


Those running campaigns must take in to account the technology changes that occur. Political parties must be aware of the all web based platforms, the smartphone apps and all the new digital technology. Failure to stay up to date with these platforms can mean a huge loss of voters. Enabling voters to connect with you, while being able to be on the move is key to keeping voters.


Tv and radio were once the means of connecting to everyday voters. President Roosevelt won 4 terms by using this new technology at the time. Campaigns have to recognize these trends and then use them effectively to build a connection with voters.

Reaching out to voters using all new means of digital technology is key. Since these digital means are ever changing, it is important to keep up with these changes. Obama was able to gain 14.5 million more voters by using the internet. He was able to interact with younger voters through uses of social media. Twitter was only 2 years old at the time of his first election. Today twitter is his main used outlet in regards to the social media platform.


Poll watchers was a software created by NGP Van for the Obama campaign. Being able to keep politics at a close range so to speak for voters was the idea. Since most voter use mobile phones and interact through social medal outlets. Campaigns are able to connect with voters instantly. Having some savvy computer programmers have become critical. Databases need to be integrated flawlessly with mobile canvassing apps, and software needs to be easy to use for political parties.


NGP Van has all the tools to run campaigns that are tech savvy. Democratic’s have an advantage when having these tech savvy campaigns ran by NGP Van. Skilled employees are key to maintaining and handling all areas of the webs framework. Paperless canvassing is smooth and quicker than the old days. NGP’s direct mail platform created in 2016 allows for emails to be sent directly to voters.

The Incident That Led To The Formation Of The Lacey And Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is an organization that has played a significant role in the sentencing that Joe Arpaio was given in October last year. The organization was founded by two newsmen – Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who wanted to bring justice to Arpaio for all the wrongful acts that he had committed. Since the organization was first founded, it has made an incredible contribution to the movement against Arpaio and the system that works to wrongfully protect people like him.



The incident that sparked the idea to start up the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund began in Arizona, where Lacey and Larkin were working as writers of a local newspaper. Being vigilant citizens, they wanted to enlighten the population about the atrocities that were being committed by Arpaio. Exactly a day after the article was published in the newspaper, Lacey and Larkin both got an unexpected visit from gang members who Arpaio was in collaboration with. Both men were forcefully taken from their homes and put into a van with tinted windows. In spite of repeatedly asking, they were not told what they were being made for, even though they both knew what the reason truly was. Lacey and Larkin were thereon kept in holding facilities by Arpaio for forty-eight hours with the intention of teaching them a lesson. After their release, they realized that if they wanted Arpaio to serve time for the numerous acts that he was committing, they would have to take matters into their own hands. They decided to press a suit against Arpaio, which culminated in a settlement after five long years.



During this five years, Lacey and Larkin persevered to see Arpaio just the rightful justice that he deserved. However, their fight was not over when the settlement was given, which is why the duo decided to use the money to start up the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Over the next few years, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin worked to put together a good plan of action that would help them achieve their goal.



As the case against Arpaio dragged on, more and more evidence started coming to light about the atrocities that he was committing. One of the biggest things that agitated people all over the country was the discrimination against people of the Latin American community, along with other wrongdoings like false arrests, bribery and the conditions that he kept his prisons in.

Boraie Development Projects

The Newark people call it Shaq towers, it is a project with a high number of houses. It is the largest project that is in Newark and latest which is under Boraie Development together with a former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal. They held a ceremony which was attended by the mayor of Newark, Mr. O’Neal, Phil Murphy who was the area governor and also the developers who attended were Sam Boraie and Omar. This is an example of a project that can lead to private and public sectors have a collaboration in working together so that a progressive development can be realized in the urban centers.


When the governor, Phil Murphy talked on Patch, he said that the project was a major milestone and also a stepping stone that the people of Newark had. That project was an example of the city as an indication that it is growing without having any doubt. It is now clear that Newark city has gained undeniable trajectory.


According to, when it was the time for Shaquille O’Neal to be on the stage, he had words for the people who attended. He talked about his project being something familiar to private and public in a personal manner. Having a chance to be born and then raised in that city, he had that love for the city. He then gave the people in the city many thanks because it is by their effort together with Boraie development that made the contribution to the success of the project. He even referred the project as a development from the Kobe Bryant. It has taken O’Neal a long period of time to get back in the city but the happy moment is that if he happens to come, he meets everyone in the city. It is a better and happy thing for him.


The building will be complete in a year and there was full of expectations for the building occupation to start during the summertime. The intention why the project was constructed was to be able to offer the people of Newark a luxury housing at an affordable cost. The people now will be able to have access to everything the city is offering. Mr. O’Neal even made a promise to the people of Newark that when he comes back he will occupy by himself the hole of the top floor. The project is estimated to have been invested with 79 million US dollars. That motivation that made him invest that much is her mother.

Lifestyle Investment Mogul, Chris Burch, Develops an Award Winning Resort

Chris Burch is one of the most successful lifestyle entrepreneurs of our time. He is the name behind brands such as the Faena Hotel, Tory Burch, Voss Water and the Jawbone, check His rise to success in the hospitality industry has had many highlights, but the most significant was 2012, when he bought a rundown resort in Indonesia and renovated it so well that it was named the best Resort in the world by travel and leisure magazine for two years.

The Indonesian resort is a breathtaking hotel located in the remote Sumba Island. He named the resort Nihi Sumba Island, and renovated it to become one of the most breathtaking and idyllic places to relax on the planet ( The beauty of this resort is the fact that it is located on a private island, and this means that guests have a lot of free time and privacy when they need to get away from the cluttered and noisy modern life. It is located close to the rugged coastal ruggedness, which has made people rename it and call it the edge of wildness. It is the most enchanting, yet rustic and luxe resort.

About Chris Burch

The idyllic Nihi Sumba Island is just one of the many successful projects that Chris Burch has been part of in lifestyle entrepreneurship. Chris is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, and also a co-founder of the fashion empire, Tory Burch. Burch has always believed that when investing in any sector, branding is very important. He is an expert in sales and marketing and uses his skills to give his brands the positioning and visibility that they need. Chris has business interests in apparel, hospitality, consumer products, financial services and technology. His current success in the industry is an indication of his determination the leave a legacy as an entrepreneur.

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Fagali Airport and Island

     The Fagali Airport reopened back in 2009. At this time there were concerns for safety and the environment being harmed and putting a serious burden on the nearby community. In spite of those issues, Fagali Airport continued with its flights from two airlines, Polynesian Airlines and Samoa Air. However, it has since added a craft once Polynesian Airlines bought DHC-6 Twin Otter to handle the Samoa’s flights. Samoa Airways services all routes for American Samoan that happens on a weekly basis. The other destination includes Pago Pago. The Fagali Airport is not to far from the Apia, which is the capital of the city of Samoa.

The city sits on the coast of Upolu, which is Samoa’s second largest island to date. It’s noted that Apia is in the political district of Samoa. When travelers head to Apia from the Fagali Airport, they will encounter a very small village that has a population no more than 36,000 or so people. They will have a change to explore the rich history of the city and take part in tasting the authentic Samoan food. Various taxis are available from the Fagali Airport to bring travelers to the Apia city literally a few miles way.

Canadian Business Leader Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is the former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer United Technologies Corporation. In April of 2008, he was appointed to be the President & Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman in April of 2010. By November of 2014 he retired after a long and successful career as an executive. Before he held the top positions at United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert served as the President and Chief Operating Officer and Director beginning in March of 2006. This experience allowed him to establish himself as a leading executive in the technology sector.

The idea for United Technologies came from a number of key executives and a strategic small group. These individuals had a firm understanding of the customer needs and a passion to help provide a number of top products in a 30 years cycle. With this approach, there would be a lot of change along with completing acquisitions that would make a portfolio stronger.

This approach would bring a number of things such as the F135 engine sole source position which would change the military propulsion segment. Following this approach also helped the GTF engine development that would result in a 20% better fuel burn, a noise reduction of 50% and also 30% fewer parts that would result in a lower cost of its entire life cycle. Using this approach would also result in leveraging the new technology key airplane in the narrow body segment known as the Airbus A-320.

In order to bring the key ideas to life, Louis Chenevert said that when he joined UTC, he focused on operational talent and the engineering process. This would be important to devising and providing ideas that would produce the best possible results for consumers. They would also help gain more revenue and increase profit momentum as well. Chenevert would also focus on small teams that would entail better leadership in operations as well as taking advantage of the tools, funds and flexibility to make evolutionary new products. The process would also include a review to make sure that all objectives get achieved on a consistent basis. Following this approach would ensure that the company stay ahead of its competition as well as meet market demand.