A Hair Breakthrough With Wen by Chaz

If it’s possible to experience hair sadness syndrome, I must say that I’ve been a victim of it. My hair got very oily after puberty and unfortunately, it stayed that way. The oiliness makes my hair very lank and heavy, so I can’t style it and it feels heavy on my head. Miserable? Yes, but that’s what God gave me, hair wise.
Luckily, hope broke through in this hopeless situation when a friend told me about WEN by Chaz Dean. This shampoo and conditioner product line uses all natural ingredients for sweet smelling hair products that are said to truly cleanse the hair. I decided to try it, and I wrote about it at bustle.com.

Chaz Dean is a well known salon stylist in Los Angeles, and he had a lot of clients who were looking for natural hair care products, so he finally developed this innovative line. I tried the Amazon sold Sweet Almond Mint shampoo, using a large amount of product in each washing. Wow! It brought results right away!

Within a few days my hair was light and fluffy, and compliments were pouring in. By the end of the week my hair was lustrous and frankly, i felt like a new version of me. Check out Sephora for the complete set of Wen products.

I’m going to keep using Wen by Chaz. I love my new hair!
Visit the website; http://www.wenhaircare.com/