OSI Food Solutions Has Been On A Roll Lately With Big Acquisitions and Awards:

OSI Food Solutions, a worldwide leader in custom food solutions was the recent recipient of a prestigious award from the British Safety Council. OSI was a recipient of the council’s Globe of Honour in 2016. The qualify for the award, an organization must attain a 5-Star rating from the council. The Globe of Honour was given to OSI Food Solutions in recognition of the company’s outstanding and devoted commitment to environmental management and sustainability. It was part of an award-winning year for OSI. 2016 also saw OSI Food Solutions Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Sheldon Lavin presented with the World Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. This award recognized Sheldon’s outstanding achievement of building OSI from a regional food operation into one of America’s top 100 food businesses and the global leader that it is in the industry today.

2016 was also a big year for OSI Food Solutions in Europe. The company made a couple big expansions in the European market. One of these expansions took place in the British Isles with the acquisitions of Flagship Europe. The U.K. producers of speciality foods, pies, sauces and condiments is now under the OSI banner and being rebranded as Creative Foods Europe. OSI also made a big 2016 acquisitions in continental Europe with the acquisitions of Baho Food in the Netherlands. The Dutch food company has facilities in the Netherlands and Germany and maintains a large continental distribution footprint that is a huge boost to the OSI portfolio. OSI Food Solutions expects to attract many new accounts with these critical European acquisitions.

OSI’s chicken production in Spain has recently doubled with the acquisition of a new production line in the company’s facility in Toledo, Spain. The upgrades to the facility were in direct response to a significant growth in demand for chicken in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. The facility has upped its production of chicken annually from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons.

In other OSI news related to increased production, the company recently purchased the former Tyson food plant in Chicago, near the home base of Aurora, Illinois. The addition of this plant, the second in the Chicago area, will be a huge boost for the company in terms of production. OSI Food Solutions expects that production of processed meat in the Chicago area will as much as double with the addition of the valuable facility.

OSI Food info: www.forbes.com/companies/osi-group/

Chris Burch’s Tips For Gaining Startup Investors.

Chris Burch is a New York City based serial entrepreneur. Currently, he is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. This organization seeks new and exciting businesses to invest in in order to help small companies grow and become exceedingly profitable.

Mr. Burch began his investment career with his brother. They created an apparel company that they later sold for several million dollars (bjtonline.com). With the income from the sale of this company, Chris Burch invested in several other firms.

In addition to his work at Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch is the owner of apparel company Tory Burch. He is also involved in a number of charitable projects including being a board member of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.

In a recent post on Medium.com, Chris Burch discussed how an individual or group starting out in a business venture can gain the help of other investors with a startup project. Mr. Burch cited four principles that those starting a business should keep in mind when trying to approach angel investors and venture capitalists.

The first piece of advice is to keep the business concept simple. Those seeking investments need to keep their business concept succinct and easy to present. Most investors will not want a long presentation. The person seeking an investment needs to keep the presentation down to a period of seconds. If the investor’s interest is aroused, he will ask more questions.

The person seeking an investor should not become discouraged. Not everyone who is asked will want to invest in the startup. Keep refining the presentation, and keep presenting the business idea. If it is a good concept, an investor will be found eventually.

Another piece of advice is don’t be afraid to admit a lack of knowledge. If a person seeking an investor doesn’t know the answer to a question, it is best to admit it. However, the potential investor should be told that an answer will be researched and presented to them very soon.

Finally, Chris Burch advises that those seeking investors not use jargon and buzzwords. Make a plan presentation. The idea should sell itself.

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Chris Burch Makes an Affordable Luxury Resort

In a move that was unprecedented, Chris Burch chose to create a resort that offered something everyone was looking for. He wanted to create a resort where people could go and enjoy luxury. He also wanted to make the resort something people could take advantage of. If he didn’t know what it would take to do that, he wouldn’t have been able to make the right choices. Additionally, he wanted everyone to afford the resort. As long as Chris Burch knew how to help others and give them the chance to bring attention to the issues at other luxury resorts, Chris Burch was prepared to give them the help they needed.

Nihiwatu was Chris Burch’s answer to the resort problem (thenewsversion.com). He purchased an island and immediately started working on it. He wanted the resort to be filled with luxurious options. He chose the ones that would be affordable and used his buying power to choose ones that would make sense for other people. Chris Burch wanted to do things that would last. By putting forth his best effort at a luxury resort, he came up with Nihiwatu. The resort is luxurious, affordable and easy for people to visit when they want to spend time somewhere new.

Most people can afford Nihiwatu. Since it was made for every budget, people can see the positive parts of it. Most others know there are things they can do there that they wouldn’t do anywhere else. The resort is unique in more than just the affordability aspect. In fact, it is one of the best resorts in the area it’s in. It offers something everyone can enjoy. If they find something they like at Nihiwatu, there is a chance they won’t find it anywhere else. Chris Burch chose to make the resort special so people would want to keep coming back and using it to try new things.

Read more at http://nihi.com/our-story/

Even though there were some issues for other people who started resorts, Chris Burch didn’t have any issues with Nihiwatu. In fact, he breezed through starting the company. He had started other companies that were wildly successful, check burchcreativecapital.com. One of the businesses he started up was Tory Burch. The business was successful and people learned how they could use it to make things better for themselves. Chris Burch knew it would be important to start doing things the right way once he saw how successful Tory Burch was.

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Chris Burch: The Notable Business Man Without Limits

Success never depends on uniqueness alone, but it requires the individual’s vision, determination, and ability to accomplish the set goals. This description relates to real life stories, especially that of Chris Burch, a fashion billionaire. In 2012, he decided to purchase Nihiwatu resort and immediately followed a major upgrade costing over $30 million. As a result, travelers across the world have been choosing it as a preferred destination. The renowned investor gained interest in the place through verbal remarks while visiting Bali, and his actions were prompted upon learning that Nihiwatu’s founders were seeking the assistance of outside investors.

At the moment, Chris Burch is known for being the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. Different from other companies, Chris Burch uses it to express his entrepreneurial values as well as the vision he has for the upcoming market opportunities. Generally, he makes use of imagination, incubation, creativity, support, and scale to build businesses that can create a direct, positive and lasting effect on the lives of the consumers. In short, Chris Burch is merely a serial entrepreneur who has a varied business background in a slew of companies. Most notably, he has interest in fashion, real estate, and technology.

To date, Chris boasts over four decades experience building his career in investment and entrepreneurship. Aside from the companies he has founded, he has managed to facilitate the rise of over 50 others. Basically, his intuitive understanding of consumer behavior gives him an edge in business, and this supports his success. Moreover, he has a track record of linking innovation to impact. At the beginning of his career, Chris Burch partnered with his brother to start Eye apparel which eventually grew to a net worth of other $165 million. They started out with a capital of about $2,000. The surprising thing is that he was still pursuing his undergraduate studies at Ithaca College.

Although Chris Burch is a renowned investor due to his input and contributions to the fashion industry, he as well as a good name in real estate business (ideamensch.com). In 2004, he partnered with other investors to develop Faena Hotel. In a similar story to Nihiwatu resort, Faena was first built as a grain storage facility which they successfully renovated and upgraded to become a high-class resort. Moreover, Chris Burch has made quite impressive profits in real estate transactions including the sale of a luxury home for $25 million which he had acquired at $14 million.

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How TalkSpace Can Help People Seeking Therapy And Provide Great Jobs

Sometimes people get stuck working with, or even worse for, genuine psychopaths. All bosses at some point get cranky but psychopaths are on a whole other level. They are constantly switching between being awesome and being a nightmare. One moment they’re being genuinely funny and the next they’re backstabbing someone without showing any sense of remorse or compassion.

There are six warnings that you have a psychopath on your hands. There are that they are very charming when you first meet them, they are control freaks as well as narcissists, they constantly lie, the avoid responsibility for anything bad happening no matter what, and they take foolishly extreme risks. They often climb the corporate ladder quickly because they have zero issues taking down anyone in their way regardless of whether it’s someone above them, their peer, or their staff. It can be horrific working for someone like this, especially if it’s a job you can’t easily get out of.

People in New York City who work with or for psychopaths, or any other life issues they want to talk about with a therapist, now have a convenient choice. This is TalkSpace. It’s an app you can use on any device which puts you in contact with your own personal licensed therapist to talk things through with. You primarily text back and forth with your therapist but there are also options for photos to be sent as well as videos or just audio recordings.

For those who want to work for TalkSpace the glassdoor.com reviews are pretty promising. There are a number of pros listed such as flexible hours, new offices, warm coworkers, approachable leadership, and a great learning environment. They pay is competitive at TalkSpace and they have a relaxed atmosphere. When the app does glitch, as happens to every app, the support team is said to be right on the ball in getting it fixed.

How Did Chris Burch’s Indonesian Resort Reach Tops In Travel Reviews?

Chris Burch, a man who’s made business development a huge part of his career is also a hotel stakeholder and luxury home investor, and his biggest hotel acquisition came in 2013 when he bought a hostel on Sumba Island. This place can only be reached through special transportation vehicles and offers a lot of repose to visitors, so Burch decided to build many villas on the island with tremendous comforts and creative designs to them, but he’s ensured the surrounding environments and ecosystems have not been harmed. Burch said this island allowed him to bring ideas to life in the design of this hotel that he said he could not do elsewhere (businessinsider.com).  He also said the $30 million investment he made into the property is one that he believes can last for years to come, and is something he can give back to his future family.

Burch became known as a serial entrepreneur because since 1976 he’s never ceased to bring ideas to life that have turned into companies with unique brands unlike any seen before. He started out with a simple idea of buying sweaters and reselling them, and these sweaters became so popular that he bought many other fashion designs and had a multi-million dollar company, Eagle Eye Apparel built from the business (entrepreneur.com). But this was just the start as Burch would go on to buy into several larger retailers in Tory Burch, the fashion line his wife brought to life, and C. Wonder which is now independently operating after Burch’s company exited it. Burch also bought holdings in internet-based companies through the Internet Capital Group, and also joined the Board of Directors at Guggenheim Partners.

Burch Creative Capital had its initial beginnings in 2006 but became the full-service venture capital investment company in 2008, and its mission is to invest in companies based on what their creative strategies can do for them in the markets as opposed to just the numbers in finance they might be valued at (http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/).  Through the Burch Creative portfolio, Burch bought into several major real estate holdings beginning in 2004 with the Faena Hotel + Universe, one of Argentina’s best vacation properties rated in travel magazines. And prior to acquiring Nihiwatu Resort, Burch also bought and flipped homes across the northeastern coast with a $14 million house selling for $25 million, and several town homes sold in Nantucket Island. He’s also a former board member of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.

Just Who Is Dr. Clay Siegall

Cancer research has been waging war against cancer for many years. Cancer is one of the most frustrating and deadly diseases to ever come into fruition. The disease can ravage the vital organs of the body, which can play a major role in causing death. Cancer treatments of the past were very harsh on the human body and amputations were very common to stop the spread of the disease. One of the biggest names in this exclusive industry is Dr. Clay Siegall, and he has helped to revolutionize the industry in more ways than one.

With a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University and a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland, Dr. Siegall is more than qualified for the task at hand. This extraordinary man is also the founder for one of the world’s leading cancer-research organizations. This organization is known as Seattle Genetics, and it is at the apex of the industry. ADCETRIS, the company’s flagship drug, has helped to generate more than $350 million in revenue. Dr. Siegall has played a key role in the success of this particular drug. Dr. Siegall was able to enter the drug into multiple licensing deals with top pharmaceutical-drug companies. By entering the drug into these deals, ADCETRIS can now be distributed and used in foreign markets. These foreign markets consist of up to 65 countries. ACDETRIS has helped Seattle Genetics move to the forefront of cancer research.

Dr. Siegall has a first-hand account of dealing with cancer, which is what drove him to become such a major figure. His father struggled with the disease for quite some time. This is what lit the actual fire under Siegall, and he has been working diligently to fight this dangerous disease. All in all, Dr. Clay Siegall is an American icon in cancer research, but who knows what’s in store in the years to come.

Nihiwatu Resort Is A Showcase Of Chris Burch’s Creativity

Chris Burch has always been known for his free-flowing mind which many of his colleagues have seen go to work at his Burch Creative Capital company. But he’s really brought it to life at Nihiwatu Resort, the vacation island he purchased just five years ago (businessinsider.com).  It was originally a hostel when Burch and James McBride bought the section of the island, but they poured over $30 million into it to build luxury villas with unique designs and several other buildings hosting exquisite restaurants, spas and gift shops.

Burch unleashed his imagination using nature spots like waterfalls and jungle shrubbery to make the resort even more appealing and have places where visitors can enjoy more private activities while taking in nature. He says he plans on passing this investment down to his children and grandchildren and hopes it remains in the family for years to come.

Chris Burch was ranked a billionaire in Forbes magazine’s top wealthy list in 2012, but he came from a regular middle class background prior to that.He was only a college student when he founded his first business, Eagle Eye Apparel which began with selling sweaters made from an Ithaca, NY factory, but it grew into other apparel lines over the next few years and reached highs of over $140 million. Burch later sold this company and his next investments included buying equity in Guggenheim Partners, and investing in online-based companies through the Internet Capital Group. His next major company was Tory Burch, the brand named for a fashion line that his then wife, a New York model and fashion designer began promoting. He owned the shares in this company until 2012 when he sold them off (entrepreneur.com).

The Faena Hotel + Universe was one of the first large hotel properties he added to his portfolio, and he and Faena Group CEO Alan Faena kept a close partnership over the next 10 years that included other smaller hotels and vacation homes across South America and the Miami area. Burch also has invested in and resold several homes in New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts including one in 2005 that he invested $14 million in and made an $11 million profit after reselling. He currently owns several upscale homes in New York and Florida in addition to his vacation home in Nihiwatu that he travels back and forth from. Burch is also a philanthropist who has given to healthcare and education organizations, including the Tilton School in New Hampshire where he himself attended as a young man.

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Businessman Todd Lubar

The Career History & Background Of Todd Lubar

In all of the business, perhaps there is no other profession that is as accomplished as Todd Lubar. Needless to say, this is saying a lot about Todd Lubar being in a business that has had numerous successful individuals over the course of history. Nonetheless, Todd Lubar has still managed to make a name for himself in ways that many of his peers have not. You can visit about.me page.

In the same breathe, Todd Lubar has built a career for himself that not too many of his peers can compare to. In many ways, Todd Lubar has set the bar high for what it takes to be a successful professional in the field of business. Also, too many of his fellow professionals, he is the standard of excellence in business. Simply put, Todd Lubar is a true master of his craft. As impressive as that is, what is even more impressive than that is the fact that Todd Lubar is far from done with adding to his already incredible career resume. From incredible, Todd Lubar has his goals set on making his career as illustrious as he can. Worth mentioning, there is no denying that he will succeed in accomplishing that feat. Having said that, to fully understand his work and how he has managed to accomplish so much in his career so far, here is more on Lubar and just one of his many successful career ventures in his real estate contributions. Check out medium to see more.

More on Todd Lubar & Real Estate in Baltimore

As mentioned before, there are many ways that Todd Lubar has built such a good reputation for himself. However, perhaps his most recognized efforts come from his real estate contributions. In fact, in an article by patch.com on Todd Lubar on his real estate efforts, the article makes it clear that he is more than qualified to give advice in this area. Furthermore, the article talks about Todd Lubar and the current real estate trends in the city of Baltimore and how he is working on benefiting from them. All in all, this just goes to show how effective Todd Lubar is as a professional.

See more: https://patch.com/maryland/baltimore/todd-lubar-explains-current-real-estate-trends-baltimore

The successful investments of Mr. Burch

Nihiwatu Resort is located in Indonesia Island. It is one of the most fantastic hotels in the world. The palace where the resort is located was once used as a surf lodge. Chris Burch and James McBride bought the place and made to be one of the most fantastic places to visit during the holidays.

Nihiwatu’s Exceptional Features

Nihiwatu Resort is also known for cultural events and adventures, and the Sumbanese people are employed to entertain the visitors with their cultural activities. The rooms are made in a way that the visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of the horizon and sunset. Some of the bedrooms overlook the lake and allows the visitors to enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Visitors have the privilege of experiencing five-star resort services.

Initiate has a private beach club which also provides a full day Spa Safari. In this place, you can enjoy the sunset horse rides and morning yoga. It has the world’s most exclusive waves with only ten surfers at a time. The resort won the world’s best awards by the T+L. It is one of the most sorts of stays on the planet. Nihiwatu resort has a foundation known as Nihiwatu Sumba Foundation. The foundation sponsors about 15 local schools in the region and feeds them with lunch twice every week. Nihiwatu has developed a good relationship with the Sumba community.

Christopher Burch has involved himself in the rise of over 50 companies during his 40-year carrier as an entrepreneur and investor. Due to his instinctive understanding of consumer behavior, when combined with his direct sourcing experience has given him the ability to course impact through innovation. Burch Creative Capital’s brand portfolio comprises of the recently introduced ED by Ellen DeGeneres, TRADEMARK, Poppin, Cocoon9, and Nihiwatu. Other established brands are Voss water, Faena Hotel + Universe, and jawbone.

More on http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/portfolio/

The company is currently sponsoring the development of various lifestyle and consumer products brands such as home furnishings, retail, hospitality, organic foods, and apparel. It also supports technology industries such as Blink Health, Little Duck Organics, BaublerBar, Brad’s Raw Foods, Chubbies, and Soludos.  Refer to bjtonline.com

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