Chris Burch, A Man With A Vision For Luxury Living

For the second consecutive year, Travel and Leisure has named Nihi Sumba Island, the best hotel in the world. Located on a secluded island in Indonesia, it was originally named after a gigantic rock formation, which formed from tidal erosion. Formally a rundown beach hostel, until 2012, when international retailer, Chris Burch and his business partner, James McBride scooped up the property. Three years later and some $30 million in renovations, it opened as a five-star resort. The renovations gave it a fresh look complete with 27 private villas, each with its own private butler, a spa situated beneath a beautiful waterfall and a main house. The main house, the Raja Mendaka, serves as Burch’s residence and has a “private plunge pool” and four separate villas.  Check

The beach hostel was owned by a New Jersey couple when Burch and McBride purchased it. Burch said in a 2015 interview that he was initially interested in the property for his children. He hopes to enjoy it with his kids and then one day in the future pass on it to the community. But for now, it’s a private luxury resort, which topped Brando’s in French Polynesia for the number one choice. Chris Burch divides his time between Nihiwatu, Sumba and his other homes in New York and Miami.

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Burch began his career in the clothing industry. Since leaving active operations in retail, he has developed numerous entrepreneurial ventures. Read more on  Nowadays, you can find Chris Burch anywhere, except in a traditional workplace. He spends his days surrounded by the idyllic beauty of nature, evident by his Instagram account. Burch gives his followers a peep into his life, which pretty much consists of enjoying the simple life on Sumba island and traveling. He writes about the various aspects of creating a successful business; including how to build a professional and a personal brand and the importance of incorporating an Eco-friendly green office.  Learn more about him and his works, check

He started out working very hard to create a luxury brand and many wonder how he did that. Chris Burch explains that people underestimate the power of brainstorming to come up with a vision. Burch feels that thinking about what you desire to create is just as important as the finished product. Perhaps more important because he feels that every person should take notes during the creative process. Then turn those notes into goals and shift them into plans for the future.  More to read on

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Chris Burch a Renowned Investor in the Hospitality Industry

Chris Burch is an active investor, founder and the chief executive officer at Burch Creative Capital. Chris is an entrepreneur who has undertaken several investments in various industries. His main concentration, however, has revolved around branding, sales and marketing, financial services, consumer products, and hospitality industries. Through his devotion, Chris Burch founded Tory Burch, a luxurious fashion brand.

Apart from Tory Burch, Chris Burch also founded and co-founded several other retail brands that include C. Wonder. For his latest innovative contribution to the market, hop over to this.  Chris Burch is currently shifting his major to the hospitality industry. Together with James McBride, a hotelier, Chris Burch established a beach hostel at Indonesian island in 2012. The two, James and Burch, invested over $30 million in renovating and reopening the five-star resort in 2015.  Check

The resort, known as Nihiwatu, was recently voted the best in the world in 2016. Burch, in a statement during the interview, expressed his gratitude for the success. His main agenda in setting up this multi-million investment was to give back to the community. The eminent success at Nihiwatu is, therefore, a treasure in his life. For the interview, hit on

Raja Mendaka, Burch’s private home is among the 27 private villas at Nihiwatu. Raja Mendaka has a furnished main house with four other villas. Besides, each villa is decently designed together with a private plunge pool.

Geographically, Nihiwatu is found to the west coast on a remote island in Indonesia called Sumba. Nihiwatu is popularly called the Edge of Wilderness; a nickname derived from the locality. Interesting to note is that Nihiwatu is a local term that refers to mortar stone. This followed the naming of the rock-beach that formed on the tide. Chris Burch and James McBride acquired the beach in 2012 from a New Jersey couple and rebranded it. Browse here for related article.

Nihiwatu has boosted the living standards of the people on the island by hiring a large pool of employees. Besides, the Hotel also contributes to Sumba Foundation, a local community organization entitled for development. The hotel also offers surfing lessons in its neighborhood, Coconut Grove.  Click on for additional reading.

Nihiwatu is the center of entertainment for most people across the globe apart from the locals. Raja Mendaka, Burch’s private home, for instance, is available for the guests who visit the hotel. The other villas are equally well furnished to give the guests a lavish experience. Traditional local wood, Ikat prints, and Sumbanese tradition are among the featured pack of good experience at Nihiwatu.

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Shedding light on Mr. Anthony Petrello

Mr. Antony Petrello is the president and Chief operating officer of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries has decided to give its CEO Mr. Petrello a sum of $60 million. This is a tradition the company as top executives are always hugely rewarded for their services. The company reported that I would have paid Mr. Anthony Petrello huge bonuses. This could be possible by activities such as payment of $27 million in stock, $15 million in restricted shares and $18 million in cash which could buy the four years still on Petrello contract.

The company made a promise of Petrello future compensation by tying his compensation to the performance of the company. Petrello and Nabors were serious to get rid of the company past as an Executive ATM. He made a little progress; the methods used were still not right. This is because everyone, every share holder including Petrello should be in a similar decision. An idea of a troubling kind is likely to be a hard task. It will make much more difficult for someone with a habit of lapping unregulated at the pay through.

The board has made a finding that in Petrello was a second paid individual 2012 in the company. This was after a payment he received a sum totaling to $16 million. The company has taken several simple steps on solving the issue of payments to top officials. In the year 2011, a board of members was given a task to sort out the payment practice. This was before advancing Mr. Petrello rank to become the Chief Executive Officer.

It looked extravagant to Nabors Company spending $60 million to pay Mr. Petrello to sign a new contract. This became a serious matter when comparisons are made. Over several years Petrello and his precursor Mr. Eugene Isenb used to top several times highest paid Chief Executive Officers. The board also recently awarded Mr. Eugene a$100 million. He then after wards waived the offer since it brought much tension on the meeting among shareholders. The British firm known as Pamplona Capital Management is concerned by Nabor performance where they bought a 9.3 %.

Welcome to OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a company that supplies food products to world food service and retail food brands. OSI was founded in 1909 and is headquartered in Illinois. There are more than 65 facilities in 17 countries. Approximately 20,000 people, around the globe, are employed by OSI. They are Equal Opportunity Employers believe that all people make a difference in any endeavor.

In the year 2016, OSI Industries received the Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council. This award is presented to those companies that have shown supremacy in environmental management.

In its effort to constantly expand and improve its capabilities, OSI, in the year 2016 has forged ahead by acquiring a few major companies to join its team.

In June of 2016, OSI purchased the Tyson Food Plant. A 20,000 square foot food processing facility and storage warehouse, located in Chicago. This acquisition would strengthen their ability to meet the needs of the companies they serve.

In August of 2016, OSI procured BAHO Food, a Dutch company that manufactured meat products and other food items for distribution to the food service and retail industries.

December of 2016 brought about attainment of Flagship Europe a very respected company that was a supplier to the UK food service market.

OSI Industries stands out throughout the world top food company. They have lived up to the respect they have gained throughout the many years they have been in business. They value their employees and the reputation they have earned. OSI will be around for many more years because they are constantly striving to better themselves and the service they provide their customers worldwide.

Achievements of Nexbank

PRNewswire recently published an article about John Holt participating on the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Summit which is held every year. John Holt works at NexBank Capital, Inc and he is the Chief Executive Officer and President. The Conference which was on its fifth edition is normally organized by the Texas Bankers Association. The topic of discussion at the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference was Reinventing Community banking and the Perspectives on Competing through Innovation. The conference was on November 7th, 2016 and John Holt was one of the panelists.

A summit only for bank consultants, leaders and advisers, the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference is organized in order for them to share their opinions about the major opportunities and challenges being faced by all community bank leaders. The participants and panelists of the conference get to explore tactical opportunities by using M&A activity, organic growth and branching.

NexBank is a company that deals with financial services and uses three main businesses to serve its clients namely; Mortgage Banking, Institutional Services and Commercial Banking. The clients served by NexBank are large corporations, financial institutions, middle-market firms, real estate investors as well as institutional clients. The company has the ability to offer banking and financial services that are customized to suit the needs of each client. By March, 31st, 2017, NexBank had assets worth approximately $5.3 billion.

NexBank is headed by Chairman James Dondero who is also the President and Co-founder of the Highland Capital Management, LP. Since it was established, the company has registered massive success and growth. The Directors at NexBank are seasoned industry experts who have experience and skills needed to run a financial services. NexBank is known widely for its reliability and efficiency in delivering financial services to their clients. Customer satisfaction is always on the top of the priority list at NexBank.


Greg Secker: On the Benefits of Forex Trading

One of the benefits of investing in foreign exchange markets is the versatility in investment platform. Forex trading can be done anywhere, at any time of the day. Moreover, forex traders enjoy flexible returns that are not confined by the up and down movements of the markets. They also enjoy a demo account where they can practice forex trading before moving into the real deal. The popular investment vehicle is also easy to start. However, to become a successful trader it is imperative to take note of various factors. Greg Secker, a successful forex trader, company executive and entrepreneur, believes that learning the basics of the sector and molding your forex trading around a successful forex trader are important success pillars.

He believes that with the basics, an aspiring forex trader can further attain success by fully understanding and using one of the many forex trading strategies. Forex traders are also advised to make realistic and well defined investment goals while keeping their emotions away from their investments. A well defined plan will be critical in determining important investment moves such as exit, moving on, budgeting and plan of action on a daily basis. Having a cool head is critical in avoiding disastrous investment decision. Being realistic ensures that the forex trader understands the realities of investment including the being patient and persistent. Greg Secker believes that there is no perfect indicator for predicting the right investment time. This is because each condition presents unique investment opportunity for different individuals.

Career, Academic Background and Philanthropic Interests

Greg Secker is an award-winning technologist and entrepreneur with strong passion to giving back to the community. After he developed Virtual Trading Desk during his first professional stint as a technologist at Thomas Cook, he was honored with British Telecom Award. His success at the financial services company signaled a remarkable fete for Greg Secker who only took up computing and programming at the University of Nottingham studying Food Science and Agriculture.

He left the company to join Mellon Financial Corporation to serve as its vice president before retiring in 2003 to venture in entrepreneurship and forex trading. He founded several companies including Learn to Trade, which has educated thousands of people on forex trading. He also founded Greg Secker Foundation to explore his philanthropic interests globally.


Chris Burch Opens Five-Star Resort

Based on a recent article posted by, Christ Burch, a well known name in the fashion industry, has finally completed his five-star resort. It is located on a Indonesian island with only a small local population. The hospitality industry has been something Burch has been looking to get into for years and with the help of James McBride, a hotelier, he found a spot that had almost everything he wanted. The hostel located on the island of Indonesia needed a great deal of work however. After spending over $30 million and three years on updates it was reopened and named Nihiwatu. It has 27 private villas, spas, restaurants and even a plunge pools. Additional article on

Only months after the five-star resort opened in 2015 did it earn the title of “best hotel” by Travel + Leisure. When asked why he took an interest in the location and the travel industry in general, Christ Burch stated that the location was what caught his eye. Nihiwatu is right along the ocean and right next to lush, tropical rain forests and clear waterfalls. Along with the actual structure of the resort, Burch has purchased the surrounding lands to preserve them. He also wanted to have Nihiwatu to give something back to his children and the generations that follow. With the addition of the resort Burch spends his time between Indonesia, where his private location in the resort has four villas, the Hamptons and Miami.  Read related article on

This resort is just one item on a long list of entrepreneurial endeavors Burch has invested in. As the CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital  he has decades of experience in the fields of finance and investing.  When Burch founded the company he wanted to keep his entrepreneurial values at the core of its investment philosophy. He always had a plan for what he wanted Burch Creative Capital to grow into. By using his own creativity, following market opportunities and applying his accumulated knowledge Burch was able to rise above the rest.

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Aside from Burch Creative Capital, Burch has had a hand in over 50 other companies which span over several industries. Some of these companies include Cocoon9, TRADEMARK, Voss Water, Poppin, Jawbone, Universe and the Faena Hotel. He is always looking to expand into new industries and help small companies grow. Burch believes that having a diversified portfolio allows for greater profit even when the market may be looking grim. For a timeline activity update, click

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Matthew Autterson is a Mover and Shaker in the Business World

Matthew Autterson is employed by CNS Bioscience, Inc. He has taken on the roles of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), President and Board Member. He started in the professional field with First Trust Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Fiserv. Autterson’s educational background includes earning a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Finance from Michigan State University in 1980. He also attended the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program.

After his time at First Trust, Autterson joined a group and formed a new charter for Colorado State Trust Company. The new company was a subsidiary of a New York based financial services company called Integrated Resources, Inc, becoming the President in 1986. The company grew and was acquired by Broad, Inc. The company soon was renamed Sun America, Inc and Sun America was acquired in 1998 by AIG for more than $15 billion.

Matthew Autterson is a member of the Colorado business community and a member of the Board of Director’s of FAB (Falci Adaptive Biosystems). As a philanthropist, Autterson’s interests are represented by FAB. Autterson is a former member of the Young Presidents Organization and World Presidents Organization. He also took on leadership roles with the Denver Zoological Foundation and the Denver Zoo, the chair of the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice and the Webb-Waring Foundation.

His work with the organizations he has been affiliated with has allowed him to give back to his community. He has received much goodness throughout his life and wishes to return some of that to the world he lives in. He wants to leave his neighborhood and community a better place for all. Everyone deserves a helping hand and the organization’s he has worked with has given him the chance to improve society for all.

CNS Bioscience, Inc. was founded in 21013 and is a clinical stage medication development company that focuses on neuropathic pain. In his role with CNS, he provides the necessary leadership and inspiration to develop first class drugs to help the medical industry. His background has given him a wide range of experience to take on the roles for which he has undertaken.

Why You Should Drink Waiakea Volcanic Water

Have you ever encountered Hawaiian culture? It is one of the most extensive cultures in the region, and they have a lot of knowledge and teachings to give about the importance of preserving nature and the environment around you. Hawaiians care a lot about their surroundings, their health, their well-being, and the happiness of their land. Waiakea portraits this philosophy very well.

If you haven’t heard of Volcanic water yet, this is the place to start. Waiakea Volcanic Bottled Water, created by Ryan Emmons in 2012, has been ranked many times as the best Volcanic water in the world, and the best thing: It is a sustainable product that has never damaged the environment in any of its production processes.

Ryan Emmons wanted to create a brand that makes justice to the Hawaiian culture and was also a high-quality water that would benefit those who drink it. The Waiakea water comes straight from the power of Hawaii’s volcanoes, and it is packed with minerals that are beneficial for the health of those who consume it. It is more than mere water, it is volcanic water, that comes directly from the Waiakea springs.

Ryan Emmons became very successful as a result of the Waiakea Volcanic Bottled Water, and today this product is not limited to the United States anymore. Instead, you can ship and order their volcanic water from anywhere in the world, and you are not restricted by territory boundaries to try for yourself the power of the volcanic water.

Since 2012, during the inauguration of the brand, the company has come a long way. It has evolved with the Hawaiian communities, and it is nowadays the most consumed beverage in the local market. Its net-worth? Improved by nearly 6000% during its days in the industry. Ryan Emmons has grown as an entrepreneur and as a philanthropist who has never injured the natural balance with the production of his natural beverage.

As we have said previously, if you have never tasted volcanic water, you should start with Ryan Emmons’ product. It is considered the best volcanic water on the market, and you’ll also be preserving nature in the process.

Have a good drink, and learn more about Waiakea water here.

Innovacare Health is a leading provider of managed healthcare

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of managed healthcare. The company essentially offers top quality Medicare and Medicaid health plans as well as Physician Practice services to a variety of patients throughout North America.

InnovaCare also works hard to develop innovative provider models that will ultimately benefit each patient. All of InnovaCare’s cost effective models are combined with some of the most advanced technologies. At present, Innovacare has two quality Medicare Health Plans available in Puerto Rico.

InnovaCare attempts to help build strong relationships between the patient and the healthcare provider. Essentially, the goal of InnovaCare is to provide quality medical care. InnovaCare has grown tremendously due to exceptional leadership and a team of highly skilled professionals.

Dr Richard Schinto, MD is the CEO of InnovaCare. Dr. Schinto has over two decades of operational healthcare experience. In addition, Dr, Schinto worked as an Chief Medical officer for Cal Optima Health Plan. Therefore, it is quite evident Dr. Schinto brings extensive healthcare experience as well as his medical knowledge which is a definite asset to Innovacare Health.

Dr. Schinto received his medical degree from the State University of New York. In addition, Dr. Schinto received his MBA from the University of the Redlands. Dr. Schinto believes in the importance of higher education and advancement. In 2011, InnovaCare received “Commendable Accreditation” from the National Committee for Quality Assurance. This recognition was for the two Medicare Advantage Plans that the company currently offers its customers. The medicare plans offer exceptional coverage at more than reasonable rates. In addition, the company offers exceptional customer service.

Innovacare is based out from Ft. Lee New Jersey. The company has an informational web site that covers a variety of topics. Innovacare has a “Newsroom” which can be easily accessed through the web site. The Newsroom provides updated information on any new projects involving Innovacare as well as any information on current job openings or internal company changes taking place. InnovaCare recently announced the hiring of a new Marketing Director for the Ft. Lee Facility. The web site can be viewed at