How is James Dondero Involved with RAIT Financial Trust?

If you’ve been paying attention to news from the alternative asset industry, you have probably been hearing James Dondero’s name mentioned in connection with RAIT Financial Trust. The reason for this is simple: James Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital recently entered into a cooperation agreement with RAIT Financial Trust. As president of Highland Capital, Dondero was understandably very involved with the situation. Why is it that the two entities entered into a cooperation agreement, though? The article that is linked to on this page provides some clarity. To understand it all better, however, it helps to know more about Dondero himself.James Dondero was born and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey. He excelled in school from the time that he was a young boy. He was also always very ambitious and motivated. After graduating from high school, he attended the University of Virginia. He graduated from the McIntire School of Commerce in 1984 with high honors. He came away with a bachelor’s degree with a dual major in finance and accounting. His impressive work at school landed him a coveted position as an analyst with the Morgan Guaranty Training Program, which helped him to establish himself in the industry.

In 1985, James Dondero took a position as a corporate bond analyst for American Express. He stayed on with the company until 1989. During his time there, he managed more than $1 billion in fixed income assets for his employer. Yet again, his experience with American Express helped him to establish himself even more. It also made him realize that he was ready to strike out for himself. He and his business partner, Mark Okada, entered into a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation in 1990. This venture evolved into the Protective Asset Management Company, or PAMCO.Protective Life continued to own a major stake in PAMCO until 1997, when James Dondero and Mark Okada bought them out and assumed complete control. The following year, they renamed their venture Highland Capital Management. The alternative investment management firm was a success from the very start, and it has continued to grow at a rapid clip in the years since. As of 2014, the company had approximately $18.7 billion in assets under management. Today, it is one of the largest and most successful global alternative credit managers in the world. The independently owned company is headquartered in Dallas but also has offices in Sao Paolo, Singapore, New York City and Seoul.

As the president of an investment firm that employs more than 180 people worldwide, James Dondero is a very influential figure in the industry. As a result, whenever he is involved in any sort of deal or agreement, his name appears instantly across the news and the internet. It should be noted that throughout his career, Dondero has only conducted himself with the utmost honesty and integrity. His pioneering work in the Collateralized Loan Obligation, or CLO, market had and continues to have a major impact on the industry.So, why did Highland Capital decide to enter into a cooperation agreement with RAIT Financial Trust? And how does James Dondero enter into all of it? As for the latter question, the very fact that he is president of Highland Capital means that Dondero has a vested interest in his company’s dealings. As important as RAIT is to Highland Capital, it makes sense that Dondero would be directly involved.

In November, Highland Capital disclosed that it owned 5.9 percent, or nearly 5.3 million shares, of RAIT’s outstanding common shares.As a result of this disclosure, Highland Capital desired representation on RAIT’s Board of Trustees. RAIT is a real estate investment trust, or REIT, that provides commercial real estate financing throughout the U.S. It specializes in a full-service CRE lending platform that offers convenient and customized lending solutions to owners of commercial real estate. As per the cooperation agreement, RAIT will appoint one of two candidates for trustee who have been recommended by Highland Capital at its 2017 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. The other recommended candidate will be appointed within 120 days of when the agreement was reached. James Dondero and other top executives are satisfied with this outcome.

Jim Tananbaum’s Company is Responsible for Major Healthcare Growth

In a recent interview that Jim Tananbaum did about the company that he has, he talked about the ways that he has been able to help the healthcare industry and how he has made major changes that have allowed it to grow to the point where it is at today. Tananbaum always works to make sure that Foresite Capital is providing people with the options that they need so that they can get their healthcare company off the ground. In the interview, he talked about how he is able to split up time between making the companies that he already works with better, giving the capital that new companies need and helping people to get the best experience possible out of the options that they have. He has a very busy schedule that is similar to what he had when he was working exclusively in the healthcare industry. Now, he works with the healthcare companies.

Foresite Capital provides private equity options for people who need it and are getting started with their healthcare companies. The business is able to provide high-dollar capital amounts so that they are able to give the businesses the best chance possible at improvement and so they will be able to make all of the right choices for the business. It helps them to see that there are more options available and that they can get exactly what they need out of the different things that they are doing. It is also something that has allowed Foresite Capital to have a better experience overall with the healthcare industry.

The idea behind the company was something that Jim Tananbaum came up with when he was working in the healthcare field. He saw that there were many companies that were simply unable to start because they didn’t have the money. He wanted to change that and came up with the ideas for Foresite Capital. These ideas turned into a business and Jim Tananbaum knew that it was something that would take off because it was a process that hospitals and even small doctor’s offices needed. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

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Securus Technologies – Helping Inmates Stay Connected with Their Families

Securus Technologies is a leading inmate communications and crime prevention technology firm that offer its services to over 1.2 million inmates and 2,600 correctional agencies in the United States. The company is known for developing innovative and effective technology that helps the inmates stay connected to their friends and relatives. Securus Technologies invests heavily in research and development and recently launched a new service for the inmates and their family called the video visitation service.


Through this service, the inmates would be able to talk to their friends and relatives virtually. It is a cost-effective way of helping the inmates get more communication opportunities. The relatives and friends can also send money to the inmates through the money transfer services offered by Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is widely known as one of the best technology firms in the country when talking about inmate communication and prison technology. The company offers many different services and continues to launch new services every week. It has one of the most comprehensive ranges of crime prevention and inmate communication services on offer, and the best part is that it doesn’t cost a bomb like its counterparts.


The company also released a press release online that contained the excerpts from the letters written by the law enforcement officials. The press release was published with the aim to showcase how the company is making a huge impact in the correctional sphere, and how it is helping law enforcement officials to perform better. There are many firms active in this sector, but Securus Technologies has been innovating and developing cutting edge services that are far more advanced, affordable, and reliable than what the competitors offer.


As a law enforcement official myself, I regularly use the services of Securus Technologies and found it tremendously helpful in my job. It helps in getting the information needed to put the criminals behind the bar and reduce the crime rate.


Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Opens up on Company Success

If you haven’t been living under a rock and have more than a cursory interest in improving your business then you’ve likely heard of the group at Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is an all in one video marketing,, company that makes it easy for a company to focus on what they do best: give their customers a great product. Established by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007, Talk Fusion has become THE place to go for all of your video marketing and communication solution needs. Bob Reina sat down to discuss just what makes Talk Fusion so effective in an elaborate and candid interview.


When asked what the advantages of Talk Fusion were, Bob Reina could barely contain himself. It’s pretty clear that Talk Fusion covers the bases when it comes to what they offer. More specifically Reina said, “Most people end up going to multiple companies in order to meet all of their marketing needs.” Reina expounded by pointing out how there are needs for video conferencing, messaging, email marketing, and even video hosting. Reina knows how much of a headache this can be for a company when their sole focus should be on customer service. That is where Talk Fusion comes to play and how they can provide all of those solutions all at once.


Talk Fusion knows that they can’t stay ahead of the pack simply by keeping what they doing — though that seems to be working now. CEO Bob Reina stated that he is always looking ahead and trying to get his eyes on “the next big thing”. Reina also made sure to point out just how effective, innovative, and forward-thinking the developers in his company were. Reina points to their work with WebRTC technology as a primary example. WebRTC technology was used to create the Talk Fusion Video Chat App which ended up winning some serious industry awards back in 2016.


At the end of the day, however, Bob Reina states that he is most proud of the way his work has helped people around the world. Reina points to his company’s focus on philanthropy and the revolution in various technologies that have directly helped individuals.


Jason Halpern:Successful Developer, Visionary and Caring Human Being

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

When Jason Halpern took over JMH Development in 2010, he became the third generation of the Halpern family to be a real estate developer. Currently the company’s managing partner, he is following in a family tradition that began more than 50 years ago. He is now in charge of the family’s over $500 million in projects spread throughout New York state. They include hundreds of apartments and millions of square feet of commercial space in Westchester County, New York City as well as several other parts of New York. However, the family is confident their legacy is in capable hands.

Since taking over JMH Development, Jason Halpern has done major projects in Brooklyn. One of them was turning a warehouse located at 184 Kent into 340 ultra-modern apartments. He has also developed 9 luxury townhouses in Greater Brooklyn called Townhouses of Cobble Hill. Plus he has the company continuing to create new, innovative commercial space as well as imaginative, upscale residential rental property throughout New York. It’s a JMH Development tradition and Jason Halpern is continuing in his predecessors’ footsteps.


Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream

But Jason Halpern is also much different other real estate developers in New York. He brings a combination of experience, vision and development expertise that is unique in the industry. He is taking JMH Development in a direction few other developers can follow. He has used his insight and unique skillset to acquire and develop several pioneering properties. Many them are landmarked buildings which hold historically significant meaning. Developing them required that Jason Halpern and the team at JMH Development use care and be especially sensitive. And Jason Halpern’s ability to do that has made him very successful.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Jason Halpern has had success managing those unique development projects for two reasons. First, he has a great deal of passion about the niche of developing buildings in historic communities. He is guided by the principle that he has to respect the communities where he develops real estate. His ability to create meaning rapport with the people in the communities with historic buildings has also helped him to succeed in areas where other developers have failed. Plus he is sensitive to the meaning these historic structures have and works closely with the stakeholders to ensure it’s maintained.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

However, Jason Halpern is more than just a real estate developer, he’s also a committed philanthropist.. He invests vast amounts of time and resources in support of the Westchester Medical Center’s Level I Trauma Center, the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. He also supports the global non-profit Water in its mission to provide clean water to needy communities in Nepal and Ethiopia. Jason Halpern’s goal is helping improve as many people’s lives as he can.

Beautiful Pictures by George Street Photo and Video of New York City

When it comes to capturing that perfect moment, there really is not any other choice in New York City outside of George Street Photo and Video. This photography business enlists the work of professionals who produce quality results that can hardly be found anywhere else.

They provide proofing in digital format along with same-day edits to their work, so decisions on which photos and videos to keep can be made with ease. Much past clientele reports that representatives of this business are professional and friendly throughout the entire photo and video shooting process.

For weddings, there really is no other option in the New York City area than George Street Photo and Video. They will send a team to work with you on this special day to make sure it is captured perfectly. An entire team of consultants and coordinators will work with you prior to the event to make sure the photographer and videographer both work to meet your desires.

Capture the perfect day with George Street Photo and Video of New York City. You will be amazed by their work and pleased with their results without fail.

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Anthony G. Petrello’s Journey To Success

Mr Anthony G. Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. A position he’s had since 2011 and was president since 1992. He is a successful man who humbly attributes his success to hard work and favour. The grandson of Lower-middle-class Italian immigrants, he worked hard and obtained a scholarship for his undergrad in Yale where he got a Bachelors and Masters in Mathematics. He later went on to graduate with a JD in Harvard Law School.

Tony Petrello worked at Baker & Mckenzie after graduating and was managing partner from 1986 before eventually joining Nabors in 1991. At Nabors, he is in charge of the general operations and strategic planning. It is this expertise that has brought him great success in the very competitive oil markets. Nabors Industries is involved in contract drilling and has one of the largest drilling rig collections worldwide. Their specialty is directional, land and offshore drilling, specialty rigs, drilling software and technology.

Tony currently serves as a Director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc., a cause that is very dear to him. Anthony married his College sweetheart Cynthia Petrello and together they were blessed with a daughter; Carena. Carena was born at 24 weeks with PVL (Periventricular Leukomalacia),a condition caused by lack of oxygen/ blood flow to the brain. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and other problems linked with delayed development. Tony and his wife donated $5million towards research for the neurological affliction in children and committed to raise $7 million in support of the cause.


Importance of advocating for human rights

Human rights is a fundamental principle found in constitutions of many countries across the world. Constitutional powers are always bestowed upon the citizens of a particular country and can be exercised directly or indirectly. As a result, this has seen rise to many human right organizations that have continued fighting for the rights and freedoms of oppressed individuals.

Thor Halvorssen is one powerful advocate of the rights to fare treatment of citizens and right to just hearing. He was born in Venezuela and developed interest in human rights advocacy. He started championing the human rights activism in London during his early childhood where he organized protest against the emergence of apartheid rule in SouthAfrica. This made him to receive publicity and international recognition. Currently he is the president of Human Rights Foundation which is an international human rights body that focuses in ensuring that every person’s rights are protected.

Thor Halvorssendepute in the world of activism and advocacy of public policy and intrest was championed by his background. He came from a powerful family that allowed him access to good education. The oppression the Venezuelanswere going through necessitated his spirit of activism.

Thor Halvorssen was also involved in the political activities in Venezuela when his father was arrested. He started demonstration to free his father who was innocent of the accusation against him. This made the international bodies to intervene and his father was found innocent of the charges that had been labeled against him. As such, this led to increased political awareness and respect of the democracy in Venezuela. As a result of his involvement in the democratic space, his father was later awarded to head the Pan-American Committee.

Thor Halvorssen has also developed vast interest in the production and film industry. Due to his utmost passion of film, he established the Moving Picture Institute which has grown to international standards. He is currently producing a film called the Moon Is a Harsh Mistress Which he expects to enhance his career in production. These achievements have propelled him to appear in different publications and journals across the world including the New York Times.


Bruce Levenson Along With AHBE Claims Damages Against Insurance Company

The Atlanta Hawks previous insurance company, AIG may be in some trouble if Bruce Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) have their way. Levenson and AHBE sold the franchise in early March of 2015 and no longer have any claim on it. But it seems their sale of the team plus a buyout of Danny Ferry, the former general manager’s contract was supposed to trigger a policy they had with AIG according to AJC. Levenson and AHBE say that AIG was supposed to honor the claim and that they met all the criteria necessary to file it. But AIG seems to be disregarding this claim and the moment and now the group says they will take them to court and sue them for disregarding the claim and for additional court costs. See,

Bruce Levenson is a businessman who founded his own news media company prior to purchasing the Hawks. While he was a student at American University law school, he worked as a reporter for the Washington Star. Then he and his friend Ed Peskowitz decided to startup their own newsgroup, and that became United Communications Group (UCG). UCG started off publishing and buying newsletters in the oil and energy industries, but they soon expanded to healthcare, mortgage banking, and technology. Levenson also started a subsidiary under UCG called TechTarget, and sat on the board of BIA Digital Partners. Levenson purchased the Atlanta Hawks in 2004, along with their arena and the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers.

According to PR Newswire, Levenson has been involved in philanthropy around the country, most notably in Washington D.C. where he chaired Hoop Dreams, the I Have a Dream Foundation, and sponsored the Concert Against Hate along with the Anti-Defamation League. Levenson is also a key contributor to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, and has helped launch their “Bringing the Lessons Home” program. He’s also a supporter of Jewish organizations such as Birthright Israel, the Jewish Federation, and the SEED Foundation.

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The Embarrassment of Lack Of Imagination Among Luxury Brands And How Fabletics Took Over

Fashion is a very interesting world for people that are taking an interest. One of the most interesting things is where style comes into play with fashion. One thing that people are going to notice is that there are a lot of different styles with fashion until they get to the athletic clothing section. This is where all of the variety and imagination stops. This is something that is very curious and even appalling for people that are trying to get into the world of style while being fit. One of the issues that make it very appalling is that there are so many different luxury brands.


While one can wonder how there turned out to be such a lack of style in the fitness area of fashion, it is ultimately not going to matter because there are some people that have asked the question of what they can provide in the world of fashion in order to make it more lively for people. As a matter of fact these people include Kate Hudson, who is known for her sense of style and her amazing use of fashion to bring about her sense of fashion. She has also decided that style and fashion belongs in the fitness world.


She has partnered with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in order to bring about Fabletics. One of the stories behind the development of Fabletics is that she wanted people to experience the type of style that she gets to experience on a regular basis. For one thing, she knows the effect that style has on an individual. When an individual is dressed in an outfit that is fun and exciting, she is going to feel that way as well. This is one of the most fascinating things about the fashion world. People get to put on different feelings.


Now people can buy these different feelings at Fabletics. Customers who have an online device can use it to sign on and choose from the many amazing products that have a really fun twist to their design. Among the things people get to enjoy is a look at the product and then seeing it from the other side with all of the new and fun designs. This is part of the excitement of buying the new products that one puts her eyes on. Another good aspect of this is that one could see how the product feels to wear.