Avanca gives Newswatch TV a glowing review

In an interview for Newswatch TV, Natalie Van Wijkvliet of Avanca states that their initial teaming up with Newswatch for a crowdsourcing campaign “was one of the reasons why the crowdsourcing project was successful.” That crowdsourcing project was for the launch of a mobile device with all the abilities of a Windows 10 PC through a company known as Ockel. Natalie goes on to praise the support of the Newswatch TV team, letting the interviewer know now that they are launching a third device in the line–the Ockel Series 8. The interviewer then inquires to Natalie about some wireless earbuds she has on, which turn out to be a new product on offer from Avanca!

Newswatch TV began in 1989 and has since aired more than 1000 episodes, available weekly on both AMC and ION networks. Initially focused on primarily financial issues, it has gone on to expand its scope exponentially. Now, the thirty minute news program covers everything from new product releases to medical breakthroughs. The show is led by three hosts, alternating between one to two minute product reviews, individual stories and interviews.

Since 2010, Newswatch TV has developed enough respect in the industry to have celebrities ranging from Chris Pratt to Julianne Moore make appearances on the program. Sports figures such as Joe Montana have come on the show. In the past year alone, A-list figures such as Carrie Underwood, Ted Danson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have been a part of the broadcast.

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