Become A Traveling Vineyard Guide

Taking on momentum, there is a new sherif in the town of work from home business opportunities. According to this blog post : The business being referred to is called Traveling Vineyard. It offers people from all walks of life the ability to make as much or as little money as they can/want by selling wine! Selling wine products to their family, friends, acquaintances and even people they have not before met, is a great way to be social and work at the very same time.


All that is needed to begin the journey as a Traveling Vineyard guide is to make a small initial investment of just under $250. (Keep in mind, however, that money is made back very quickly with the first party or two that the consultant works.) The money pays for 2 tasting tests, wine glasses, decanters, carrying bag, brochures, marketing materials and order forms that will be used.

Once the consultant finished training and with all of the support in place should he/she need any assistance, it is time to get the ball rolling. Through home parties at various people’s’ homes, At each event, guides/consultants are able to snag themselves a commission of 15%-35% from Traveling Vineyard. Additionally, guides/consultants have the opportunity to get 20% off of Traveling Vineyard products in the future.

If a consultant able to recruit other people to become guides, then he/she has another stream of income available via a $100 bonus given to both the consultant and the new recruit when they have $750 in sales. (So if you can spot a few people that really seem interested in the opportunity, take a little time to go over the program with them because they could very well be future Traveling Vineyard guides, themselves.


Every person that is a Traveling Vineyard representative will have their own website. Free for the first few months, it is an additional $15.95/month after that. The site is essential for helping to manage your client’s orders and for your support teams, accounting software and other helpful training guides. It is worth the $0.51 a day for your work at home career investment!

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