Boraie Development Projects

The Newark people call it Shaq towers, it is a project with a high number of houses. It is the largest project that is in Newark and latest which is under Boraie Development together with a former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal. They held a ceremony which was attended by the mayor of Newark, Mr. O’Neal, Phil Murphy who was the area governor and also the developers who attended were Sam Boraie and Omar. This is an example of a project that can lead to private and public sectors have a collaboration in working together so that a progressive development can be realized in the urban centers.


When the governor, Phil Murphy talked on Patch, he said that the project was a major milestone and also a stepping stone that the people of Newark had. That project was an example of the city as an indication that it is growing without having any doubt. It is now clear that Newark city has gained undeniable trajectory.


According to, when it was the time for Shaquille O’Neal to be on the stage, he had words for the people who attended. He talked about his project being something familiar to private and public in a personal manner. Having a chance to be born and then raised in that city, he had that love for the city. He then gave the people in the city many thanks because it is by their effort together with Boraie development that made the contribution to the success of the project. He even referred the project as a development from the Kobe Bryant. It has taken O’Neal a long period of time to get back in the city but the happy moment is that if he happens to come, he meets everyone in the city. It is a better and happy thing for him.


The building will be complete in a year and there was full of expectations for the building occupation to start during the summertime. The intention why the project was constructed was to be able to offer the people of Newark a luxury housing at an affordable cost. The people now will be able to have access to everything the city is offering. Mr. O’Neal even made a promise to the people of Newark that when he comes back he will occupy by himself the hole of the top floor. The project is estimated to have been invested with 79 million US dollars. That motivation that made him invest that much is her mother.