Smart Lighting System: Wireless Electricity At Its Best

Gooee connected with EnOcean to create a new technology that harvests electricity wirelessly. This technology provides a lot of different lighting alternatives for all kinds of individuals. Gooee features a Smart Lighting system that conserves energy and it is designed with simplicity so that everyone can program it.


Smart lighting is relatively a brand new technology that will permit an individual to create a schedule and keep track of their appliances without difficulty. Smart lighting enables a property owner to program their inside and outside lights to change during the day without resorting to an old fashioned thermostat.


For building managers, this can also offer an extremely advantageous lighting system. This new technology provides a multitude of lighting options to renters who appreciate a controlled atmosphere.


Gooee Smart Lighting system utilizes only LED lights. LED lights are believed to be among the best light bulbs used today. They can be energy-efficient and function much better than the more aged light products such as halogen or incandescent lighting.