Upwork is Not for Everyone

There are few freelance writers, coders, web-designers, voice over talents and others that are not familiar with the Upwork platform. Equally, you’ll hear from people that love the site and those that hate it with a passion. Who is to say, who is right? For many new to freelance work, it provides an excellent opportunity to build a portfolio, receive an escrowed payment that Upwork will take a healthy cut of as commission. But, you will get paid. It’s essentially like learning to ride a bike with training wheels. It’s safer, but the reward will feel a bit muted.

Upwork, formerly oDesk, is the largest freelance site on the internet. After years of operation as oDesk, the company purchased Elance and two other freelance work clearing houses to solidify its industry lead. With this, they both reduced their competition while increasing yours internally by bringing on tens of thousands of new workers.

Thankfully, you select the project that suits you and you choose your price from the clients suggested budget. If you don’t think it pays enough, don’t bid on the project. If you feel that the budget is ludicrous, suggest the price that suits you. While a strategy like this will see you turned down often, you’ll also feel you didn’t shortchange yourself. If you have savings, maybe that the route to go.

Create a profile, upload a good pic and only select work that you’re willing to do and Upwork can be your reliable friend and likely a source of frustration as well. You’ll likely have to do work well below the value you assign your work for awhile in order to build a solid work history at Upwork.

It’s not for everyone but a free membership is, well, free. You’ll likely get what you put into it within a few months if you do, in fact, possess talent. It’s a reliable way to have work, sell your soul, and build a portfolio all at the same time.

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The Strengths of Classdojo

How Classdojo works

Classdojo is a program and service that greatly improves the communication and expression students have with their teachers and parents. This program allows students to create a portfolio consisting of the things they have learned in the classroom through photo and video. The portfolios the students create can then be shared online from the teacher to the parents. Another great element the Classdojo service provides is the ability for teachers to write to parents and take pictures of what their children have been doing in the classroom throughout the day.

Communication with parents

With life becoming a lot busier in the current age, it has become harder for parents and teacher to have face-to-face conferences and communication. Classdojo is the solution to the majority of these problems. Teachers can update parents if their students are having any problems with their work or education. This feature helps parents understand where their children are struggling, and gives direct communication from parent to teacher as well.

Communication between Educators

One of the greatest strengths Classdojo has is the ability it gives for teachers to learn from each other. Classdojo conferences can be set up by teachers and range from a variety of subjects such as, classroom technologies and teacher to parent communication. Even those who are educating can always learn new lesson plans and new ways to teaching. Classdojo is a great program not only for students and parents, but for teachers as well.

Why Classdojo is so effective

Classdojo allows all students to express their creativity and knowledge in a unique way. The portfolio system helps teachers and parents understand what the individual student is struggling with while also showing their strengths and creativity. If you are a teacher or a parent, the connectivity this program provides is something that should be considered. Rather you are a teacher or a parent, Classdojo is here to help.

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