The Award Winning Video Chat for Talk Fusion

Recently, Talk Fusion has been making headlines by its strategic winning of its second communications product of the year. The firm’s unique Video Chat product is solely to be attributed to the winning of Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award in 2016. The award primarily honors those video communication firms, which have exclusively gone out of their way to bring voice, data, and video communication services to the marketplace and have ameliorated them within the last year. Those in participation represent the best the best firms in the field of designing these services and products for consumers.


Bob Reina, the Founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion is ecstatic that his firm had gracefully won another award for their amazingly differentiated products. Bob Reina and his IT gurus are continuously working to bring new products and services to the marketplace. Bob loves giving back and as such, he strives to improve their services and products to better the welfare of the people of this world.


Talk Fusion stands as the first all-in-one video marketing solution in the world, which offers services and products to help ameliorate communication among its users. Users of Talk Fusion’s products and services will experience great improvements in their experience as well as speed. Talk Fusion provides the marketplace with a full spectrum of different products and services such as Video Conferencing, Video Email, Video Newsletters and Video Chat. All Talk Fusion products are easy to use, and the prices are reasonably set. In addition, all of these services and products of Talk Fusion are compatible with every type of smartphone, desktop computers, and tablets.


A user of Talk Fusion products is only required to record a video, upload it to their account with Talk Fusion and attach the video into an email before forwarding to as many recipients as they wish. At Talk Fusion, everybody strives to help business owners in realizing and exploiting their full potential. This is achievable by leveraging on Talk Fusion’s products to help boost sales as well as make clients keep coming back for more. An interested businessperson can try out any of the services or products offered by Talk Fusion with their 30-day free trial period.


National Humor Month Celebration From Skout

Laughter can do a lot of wonderful things in the lives of whoever is engaged in the activity. It can brighten the lives of the people involved in it. Laughter brings people together. It is one of the first things that we do to show our appreciation for another person. We laugh in so many different ways to show how we enjoy a person or what they are saying. We laugh at jokes, and we laugh during fun parts of stories. Laughing with another person is a great way to show how much you appreciate what the person is saying to you.

Skout recently conducted some valuable research on the science and art of laughter. It appears that laughter brings people together through social media as well. Skout is one of the largest social media networking applications, so they know what brings people together. This information was originally published in a compelling piece from PR Newswire.

Skout is free to use, and it is easy to set up a profile. You can get your application on your smart phone now, and you could be laughing with some new friends by tonight. People meet on Skout to make online friends, real life friends and other types of relationships as well.

Skout’s Survey On Humor

April is National Humor Month, so Skout decided to have their team conduct some valuable research about what laughter does for their users. Apparently, the team at Skout found that laughing in a profile picture will help you get better results from the Skout community. You should always be yourself. However, if you have a picture of yourself laughing, then you might want to share it on Skout to make more friends. According to their research, the people who show their humorous side with a profile picture will have more than 400 percent more favorites from users than the average user on Skout.

Skout also polled their users on how important they consider humor to be in building friendships. 94 percent of users reported in the survey that they enjoy helping make other people laugh. 75 percent of users surveyed reported that they think of themselves as funny. Laughter can go a long way when you are making new friendships, so be sure to show the funny side of yourself when you meet new people. The survey information from PR Newswire can be found here.