New Trustees Offer New Insights For Autism Rocks

The charity Autism Rocks has announced that they will be appointing two new trustees to their board. As reported on PR Newswire, Will and Pete Best will be joining the charity in its work to combat autism and spread information about the disease. The charity was founded by and is presently run by Sanjay Shah. He has known the Best brothers for many years and feel that they will have a positive influence on the charity.

Sanjay Shah runs more than 13 different businesses and ventures in London. One of them is Solo Capital. This firm is an investment firm that aids others in growing their wealth and financial stability. Mr. Shah offers a number of different services with this firm that include advisory services, investment options as well as portfolio management.

Autism Rocks is the brainchild of Mr Shah. He was donating funds for children who had autism. When his son was diagnosed with the disease he wanted to do something more, and Autism Rocks was born. The charity holds yearly concerts to raise money for research and to develop cures.

Will Best has extensive experience in the entertainment sector. He is thought to bring new insights as to how to expand the reach of the charity and to organize concerts. He also has experience in advertising which is thought to be an asset for the charity in that he will know the best ways to get information out to the public.

Pete Best has the bulk of his experience in the financial sector. He has worked and held positions as CEO of major firms. He will be able to help Autism Rocks to streamline their collective employees as well as to be able to manage larger numbers of people.

The two new trustees are considered to have the collective experience and ability to help the charity move into the future.