Always Hitting The Mark – Dr. Mark Mofid MD

Dr. Mark Mofid MD is one of the most highly regarded and successful plastic surgeons in the United States. His practice is located in beautiful La Jolla, California where he works alongside his wife who is a dermatologist. Dr. Mark Mofid is known as a pioneer in the industry for his work with buttock augmentation.

Dr. Mark Mofid got his education from both Harvard University where he graduated magna cum laude and the very prestigious Johns Hopkins University. He is also certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. However his education did not stop there. Dr. Mark took the time to be mentored by the legendary Dr. Raul Gonzalez MD in Brazil. It was there that he learned how to perfect the buttock augmentation procedure. Dr. Gonzalez had been doing buttock augmentation since 1984 and was the perfect mentor for Dr. Mark.

Dr. Mark Mofid took the knowledge he gained from Dr. Raul Gonzalez and developed his own low profile round gluteal implant. This ensured that the patient would have a low chance of surgical complications while also providing natural looking results.

Although Dr. Mark Mofid may be well known for his work with buttock augmentations, he also offers a very wide range of other procedures that include facial reconstruction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and many more. Dr. Mark Mofid has gone to great lengths to provide all of his patients with the results they desire while keeping them safe. He will never go above certain sizes for procedures like buttock and breast augmentation and always does his best to keep patient expectations reasonable. This guarantees a great experience for all parties involved and helps protect and boost the reputation of the plastic surgery industry.

Dr. Mark truly loves what he does as evident by this quote “medicine truly is a calling; if you go into it for the wrong reasons, you won’t last through your first year of residency”. He indeed is in medicine for the right reasons and would be an excellent choice for any prospective patient.

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Bruno Fagali, Currently On A Mission To Improve Corporate Integrity

When people enter the field of law, they are often conflicted over which path of law they should embark in. The question of ethics always arises while working for the law to ensure that justice is always served. Maintaining an extremely high ethic code is something that Bruno Fagali stands true to. Being in the business of law for almost a decade, Bruno Fagali has time and again proven himself as an ace attorney and someone who can strike a balance between winning cases for his clients while maintaining an extremely high ethics code.

Currently, Bruno heads FAGALI, a law firm that offers legal advisory to multiple clients. Presently, Bruno Fagali deals and handles cases dealing with compliance, public law, anti-corruption and election law. Ethics codes and corporate integrity is something that Bruno Fagali has always striven to impart and undertake, and has worked in several programs setting ethics codes for companies. He has also conducted numerous corporate integrity programs, particularly for advertising agencies.

Bruno Fagali has always been someone who is keen to gain knowledge and grow as a lawyer and as a person. He has multiple degrees, and law certifications to his name and the list keep on growing. Bruno Fagali attained his masters in public law from the University of Sao Paulo with honors in Administrative law and anti-corruption law. He attained his initial bachelor’s degree in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and then went on to embark on his journey as a lawyer.

Bruno Fagali is currently a member of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics and is also a part of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. He is heavily involved with cases dealing with public welfare to regulatory law and currently also holds a position as a legal advisor at SB advertising agency.

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