End Citizens United Works On Grassroots Activism

End Citizens United is a grassroots organization that wants the American public to know the conservative agenda of Citizens United. They hope to stop all lobbying, and they believe that American politics will change only when these goals have been achieved. End Citizens United has people working in many states to educate the public, and they are raising money to find someone who will sponsor a bill to stop all lobbying. View their financial information on Open Secrets.

  1. What Are They?

End Citizens United is an anti-lobbying organization that believes lobby groups have polluted all of Washington politics. They are trying to stop any organization like Citizens United from giving to powerful politicians who will then act against the will of the people. They are working with people in areas where local events bring activists together, and they are handing out literature where they can.

  1. Working In Washington

End Citizens United is working in Washington to find a congressman or senator who will support their legislation. They want to stop all lobbying because that is what they believe has caused most problems in America. They know that their group will end if they reach their goal, but they believe American politics will be purer as a result.

  1. Why Attack Citizens United?

End Citizens United knows that Citizens United is the antithesis of progress. They are targeting all right wing groups that they believe are getting in the way of progress. They know that they must continue to fight with all the money and people that they can find because there is so much money on the other side of the aisle. This organization has the backing of a lot of progressives, and they plan to continue their work until they have seen me legislation passes.

  1. Conclusion

The people who are working as part of this grassroots movement are finding that they can educate the public through this platform better than any other. The group is releasing news articles all the time that help people better understand American politics, and they are giving people the chance to learn why progressivism is the right way to go.

Visit: http://endcitizensunited.org/citizens-united-and-the-campaign-finance-crisis/