Twenty Three Layers Helps out with NYC events!

Parties and special events are meant to be enjoyed. Don’t let planning, organizing, and handling the dozens of details spoil your own enjoyment. As one of the top event planning companies in NYC, Twenty Three Layers. There are a number of corporate event planners in NYC, but we hold the distinction of being one of the top in the field. Rather than getting bogged down with details, leave it to us. We make it easy for you to enjoy your event as much as everyone else will. We even have an event-planning checklist that you can download and print out to keep everything organized and checked off from one month to one hour before your event kicks off!


Twenty Three Layers is dedicated to helping you to surpass even your own expectations for your upcoming event. As a full-serving event planning/design firm, we are able to meet the needs of the most elaborate corporate function or an intimate gathering for a smaller-scale celebration. Our team of creative, inspired minds bring together the best of every detail, from the menu to decorating ideas to themes and entertainment to create a unique and memorable event.



Twenty Three Layers offers assistant and services in the areas of catering, venue selection, entertainment, photography, floral arrangements, lighting, and more. We pay the utmost attention to detail to ensure that each and every facet of your event leaves a lasting impression.



Want to handle some of the details and planning yourself? Twenty Three Layers can still give you a hand with some helpful tips such as:


– Choose a theme for your event early on, and build around that. Or, in lieu of a theme, choose a decorating scheme – colors, designs, etc.


– Send out invitations as far ahead of the event as possible. This gives people ample time to plan as well as time to RSVP, making YOUR job easier.


– Create a signature event to commemorate your event and make it even more memorable.


– Keep settings simple but elegant. Too-busy prints or mismatched patterns create a messy, thrown-together look.


Let us at Twenty Three Layers be a part of your special event so that you can relax and enjoy yourself without all the stress and worry. Rest assured everything will be perfect and a great time will be had by all!


3 Steps to Hiring The Right Event Planner

If you have an important event or celebration coming up you might want to consider hiring an event planner. Getting the right event planning company may be the difference between just another event and a night to remember.

Follow these three tips to hiring an event planning company in NYC.

1. Estimate A Budget
Depending on the objectives of your event your cost will vary. Set a firm budget and then begin to source event planners based on that number. Some companies specialize in certain size events and may not be able to deliver.

2. Source A Selection Of Planners
Put together a list of at least five event planners. Ask around to get some recommendations. Friends and family are a great place to start. But do not leave out some local professional associations. No matter if it is a social event or corporate meeting, hiring an event planner is pretty much the same.

Look for advice from local chapters of Meeting Professionals International and National Associations of Catering Executives. Also take a look at your local chamber of commerce and some hotels around town.

3. Interview Planners In Person
Whittle down your list to three top contenders and interview them in person. Go over all the aspects of your event. Make sure they are aware of the “must haves” of your event. These are the non-negotiable elements.

Ask for references and follow up with them. They will most likely give you the names of their happiest customers but you should do a bit more digging. Ask where they have had recent events and call those sources.

It goes without saying that you need to begin your search for event planners in NYC as early as possible. This process will take some time. Twenty Three Layers is one of the premier event planners in New York City. They are a full-service company which offers venue selection, catering, and floral design just to name a few.

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Spending Time Finding an Event Planner

When you are tasked with planning an event, the normal reaction is for the mind to start buzzing with everything that needs to be done to accomplish this event. Not all events can be pulled off alone and the help of an event planner is needed. New York City is filled with them and there are many options. Twenty Three Layers is an elite event planning company in New York City.

Twenty Three Layers was founded about a decade ago by Jessica Boskoff. She and her team bring years of experience to each and every event they work on. They make it their goal to make sure each event they throw is like no other. Each client is an individual and they want to create an event with the same philosophy.

There are some steps that should be taken to find event planners in NYC. Word of mouth is a great place to start but do not rely on that. Do some research. Read as many reviews as possible to get a real feel for how other clients felt about the work done. Look for pictures of the final results to see what kind of work can be expected.

Try to interview a number of event planners. Try to meet with them face to face to get a better feel for their personality and what kind of work they do. Meeting with them will let you know right away if it will be a good fit or not. Ask all of the questions you have. They are trying to create an event based on your vision and they need as much information as possible to create that vision and make it the best event possible.

Finding an event planner can be a tough task but if the right planner is found, the process will be worth the work. There are many options to choose from and Twenty Three Layers is one of the best. Find them in New York City and you will not be disappointed with any event they throw.

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