How was Madison Street Capital Involved in Minority Recapitalization of ARES Security Corporation?

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that participated in the arrangement of the minority equity and the subordinated debt investment for ARES Security Corporation acting as their financial advisor. ARES Security Corporation is among the top security risk management companies offering ample endways security software solutions in Vienna, VA. The concluded transaction involved Corbel Structured Equity Partners as the provider of the minority recapitalizations. Charles Botchway is the CEO of Madison Street Capital, and he is the person who announced the transaction. It was led by Reginald McGaugh, the company’s Senior Managing Director.


Reginald McGaugh appreciated the chance to work with the president and shareholder of Ares Security, Ben Eazzetta in conclusion of the investment. He praised Ares security saying that they have prodigious technology solutions that help to protect the most critical assets in the world. Reginald McGaugh applauded the management team and the board of the company for the challenge they posed to them to select the best financing partner.


Ben Eazzetta also commended Madison Street Capital for the successful completion of their work assigned in the year 2016. He appreciated the efforts channeled by them in the entire process and especially the due diligence applied in the beginning, valuation, breakdown as well as capital raising phase.


“They worked very hard and diligently to find us the right financing partner, and we are very excited for the future with our new capital structure,” Ben Eazzetta added.


Ares Security is convinced that the partnership with Corbel Structured Equity Partners was the best option to help them create a significant equity value. Since the Corbel partners have a flexible capital solution and their partnership is operationally supportive it will help them improve their business in different ways. They are hoping to maintain their sales growth as they capitalize on other revenue opportunities within the deep bench occupied by Corbel in the industry.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a leading international investment banking firm that specializes in offering corporate financial advisory services to private and public businesses. The company is firmly committed to excellence, integrity, leadership as well as on services they provide to their clients. Their approach of work involves creating financial transactions between the business owners and investors and both parties mutually benefit.


The company has gained extensive knowledge, vast experience as well as tangible relationships to help them adequately match buyers and the sellers. They also advise on the appropriate capitalization structure that each client should adopt. Madison Street Capital reputation has improved over the years while serving diverse industries in Asia, North America, and Africa.


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