Slyce Provides its Year in Review

Slyce has released a year in review report from Yahoo Finance that details all of its achievements throughout the year. Slyce has made quite a bit of progress financially. It has also made quite a bit of helpful partnerships with plenty of companies. One company that Slyce has partnered with is SHOES.COM. One very useful feature of Slyce is image recognition that allows people to take pictures of items and find out the exact type of item it is. This allows the user to find out where the item is sold. As a result, he will either be able to buy this exact item or similar items to it.

Another announcement made in the year review report is the expansion of Slyce image recognition technology for every product. Among the features that was expanded was the ‘Snap Find Shop’ feature. This allows shoppers to take images of any category of items. This could be anything like jewelry, shoes, women’s apparel and other items. Neiman Marcus will show if that exact product is available in the store or if there are any similar items being offered in the store.

Another company that has signed up with Slyce is Urban Outfitters. This allows people to be able to use visual search in order to find similar products at Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters is one of the more popular shops for both men and women’s apparel.