George Soros Hungarian business tycoon gifts billions to change the world

George Soros isn’t your typical billiaire, driving a flashy car, jet setting around the world. Soros could have spent his multi-billion dollar fortune on anything he wanted. Nobody would have blamed George Soros if he decided to live in obscurity on some isolated island, miles from anyone else. Quite the contrary, Soros has spent half a century building Soros Fund Management LLC., which was once the most successful hedge fund in US industry. Soros dedicated the past 30 years to building Open Society Foundations, which is a cause he has personally championed and financed. Soros has set the bar extremely high in regards to generosity and personal responsibility with such a large substantial gift in the billions.

Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary on August 12th 1930, suffered under Communist oppression as well as Nazi persecution. The Soros family barely escape Budapest with their lives during the Nazi occupation. These harsh and brutal circumstances could have easily diminished his dreams, but it sparked a fire in Soros that burns to this day. He not only questioned the world, that many simple accepts as normal but challenged its right to exist. He chronicles influences in his life in an article in “The Atlantic” where Soros highlights books that provided insightful. “ The Open Society and Its Enemies” (1945). Austrian philosopher Karl Popper. Soros was deeply moved by the conditions of others, never stopped examining the world, or striving to change the world.

After the war, Soros attended London School of Economics, while working a variety of jobs. Later on, Soros immigrated to the United States, economic center of the world. Soros created Soros Fund Management, LLC in 1969, its been called one of the most successful investors in US. Soros would use his billions to ignite a social and political movement no one could phantom into existence.

The Open Society Fund was founded around 1979, it tackled the system of closed societies. In South Africa, the system of Apartheid was harder to dismantle then originally thought, but that didn’t stop progress. Soros was determined to make a difference in the lives of people around the globe, weather in Africa, Eastern Europe or Asia. Many countries political systems were affected by Soros, Chapter 77 in Czechoslovakia, Solidarity in Poland and the Open Society Foundation is credited with ending many hostal regimes around the world. Soros has contributed about 80% of his wealth to the Open Society Foundation, which that amounts to about 18 billion dollars over 35 years, also upon his death more funds have been promised. These amounts are staggering when considered, only second to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which also championed causes over the world. Generations will remember Soros as a brilliant businessman but also a social and political activist, who changed the world.