IAP WorldWide Services Makes The Impossible Possible

Responding to natural disasters is a skill that only a few organizations have. It requires specific resources and technical expertise to deliver the effort that is needed to assist in such a situation. IAP Worldwide Services has been a mainstay in this department for many years. The United States government has relied on the company in times of crisis at home and overseas. The versatility that IAP Worldwide Services brings to a job site is unmatched by any other institution.

IAP specializes in many different trades including communications, logistics, construction, generator support and training. It is able to set up shop in any type of environment. The company’s technicians are experienced when it comes to working in adverse situations. The U.S. Army relied on IAP Worldwide Services to provide power during the first Gulf War. This began a long-standing relationship between IAP and the United States Armed Forces.

IAP Worldwide Services would later secure an exclusive contract with the US Army. The multi-million dollar deal requires the company to provide structural support and training. It will work out of bases located within the United States. There will also be operations conducted on an international level.

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The Army Corps of Engineers called upon IAP Worldwide Services for relief during Hurricane Katrina. The company provided power support along the east coast. This enabled critical operations to be conducted and restore order in a disastrous area.

The United States Navy signed a 900 million dollar contract with IAP Worldwide Services. There are many aspects to on base Naval operations that require the skills and expertise that IAP brings. The Navy will rely on the company to provide structural support in the shipyards and on certain vessels.

IAP Worldwide Services prides itself on being an equal opportunity employer. The company’s ranks is filled with former military servicemen and women. Its relationship with the United States Armed Forces opens the door for many military veterans to have a career after completing their service. There are special programs in place that allow U.S. military veterans to make the transition from active duty to civilian life. The process can be tricky and intimidating for those who have never had to look for a job outside of the military. Experts at IAP understand how to translate the skills of a U.S. service member into a civilian occupation. Many of the men and women coming from active duty have already worked with the company and are familiar with its mission and operational capabilities.

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