Chris Burch – Highly Renowned Serial Entrepreneur and Businessman

In the world of entrepreneurs, one of the names that are often taken is that of Chris Burch. It is because of the numerous achievements he has been able to accomplish over a period. Chris Burch has more than four decades of experience in the corporate world and is a successful investor, businessman, and a serial entrepreneur. Some of the most famous brands in the consumer market today are Tory Burch and C. Wonder, and Chris Burch is related to both this brands and is the man behind its enormous success across the country. However, fashion is not the only sector he is interested in and has invested in other industries as well, including real estate, finance, healthcare, and technology. Chris Burch continues to look for new opportunities in which he can indulge in and make profitable investments.  More to read on

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Recently, Chris Burch ventured into the hospitality industry and partnered with James McBride to buy and rebuild an old and worn out hostel in an isolated island of Indonesia named Sumba. The hostel was transformed into a luxurious five-star property that was recently named as the best in the world by Travel+Leisure in 2016, which is a big feat. Check  The name of the hotel is Nihiwatu and has become a common name among the luxury travelers. The hotel is equipped with some of the most modern and luxurious facilities one can ask for, which are sure to enhance the traveling experience for the holiday goers. The location of the island and the naturally beautiful surrounding has also helped in making the hotel even more popular among the tourists.  For additional reading about Nihiwatu, click this.

The resort has a total of 27 villas, out of which one belongs to the King of Indonesia, Raja Mendaka, and one villa belongs to Chris Burch. The villas in the resort assure complete privacy to the guests and have plunge pool as well, which adds to the experience of the holiday goers. The hotel also has some of the best chefs that offer local as well as world cuisine to its guests to ensure an out of the world culinary experience. Starting from the hospitality to the customer service and many other factors, Nihiwatu offers an entirely luxurious experience to its guests. Chris Burch is very proud of how the property turned out to be, and he said in an interview that Nihiwatu is amongst the best investments he has made in a while. Additional article on

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