Waiakea Water- A top brand in the water industry

Waiakea water is the most superior brand of bottled water in the country right now. As the trend in water consumption keeps on changing, many people are learning about the importance of tap water. By consuming tap water, there is no guarantee that you will be getting safe water. Tap water is most likely to contain foreign elements since it is not adequately filtered. In case the water is not well filtered, it can interfere with our health. Although there is an increase in the consumption of tap water, one thing that has been noted with concern is the number of bottled water brands that are in the market. If you go to the nearest store, you will find over ten brands of bottled water. In such a scenario what one needs to ask is, which is the best brand to consume?


Waiakea Water beats all other brands hand down. There are a few factors that make this brand superior. One, there is quality. Waiakea water is the first Hawaiian volcanic water to be released into the market. If you hear about Hawaiian something should ring a bell. Hawaii is one of the places where environmental conservation is considered a norm. The environment here is superb, and tree coverage is excellent. In the Hawaiian Mauna Loa volcano, that’s where Waiakea gets the water from. It is tapped directly as it comes down the volcano. It is filtered naturally by the porous volcanic water as it comes down the volcano.


Waiakea water has also shown that it is serious with environmental protection after it released degradable bottles for its water. The water will be supplied using these bottles that can decompose within 15 years. This move is a great win for the company as it becomes the first company in the world to come up with such a product.


Waiakea water is the best options in the market right now if you love to drink water that will quench your throat. Since the water is naturally filtered, it comes with all the natural minerals from the volcanic rock.



Innovacare Health is a leading provider of managed healthcare

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of managed healthcare. The company essentially offers top quality Medicare and Medicaid health plans as well as Physician Practice services to a variety of patients throughout North America.

InnovaCare also works hard to develop innovative provider models that will ultimately benefit each patient. All of InnovaCare’s cost effective models are combined with some of the most advanced technologies. At present, Innovacare has two quality Medicare Health Plans available in Puerto Rico.

InnovaCare attempts to help build strong relationships between the patient and the healthcare provider. Essentially, the goal of InnovaCare is to provide quality medical care. InnovaCare has grown tremendously due to exceptional leadership and a team of highly skilled professionals.

Dr Richard Schinto, MD is the CEO of InnovaCare. Dr. Schinto has over two decades of operational healthcare experience. In addition, Dr, Schinto worked as an Chief Medical officer for Cal Optima Health Plan. Therefore, it is quite evident Dr. Schinto brings extensive healthcare experience as well as his medical knowledge which is a definite asset to Innovacare Health.

Dr. Schinto received his medical degree from the State University of New York. In addition, Dr. Schinto received his MBA from the University of the Redlands. Dr. Schinto believes in the importance of higher education and advancement. In 2011, InnovaCare received “Commendable Accreditation” from the National Committee for Quality Assurance. This recognition was for the two Medicare Advantage Plans that the company currently offers its customers. The medicare plans offer exceptional coverage at more than reasonable rates. In addition, the company offers exceptional customer service.

Innovacare is based out from Ft. Lee New Jersey. The company has an informational web site that covers a variety of topics. Innovacare has a “Newsroom” which can be easily accessed through the web site. The Newsroom provides updated information on any new projects involving Innovacare as well as any information on current job openings or internal company changes taking place. InnovaCare recently announced the hiring of a new Marketing Director for the Ft. Lee Facility. The web site can be viewed at www.innovacarehealth.com.