Venezuela Attempts to Pass Foreign Aid Bill

Venezuela has been in the middle of a serious health crisis as of recent, as there simply has not been enough medication in the country to help individuals that are sick. There has been a lot of debate as reported by Visual CV over the health care system that is currently in Venezuela and it has gotten to the point where the country may have to take foreign aid. This foreign aid would come in the form of medication coming from other areas of the World, most of which would be through various countries in Latin America, and in Europe as well. The country is currently trying to pass a bill through legislation that would allow for this type of foreign aid, and it would also allow them to attempt to seek help from the World Health Organization.

If passed, the bill according to Analyst David Osio would get a huge amount of sick people that are living in the country of Venezuela without prescription medication get the various things that they need. Supporters of the bill have come out and stated that there is not a problem with the pharmacies in the country, but there is a lack of medication, which is why so many people feel that it is necessary to pass. There is no denying the fact that the country is currently afflicted with a lack of food and a lack of medication, leaving the population hoping that they can receive foreign aid.