Lime Crime The Make Up Company

Lime Crime Cosmetics is made by the gorgeous and stunning Doe Deere. Her fans and followers know her better as the Queen of Unicorns and her various unique hair styles. She was born in Russia and spent the rest of her days growing up in Brooklyn.


Doe had a new do it yourself fashion show off coming up and started modeling her ideas and putting them on ebay in 2004. She used to sew with her favorite bright colors and expanded to Lime Crime in 2008. Every day she goes over new ideas and projects with her creative director and they start planning from there. She’s so busy with meetings that she has to reply to emails while walking to other places. While ideas vary from the times they come, when they do Doe jumps on it right away. After everything is designed she tries them on and sees for herself if it’s something that can be worn by her customers. This brings in a unique touch to her following and brand.


Before all of the success, she worked in many admin jobs for insurance companies. She never felt like that was for her and joined a band. That’s where she met her husband and started doing makeup. Doe tries to tell everyone to follow what you think is right and to treat everyone with kindness. She doesn’t stand for the unfair companies who have strict rules and no connection with any of their employees. She follows Donald Trump and believes that he is one of the most best businessmen out there. Him and her husband Mark are her two biggest powering influences and said they have changed her life. With all of the bright shining colors and clothes, she wishes and nudges people to make the same for shoes and sandals.


Doe now spends her time mainly online and researching things. She strongly believes in the technology movement and has been rooting for the digital market since she started on ebay. She wishes everyone would donate to what they believe in whether it’s the movement to Mars or fighting for state rights. She regularly donates to Bide-A-Wee on a monthly basis that she says is close to her heart.


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