How Penelope Kokkinides Helps InnovaCare Grow

While InnovaCare is a great insurance company on its own, the people who run the company wanted to increase their offerings for their clients. As long as InnovaCare has been in business, they’ve been making a lot of changes to suit the needs of all their clients and the changing medical industry. It’s important to InnovaCare to continue showing people they have options even when they’re struggling to understand the new insurance system. It’s also important for them to show people what they can get out of different situations as long as they’re in them.


The time Penelope Kokkinides spent working with Medicaid is instrumental in the work she now does with InnovaCare Health. She used the time she had with Medicaid to structure the options she had for the future. She also spent a lot of time learning about the experiences that would make things better for all the people she worked with. The insurance industry continues changing and getting better. Penelope Kokkinides is there for all of it because she knows what it means to provide insurance customers with the right products. It’s her goal to always give them what they need to feel their insurance is the best. You can visit



Rick Shinto has also been instrumental in shaping how InnovaCare works in the future. He knows a lot about the way to do business but he also has experience in the medical industry which helps him tremendously. His job as a pulmonologist allowed him to learn about the medical field and what people needed when it came to insurance providers. No matter what he did in the past, he knows things continue getting better because of the hard work he put into the business and the things he did to ensure the company would be the best it could be. For more details visit


Thanks to their hard work, InnovaCare is better than it’s ever been. The company not only thrives with the clients they have but also with the products they offer. As long as they can make sure they’re helping people, InnovaCare believes they have a chance to do things the right way with the company. They spent a long time finding people like Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto. Now that the two are on the team, they’re making things even better for InnovaCare. They have big plans for the future with the insurance company and with the options they’re creating for it.



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Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Starting your own business can be a very daunting undertaking. It can be very challenging and at the same time very rewarding. There are many factors that you have to account for when starting your own business. You must have your business plans and finances straight before you can get started. Another very helpful thing to do is to model your business after other successful business owners. Doe Deere, the owner of Lime Crime cosmetics is a very good example of this. Learn more:

Doe Deere is a successful owner of a business that took her makeup passion and turned into a successful makeup line that has become very popular. Her line of makeup is known for having bright colored hues and her products are all cruelty free. Among her types of products are nail polish, eye shadows, hair color and lipsticks. Her makeup line has become very popular partially because she is very passionate about it. However, passions can only take you so far. You must have a solid business plan like Doe Deere has.

Doe Deere was born in Russia and raised in New York City. In 2008, Doe developed Lime Crime cosmetics. She started very small and grew the business from there. She actually began on eBay with a DIY fashion line. The idea for the bright makeup came from wanting bright makeup to go with the clothing. She had trouble finding this in makeup, so she created her own. Doe was told when she first began that she would never be able to sell lipstick online, that people wanted to try it on in person. She proved them wrong! Lime Crime began many e-commerce innovations, one of these was the on lip lipstick sketches. These are now an industry standard. Learn more:

Doe Deere is also very active in encouraging other female entrepreneurs. She regularly speaks to groups of upcoming women entrepreneurs. She encourages people to “embrace their weirdness.” She thinks we are all at our best when we can be ourselves. Above else, she encourages people to listen. Doe believes that there is a lot out there for everyone to learn if we would just listen more. Learn more:

Lime Crime The Make Up Company

Lime Crime Cosmetics is made by the gorgeous and stunning Doe Deere. Her fans and followers know her better as the Queen of Unicorns and her various unique hair styles. She was born in Russia and spent the rest of her days growing up in Brooklyn.

Doe had a new do it yourself fashion show off coming up and started modeling her ideas and putting them on ebay in 2004. She used to sew with her favorite bright colors and expanded to Lime Crime in 2008. Every day she goes over new ideas and projects with her creative director and they start planning from there. She’s so busy with meetings that she has to reply to emails while walking to other places. While ideas vary from the times they come, when they do Doe jumps on it right away. After everything is designed she tries them on and sees for herself if it’s something that can be worn by her customers. This brings in a unique touch to her following and brand.

Before all of the success, she worked in many admin jobs for insurance companies. She never felt like that was for her and joined a band. That’s where she met her husband and started doing makeup. Doe tries to tell everyone to follow what you think is right and to treat everyone with kindness. She doesn’t stand for the unfair companies who have strict rules and no connection with any of their employees. She follows Donald Trump and believes that he is one of the most best businessmen out there. Him and her husband Mark are her two biggest powering influences and said they have changed her life. With all of the bright shining colors and clothes, she wishes and nudges people to make the same for shoes and sandals.

Doe now spends her time mainly online and researching things. She strongly believes in the technology movement and has been rooting for the digital market since she started on ebay. She wishes everyone would donate to what they believe in whether it’s the movement to Mars or fighting for state rights. She regularly donates to Bide-A-Wee on a monthly basis that she says is close to her heart.

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