Hedge funds are investment funds which are made available to a specific group of people who must be approved investors. This funds are not sold to the public. For one to partner with such investment firms, they must have risk management techniques gained from institutional investors, and they must have invested in a variety of assets.

Hedge funds have been in operation for years and have become very popular. One of the most popular investors in the company is Jacob Gottlieb. He holds a Professional Risk Management designation (PRM). This designation saw start a healthcare fund in 2001. The funds saw to the birth of Visium company. Visium company, being the best operated by Gottlieb’s funds, peaked so fast. Healthcare fund hence became the best performing investment in managed assets.

Despite Visium company being the best performing company at the time, it was faced with some challenges. It suffered a controversy that led to it being deregistered in 2016. Due to this, it had to liquidate its customers’ assets. The company’s top managers were charged for trading government reports which were regarded as confidential. The company was closed, but Jacob was not found guilty.

Since the closure of Visium company, Gottlieb never stopped working. He saw to it that he refunded the investors’ funds. He has worked hard in liquidating the company’s operating assets. For Jacob, the two years that the company was not operational was not a break.

Jacob has proved that he loves investing by trying to revive the investment company. To prove this, he set up Altium Capital that manages his wealth. Altium Capital copies Visium company in its operations. It invests and bets on stocks that relate to the healthcare industry.

Having accomplished his mission in liquidating Visium, Gottlieb is ready to get back into investing. He hopes to raise and organize investors’ funding to see this dream come true. This is how Jacob is planning a comeback in the investment world.

Guilherme Paulus’ Impact on Tourism Industry in Brasil

You can hardly discuss the tourism industry in Brazil without mentioning Guilherme Paulus. As Brasil’s leading hotelier and renowned international entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus runs CVC Brasil Operadora the leading tour company in the country. He is also the founder of GJP Hotels and Resorts- a hotel and resorts brand that are found all over the country.Despite his business success when it comes to the tourism industry, Guilherme Paulus did not start off as hotelier. Instead, his career began as an IBM intern. His earliest passion was in the IT sector. He worked as computer technician. However, through his numerous interactions with people from the tourism and hospitality industries, his passion shifted.

In fact, he eventually quit his job at IBM and took up a new one with a tourism and travel agency where he worked as a travels salesman. It did not take him long to build up a solid reputation in this industry.He established a lot of beneficial relationships with numerous  renowned business professionals who prompted him to start his own company. Therefore, at just 24 years, Guilherme Paulus launched CVC Tour Company. Although this company started off very humbly, it has since grown to become the leading tour company in Brasil. The success of his tour company led him to set his sights on opening a hotel and resort brand- GJP Hotels and Resorts.GJP was born after Paulus decided to invest his revenues in his own company.

He decided to branch out CVC Tour Company by launching a brand of hotels and resorts where his company clients could enjoy their stay. This led to the launch of GJP Hotels and Resorts. Today, GJP Hotels and Resorts has more than 20 hotels and resorts under its brand. These hotels are scattered all over Maceio, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Salvador. This brand has over 5000 employees. It is evident that this brand is expanding and growing rapidly all thanks to Guilherme Paulus.While in college, Paulus studied Business Administration. However, his huge success as an entrepreneur and hotelier came from his unique ability to diversify his initial concept plan. After all, a great entrepreneur is one who is not confined to one concept.

VTA Publications: A Better Way To Invest Than Traditional Banking?

For most people, going through the bank has been the primary way that they’ve saved their money and invested in various funds. But one man believes there’s a better way to invest and save. That man is Jim Hunt, the CEO of VTA Publications. Hunt has become an accomplished stock trader over the years, and he’s learned the keys to investing that some millionaires and billionaires have used over the years. To Hunt, learning how to trade the right kind of stocks isn’t as complex as it seems, and he founded VTA Publications to give people insights on taking control of their money and going around the banks.

Hunt spends most of his day researching the latest stock trends and investment vehicles, and he has an audience on YouTube where he explains how he executes various trades. Hunt’s VTA Publications has published various materials on finance, and he also started two programs with them called “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” is about how to make a key investment when a bear market is about to hit, and how that could turn into a major profit when the money changes hands. “Making Mum a Millionaire” is about 10 stock trades that can be made to reach millionaire status.

VTA Publications is a company based in the UK that publishes booklets and multimedia about various investment subjects, and ships them to anywhere in the world. Subjects they cover include planning your retirement with information taken from the bible, learning how to use stock charts and making trades from little-known options and strategies on prnewschannel.com. Jim Hunt has invited many businessmen and investment experts over the years to come speak at seminars that his company hosts, and those seminars are available on DVD to order along with the rest of the material. All materials can be ordered at www.vtapublications.com.