How Fashion Has Adopted to the Changes in Technology

For a firm to remain relevant, it must adapt to the changes taking place in the technology sector. The fashion industry has had tremendous changes within the past few years. The industry has ensured its relevance by changing together with technology. This article will look at how the fashion industry has grown together with technology.

A look at The Past and Present

What one may consider fashionable at a given time and age may be different to what he/she will see fit to call fashionable at a different time and age. It is clear that fashion changes with time. In the 80s, one could carry around cassette radios and listen to music in loudspeakers without getting the feeling of being out of place. Come to the 90s, with the invention of a Walkman, people switched from cassette radios to the smaller and more portable Walkman. The iPod was later invented, and life became easier since the device is smaller and more portable than the Walkman.

Fashion designers have discovered that it’s only with technology will fashion remain relevant in the current times.

What the Future Holds for Fashion Lovers

The reason fashion advances with technology is a way to protect us. Taking a look at Anna Haupt, and Terese Austin’s’ invention, the Cyclists Airbag. The airbag is a gadget designed to be worn around the neck by cyclists to protect the head from impact during an accident. With this invention, a cyclist has a better view of the surrounding as compared to wearing a helmet. Another great invention is the Frontline Gloves. Created by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon, the gloves can be used by firefighters in a scene to convey information. Simple hand gestures are used to pass information such as when to leave the scene or also to say that everything is okay.

Fashion with Tech Pioneers

Having stated the importance of technology in the fashion industry, Christopher Burch is one of the few fashion pioneers that took this into action. Chris Burch is an entrepreneur with a diverse business background in a wide range of industries, including fashion, technology, and real estate.  To read his shared views on things, check on

Mr. Burch is the CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital. The company is a private investment based in New York City. Mr. Burch is also the co-founder of the luxury fashion brand. He has been devoted to powering of branding and is currently applying his knowledge in marketing and sales to business interests.  Related article on


It is now clear that for any industry to remain significant in the current market, it must watch out for changes in technology. Any change in technology must spark a corresponding change in other sectors. The fashion industry has taken great steps in making this happen.  For his latest innovative contribution to the market, hop over to this.

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