Chris Burch: entering the hospitality world

Chris Burch: entering the hospitality world

Chris Burch is an internationally known Fashion icon as well as a business entrepreneur across the globe. In 2015, the mogul constructed a high-end five-star resort in an Island located in the remote areas of the Sumba Islands. The resort in question was named Nihiwatu which in the local dialect stands for Mortar Stone. The hotel has been voted for two years consecutively as the best hotel in the world by the Travel & Leisure Magazine from 2016.

Chris Burch built the resort in partnership with his New York friend called James McBride. At that time Mr. McBride was the president of a chain of hotels under the name YTL Hotel Group. The hotelier was based in Singapore. The expertise of James with the vision of Chris Burch, after numerous trips to the site, materialized to a well sought-after destination in a remote island of Indonesia. The two put in thirty million dollars to the project to be used in renovation as well as the installation of new structures to the seven hundred acre land (

The resort has many activities including hiking, spa sessions, and sea or land explorations. It also has a restaurant that serves all types of delicacies that are local dishes in the area. All the food is either fished or harvested from the ground. The hotel has more than 27 villas that have a unique view of the coastal line and sea as well as all the aspects nature can provide. The design of the villa focus on the neutrality such as fresh air and natural scents.

The pride of the island resort is in the staff who are locally employed and offer the best services to the tourists who visit and stay in the hotel. The hotel serves as the most significant employer of the entire Sumba Islands.

There is also a philanthropic trust that was set up by Claude and Petra Graves who were the initial owners and developers of the resort. The fund which is referred to as the Sumba Foundation was set up to help develop the island and its local communities on issues such as malnutrition and health care services as well as the education system. A considerable percentage of the funds in the trust comes from the tourists who visit the resort. In essence, Chris Burch is not making any profit from the development as all profits are channeled towards this fund to help the communities living in the area.  See for an additional article.

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Chris Burch Is a Mogul of Establishing Disruptive Brands

Chris Burch wears a descriptive quality for establishing high-valued brands. The entrepreneur has been gracing news headlines following his new business venture, Nihiwatu. Burch’s decision was based on his passion for reaching out to the less fortunate in the community. When asked why he invested in Nihiwatu, he said that he wanted to leave for his children a legacy that would encourage community building.

Nihiwatu Is Established

Burch established Nihiwatu with the assistance of McBride, an investor who works in the hospitality industry. Through creativity, they carved a name that would suit the business. The resort is based in Sumba Island, and it cost them about $3 million to renovate. After renovation, Nihiwatu turned out to be an attractive business venture for most consumers. The resort ranked number one in the industry.

Nihiwatu’s Beauty

Nihiwatu is a beautiful resort located on Sumba Island. The resort has attractive features that attract clients. Some of the features include spacious, guest rooms, swimming pools, sports center. The resort has ambiance and comfortable environment for a holiday. For individuals who would like to carry work on a holiday, Nihiwatu is the best place to look at.

Business Management

Chris Burch believes that for business to succeed, the proprietor must bring in new ideas (  His creativity has been a blessing to his partner’s businesses. Before establishing Nihiwatu, he partnered with like-minded individuals to create several brands. Tory Burch’s input in business was recognized under Chris’ management. Burch later partnered with Ellen DeGeneres, a television personality who launched a décor brand.


Burch is a serial investor whose works are recognized in many aspects. He co-founded Faena Hotel + Universe. Burch has also been a major contributor to some of the world’s largest, consumer brands. He loves people hence his donations to charity and input in Nihiwatu, an Island that is presently linked to improving the lives of the people who reside in Sumba Island.

Investment Schemes

Over the years, Burch has invested in over 50 brands as well as companies, visit, for details.  He mastered the art of brand creation through disruptive marketing platforms. He has since become an admired figure in business.


Burch is a master in branding. He wears a keen eye for brand creation. He is also on the front line of utilizing direct selling platforms through consumer channels. Burch invested in HueCore Inc as well as Chubbies Shorts. His businesses are worth millions. He continues to partner with business like-minded individuals who focus on brand building.

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Transforming the Regular Resort to the Best Hotel in the World; the Story of Chris Burch and Nihiwatu

Not many investors will be willing to bet $30million on an island in a third world country, especially if the country is all the way across the world from their main potential market. Well, that is what Chris Burch did in 2010. To make the story even more sensational and daring was the fact that before this investment, Chris Burch had never gotten involved in the hospitality industry. In 2010, he decided to move away from his comfort zone of companies such as C. Wonder and Tory Burch so that he could invest in the hotel business together with James McBride. The island underwent four years of renovation, after which it was opened in 2015. Exactly one year after the store opened, it was named the best hotel in the world.  Check images of Nihiwatu and read more, hit

A lot of work has gone into the remodeling of this hotel. When asked about the investment, Chris states that he did it for the sake of his children. He explains that he couldn’t have found a better way to preserve that beautiful part of nature for the future generations, while at the same time giving back to the community that surrounds the property. As a matter of fact, the hotel is the biggest local employer on the island and the surroundings in general.

When asked why he chose Nihiwatu, considering that there are countless other islands which have even better access to certain services, he stated that the idyllic landscape formed the perfect backdrop for the ideas he wanted to develop. He explained that the classic beauty of the natural surroundings made it possible for him to create features such as waterfalls to bejewel the hotel, getting impeccable services such as a butler in every room and many others. To read a relevant article of an interview with Burch, check here.  He, however, added that he was pleasantly surprised by how profitable the venture had become, judging from the fact that most of these investments ended up being worth much less. The resort has been nicknamed the edge of the world because of its stunning beauty. Related article on

About Chris Burch

Chris is the founder and president of the Burch Creative Capital group of companies. He has been investing for close to five decades and has created quite an impressive investment portfolio for himself. He has had a direct hand in the development and success of more than 50 companies and has been using his experience in expanding his businesses even further. He is a truly inspirational businessman.  For more of Burch, visit his website, click

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