Lifestyle Investment Mogul, Chris Burch, Develops an Award Winning Resort

Chris Burch is one of the most successful lifestyle entrepreneurs of our time. He is the name behind brands such as the Faena Hotel, Tory Burch, Voss Water and the Jawbone, check His rise to success in the hospitality industry has had many highlights, but the most significant was 2012, when he bought a rundown resort in Indonesia and renovated it so well that it was named the best Resort in the world by travel and leisure magazine for two years.

The Indonesian resort is a breathtaking hotel located in the remote Sumba Island. He named the resort Nihi Sumba Island, and renovated it to become one of the most breathtaking and idyllic places to relax on the planet ( The beauty of this resort is the fact that it is located on a private island, and this means that guests have a lot of free time and privacy when they need to get away from the cluttered and noisy modern life. It is located close to the rugged coastal ruggedness, which has made people rename it and call it the edge of wildness. It is the most enchanting, yet rustic and luxe resort.

About Chris Burch

The idyllic Nihi Sumba Island is just one of the many successful projects that Chris Burch has been part of in lifestyle entrepreneurship. Chris is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, and also a co-founder of the fashion empire, Tory Burch. Burch has always believed that when investing in any sector, branding is very important. He is an expert in sales and marketing and uses his skills to give his brands the positioning and visibility that they need. Chris has business interests in apparel, hospitality, consumer products, financial services and technology. His current success in the industry is an indication of his determination the leave a legacy as an entrepreneur.

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Chris Burch Makes an Affordable Luxury Resort

In a move that was unprecedented, Chris Burch chose to create a resort that offered something everyone was looking for. He wanted to create a resort where people could go and enjoy luxury. He also wanted to make the resort something people could take advantage of. If he didn’t know what it would take to do that, he wouldn’t have been able to make the right choices. Additionally, he wanted everyone to afford the resort. As long as Chris Burch knew how to help others and give them the chance to bring attention to the issues at other luxury resorts, Chris Burch was prepared to give them the help they needed.

Nihiwatu was Chris Burch’s answer to the resort problem ( He purchased an island and immediately started working on it. He wanted the resort to be filled with luxurious options. He chose the ones that would be affordable and used his buying power to choose ones that would make sense for other people. Chris Burch wanted to do things that would last. By putting forth his best effort at a luxury resort, he came up with Nihiwatu. The resort is luxurious, affordable and easy for people to visit when they want to spend time somewhere new.

Most people can afford Nihiwatu. Since it was made for every budget, people can see the positive parts of it. Most others know there are things they can do there that they wouldn’t do anywhere else. The resort is unique in more than just the affordability aspect. In fact, it is one of the best resorts in the area it’s in. It offers something everyone can enjoy. If they find something they like at Nihiwatu, there is a chance they won’t find it anywhere else. Chris Burch chose to make the resort special so people would want to keep coming back and using it to try new things.


Even though there were some issues for other people who started resorts, Chris Burch didn’t have any issues with Nihiwatu. In fact, he breezed through starting the company. He had started other companies that were wildly successful, check One of the businesses he started up was Tory Burch. The business was successful and people learned how they could use it to make things better for themselves. Chris Burch knew it would be important to start doing things the right way once he saw how successful Tory Burch was.

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Chris Burch is Motivated by Giving

As an entrepreneur and investor, Chris Burch has led a very successful career that has spanned the course of 40 years. Today, as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital, based in New York City, Chris Burch has used his combination of creative ability and sound financial insight to identify a number of potentially disruptive companies and brands, helping to incubate, scale, and support their meteoric rises.

Throughout his career, he has assisted over 50 reputable companies in their climb to prominence. Being that gift-giving is such a central part of Mr. Burch’s process, he recently took to his blog to discuss a number of gift ideas that he is planning on giving to a few of the people that he cares about the most (   In his list, he mentioned a charitable gift to an unnamed party, as well as a Snowe Home Candle Set, candies from Pretzables or Fat Sundays, a Barbour Gisburne jacket, a Trademark Cooper Cage Tote, and a U.S. Jaclean Zero-Gravity Massage Chair.

Due to his yearning for the investment of people who are both creative and passionate, he founded Burch Creative Capital in order to create value from their visions. His personal passions fueled this desire, and since the inception of Burch Creative Capital, he has consistently helped those that he works with, to bring their dreams to fruition. In a recent statement in which he described the mission of Burch Creative Capital, he broke it down as such, “We match ideas with funding to bring extraordinary possibilities to the world.” Currently, Mr. Burch’s company is helping a number of companies that specialize in apparel, home furnishings, retail, and organic foods, to the next level, in effect, increasing their overall visibility and brand value (  After learning of the underutilized land, Chris Burch partnered with Alan Faena and Philippe Stark in the acquisition of Nihi Sumba Island, viewing it as an extremely profitable investment. Today it is one of the fastest growing resorts in Argentina, and he recently added Cocoon9 and ED, by Ellen DeGeneres, to the Burch Creative Capital client portfolio. For a related article,  check