FreedomPop Wants To Help People Save Money On Cell Phones

The FreedomPop name is one that people are getting more and more familiar with because they are trying to save money on their cell phones. The cell phones that people are looking for are often too expensive, and that is a problem because they do not want to spend all that money on their phones. They want to have phones that are functional, and they want to be sure that they will be able to get something that will work just as well as any other phone even though they are not spending nearly as much money on the phone.

People who are interested in the FreedomPop phones will find out that they can make a lot of good decisions on their cell phones that will make their lives easier. They can get a less expensive cell phone, and they can ask about the hotspots that FreedomPop has created. FreedomPop has been raising money for their company to make sure that their networks will be strong, and they also want to be sure that they can take the hotspots with them. This is good for travel, and it is also good for someone who wants to keep their cell phone bills as low as possible.

The cell phone bills that people are paying today are usually too high because it is just not helping them to get what they need for the right value. The value that people are getting from FreedomPop is something that helps them when they are trying to use a hotspot or a cell phone. There is a lot of saving that can be done today, and there are many people who will find out that they can use FreedomPop over other companies just because it is so much simpler. Consider FreedomPop to get online and talk on the phone at the same time.

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FreedomPop Is Changing The Budget Mobile Industry

FreedomPop did a lot more than simply release a new budget phone into the mobile industry’s consumer landscape. The Los Angeles company has started the process of changing the way consumers think about accessing mobile service. Soon, some of the giants in the industry may begin to follow this startup’s lead and develop their own totally free service. Yes, the service is free as any FreedomPop review is going to note.

The basic service is what comes with no cost and, truthfully, the basic package is a generous one. 200 minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data are award each month. No gimmicks are tied to the free deal. Just purchase a top-brand smartphone from the company, turn on the service, and take advantage of the free deal.

FreedomPop does make upgrades available as well. Those who want a little more – or a lot more – service can simply change their plan online. One way the plan can be changed is to request completely unlimited phone, text, and data. The cost is an incredibly low $19.99 per month. Those interested in getting a great deal on such expansive service upgrade within minutes. Anyone who wishes to just stick with the basic free service may do so without any hitches.

Additionally, there is an extremely intriguing $5 Wi-Fi hotspot service being set up in the United States. FreedomPop already has a massive multi-country Wi-Fi plan established overseas. The Wi-Fi plan across the ocean is intended to provide service to those who travel from country to country in areas where standard FreedomPop service is not available. In the United States, someone who just wants to connect at various hotspots can take advantage of the $5 deal. There are over 10 million hotspots currently available and the number is going to grow by a quantum leap in the future.

Interesting innovations from on the internet front have been developed by the company. A new mobile data plan has been released and it combines hotspot service with a tablet purchase. 500 MB of free data are available per month. $19.99 upgrades the plan to 2 GB.

Also, a home internet network is available. Through FreedomPop’s “Hub Burst” device, users can connect to a 4G LTE network and access internet at 12/Mbps with 1 GB per month at no charge. Upgrades exist for those who would like 5 GB or 10 GB per month.

Look for even more incredible deals and services to arrive in the coming years.