Water Statement From Squaw Valley

Heavy October rains affected several water systems in Placer County. Squaw Valley’s recently upgraded water systems at High Camp and Gold Coast became inundated and were subsequently contaminated with both E. coli and coliform bacteria. No other systems on the upper mountain were affected. Rapid response from the Squaw Valley Service District managed to contain the contamination quickly. At no point did the public come into contact with any contaminated water. Routine testing brought the problem to the Valley’s attention, who then immediately contacted the Placer County Environmental Health Department. The Squaw Valley Service District has been working closely both with the Placer County Environmental Health Department as well as several leading water safety experts to find and implicate the best suitable route to return the water to safe levels. Water usage will remain low at High Camp and Gold Coast until the district is assured that the levels are again safe. The Valley appreciates both the Placer County Environmental Health Department and the Squaw Valley Service District for their continued assistance and cooperation.



Due to consistent treatment, three out of the four wells that serve the upper mountain show only low levels of coliform bacteria and no E. coli. Restaurants on the upper mountain will remain closed for now. Skiers are not allowed to drink the water but top-to-bottom skiing is allowed to continue at the resort. Guests will continue to have normal and full access to these facilities, along with free bottled water for drinking, while the issue is being resolved. No health issues have been reported.


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