I like Feeding My Dog Benefuls

My dog Pippy is a picky little soul, but she also has a very big appetite. She’s a beagle mix, and only very small, so we treat her like a baby. However, she sure can eat a lot. As I mentioned, she is picky, however, so finding her a dog food that will satisfy her taste buds and satiate her hunger has been a challenge. But through one of my friend on twitter, we finally landed with Purinastore‘s Beneful brand and here’s why.
Beneful offers a wide range of products in both dry and wet foods, including a wet food line specifically designed for smaller dogs. I appreciated this because Pippy sometimes would refuse other dog foods when the pieces were too big for her to chew or sometimes even get in her mouth.

The Beneful Incredibites range is perfect for Pippy because it’s designed with smaller dog breeds in mind. The bite-sized chunks of meat and veggies are much better suited to Pippy’s needs, and this line also comes with a variety of flavors perfect for her picky taste buds.

Our favorite blend, or should I say her favorite, is the Incredibites Chopped Blends chicken flavor. This wet dog food is soft and moist, with a little bit of juicy sauce and lots of soft, tender pieces of meat. It also has carrots, peas and wild rice in it. Pippy also likes the Incredibites turkey blend with sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach.

We also discovered from wikipedia.com that in Beneful’s dry food range there is a puppy formula, and for whatever reason, picky Pippy likes this one in spite of being four years old. This dog food has real chicken in it, along with corn, peas, carrots and wild rice.

Occasionally we have also given Pippy Beneful’s Healthy Weight dry dog food because, in spite of being so picky, she has been overweight before too. This dry dog food must be tasty in spite of being low calorie, because she really likes the blend of chicken, peas, carrots, corn and apples.Beneful is available online on http://www.amazon.com/Beneful-Food-Originals-Real-15-5-Pound/dp/B001VJ0B0I