George Soros Hungarian business tycoon gifts billions to change the world

George Soros isn’t your typical billiaire, driving a flashy car, jet setting around the world. Soros could have spent his multi-billion dollar fortune on anything he wanted. Nobody would have blamed George Soros if he decided to live in obscurity on some isolated island, miles from anyone else. Quite the contrary, Soros has spent half a century building Soros Fund Management LLC., which was once the most successful hedge fund in US industry. Soros dedicated the past 30 years to building Open Society Foundations, which is a cause he has personally championed and financed. Soros has set the bar extremely high in regards to generosity and personal responsibility with such a large substantial gift in the billions.

Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary on August 12th 1930, suffered under Communist oppression as well as Nazi persecution. The Soros family barely escape Budapest with their lives during the Nazi occupation. These harsh and brutal circumstances could have easily diminished his dreams, but it sparked a fire in Soros that burns to this day. He not only questioned the world, that many simple accepts as normal but challenged its right to exist. He chronicles influences in his life in an article in “The Atlantic” where Soros highlights books that provided insightful. “ The Open Society and Its Enemies” (1945). Austrian philosopher Karl Popper. Soros was deeply moved by the conditions of others, never stopped examining the world, or striving to change the world.

After the war, Soros attended London School of Economics, while working a variety of jobs. Later on, Soros immigrated to the United States, economic center of the world. Soros created Soros Fund Management, LLC in 1969, its been called one of the most successful investors in US. Soros would use his billions to ignite a social and political movement no one could phantom into existence.

The Open Society Fund was founded around 1979, it tackled the system of closed societies. In South Africa, the system of Apartheid was harder to dismantle then originally thought, but that didn’t stop progress. Soros was determined to make a difference in the lives of people around the globe, weather in Africa, Eastern Europe or Asia. Many countries political systems were affected by Soros, Chapter 77 in Czechoslovakia, Solidarity in Poland and the Open Society Foundation is credited with ending many hostal regimes around the world. Soros has contributed about 80% of his wealth to the Open Society Foundation, which that amounts to about 18 billion dollars over 35 years, also upon his death more funds have been promised. These amounts are staggering when considered, only second to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which also championed causes over the world. Generations will remember Soros as a brilliant businessman but also a social and political activist, who changed the world.

Dick DeVos Has A Diverse Business Background

Dick DeVos began his business career under his father’s guidance. Richard DeVos Sr is the founder of Amway. The company is a multi billion-dollar organization that was started out of the DeVos family home. Dick DeVos was very involved at a young age. He and his brother took on simple tasks such as catering to potential clients and clearing tables after special events. Before long Dick DeVos was acting as a host by speaking at events and presenting new products.


DeVos received his bachelor’s degree from Northwood University and had brief stays at Harvard Business School and the Wharton School. He joined his father’s company in 1974 and proceeded to work his way up through the ranks of the organization. DeVos refined his business skills by gaining experience from several different departments in the company including marketing, sales, finance, manufacturing and product development.


Dick DeVos became an active executive with the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association when his father Richard DeVos purchased the team in 1991. DeVos remained with the team in an official capacity until he decided to return to Amway and take over as the company’s President.


DeVos became President of Amway in place of his father. The company expanded its operations to over 50 countries and territories during Dick DeVos’s tenure as CEO. He would oversee the restructuring that resulted in Alticor. Alticor became the parent company of Amway. There were also several different subsidiary companies involved in the transaction.


Dick DeVos made a serious run at the governorship of Michigan in 2006. He spent an estimated 39 million dollars on his campaign. 35 million of the 39 million dollars is believed to be Dick DeVos’s own money. It is said that he is the wealthiest man to ever run for governor in the history of the state of Michigan. DeVos was concerned about the unemployment levels in the state. At that time it was one of the highest in the country. He pushed for initiatives to assist start-up businesses in order to achieve personal growth. DeVos believed that this would create the kind of jobs that are needed in the marketplace.


Dick DeVos remains and activists in politics. He was eventually elected to the Michigan State Board of Education. He resigned after only two years served in what was supposed to be an 8 year term. This was the period of time when he decided to return to Amway. However, he and his wife became co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund. The program make scholarships available to low-income families in order for them to attend whatever school they choose. The DeVos family matched every offer that was provided by the Children’s Scholarship Fund in order to maximize its reach. They also cover all of the administrative cost of running the organization.


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Dick DeVos’ significant work in business and philanthropy

Dick DeVos has held executive posts at Amway Corporation, Orlando Magic basketball franchise, and the Windquest Group. He began working at Amway Corporation in 1974, and then became the President and Chief Executive Officer of Orlando Magic basketball franchise in 1991. He would later return to Amway as its president in 1993 and serve until 2002 when he retired as president of Amway. Dick DeVos has a knack of looking for creative solutions to social problems. Launched in 1989, the Michigan-based Windquest Group is a privately held investment management company. The company has diversified its investment projects in manufacturing, technology, clean energy, and non-profit solutions. Dick DeVos is currently serving as the president of the Windquest Group.


Perhaps most vitally, Dick DeVos pursues reform via a host of non-profit roles. After constant visits to Potter’s House Christian School, Dick DeVos, and his wife started supporting individual learners at the learning facility, and that developed into a significant commitment. Up to today, the DeVos still offer significant support to the school. After being elected to the State Board of Education in Michigan, Dick DeVos formed a foundation that awarded scholarships to poor families so that parents would decide which school to take their kids. In 1993, Dick used his political seat to advocate for the passing of Michigan’s first charter-school bill.


To further champion education choice for low-income families, Dick teamed up with the late John Walton to form the American Federation for Children. This education choice program has so far enjoyed success in Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana with many students now attending schools of their parent’s choice and not restricted by income earning levels.


Besides promoting education choice, Dick DeVos has invested in starting a charter school as another good education-reform strategy. In combing his love of flying and education, Dick launched the West Michigan Aviation Academy situated at the Gerald Ford Airport in Grand Rapids. The charter school prepares learners for real-world professions in aviation, be it as aeronautical engineers, pilots, or airport administrators.

Dick DeVos serves as the president of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The non-profit organization has donated millions of dollars to artistic, civic, educational, religious and free-market financial organizations since its inception. DeVos is credited as the author of a New York Times best-seller book titled ‘Rediscovering American Values’ published in 1998.


DeVos is a competitive sailor boasting of two national titles and several victories. Additionally, he’s a pilot. He is the husband to Betsy DeVos and father of 4 children. Dick DeVos is an alumnus of Northwood University having earned a degree in business administration. He has also earned honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University, Grove City College, and Northwood University.


Thor Halvorssen and his Mission

Human rights is a relevant topic that continues to be a controversial topic as certain countries encourage and promote human rights as many other countries continue to promote an authoritarian regime that takes away the universal rights of individuals that are members of different groups located all over the world. As this is a relevant topic that continues to be discussed, one individual in particular is a proponent for promoting human rights and for preserving the freedoms that are considered to be universal. This individual is called Thor Halvorssen, an individual who is young and passionate about helping others have equal opportunities to live a fruitful as well as free life.

Mr. Halvorssen, as an individual who grew up among many different cultures, is a true supporter in universal rights and continues to fight for these rights in even some of the most closed off as well as dangerous countries.

As a human rights activist, Thor Halvorssen decided to start a foundation of his own in order to be as efficient in his quest as possible. Thor Halvorssen is the proud founder of a foundation that is known as the Human Rights Foundation which works hard to promote universal rights and works hard to eliminate the oppression that so many individuals fear on a day to day basis.

As a passionate human rights activist, Thor Halvorssen has been arrested, beaten, and threatened countless times for his many initiatives in helping those without rights speak out against the regime to promote universal freedom.

Thor Halvorssen is dedicated to exposing not only government corruption, but is also dedicated to exposing other forms of corruption. In recent news, Halvorssen called out several American celebrities that have been found guilty of traveling to some of the most oppressed countries in the world in exchange for money. One example that Thor Halvorssen has in particular is when Nicki Minaj, the international rap artist, traveled to Angola for the purpose of performing. In exchange for her performance, Nicki Minaj was paid with over $1 million. Thor Halvorssen is on the mission to prevent any type of corruption.

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Dick DeVos: Generosity and Sharing

Dick DeVos is someone who has proven himself to be very successful. However, he has also proven himself to be very generous in what he is giving. For one thing, he has used the money he has earned to bring forth greater causes. Among the causes he has worked to support is education. He wants people to receive higher quality education. He has also supported charities that are based on faith so that he will bring forth a better change to the lives of people. The DeVos family is a very generous family. They will work very hard to make sure that they are making a difference in someone’s life.


Dick DeVos has earned billions of dollars through his many different career pursuits. He has worked and held positions at Amway, a company that was founded by his father. He has held various positions in his company. Among the things he has done for the company was the corporate restructure so that the company can be more effective in providing customers what they need. Dick DeVos has also been involved in other ventures which have proven to be profitable. He is someone that is very knowledgeable and responsible when it comes to business.


Dick DeVos also has a heart for making real changes in the lives of his community. It is this care for the community which has fueled his desire to run for office. He understood that the government is where the most significant changes take place. He has funded and sun his own campaign. Throughout his campaign, he was honest about what he has planned to do. His goal involved bringing forth needed improvement to the community. He also wanted to help the struggling get back on their feet. Dick DeVos’s career is one example of someone who has kept busy and successful.