The Success Story of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a real estate mogul, philanthropist, and a community leader. He is an Israel native who worked for the Israel Defense Force during the Yom Kippur War. In 1978, Adam Milstein graduated from the Technion. In 1983, he relocated to the US where he was awarded an MBA from USC and started building his career in commercial real estate in Southern California.

Adam is one of the managing partners in a private commercial real estate company known as Hager Pacific Properties. Milstein is the founding partner and chairman of the Israeli-American Council. His role at the council is to supervise the company’s national expansion. He also serves as the board member in various agencies comprising:

  • the Israel on Campus Coalition
  • StandWithUs
  • Hasbara Fellowships
  • Jewish Funders Network
  • AISH Los Angeles
  • AIPAC National Council
  • the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel

Together with his wife, Adam co-founded an organization that offers free reading materials in Hebrew every month. The books are meant to teach Jewish values to over 15000 families of Jewish-American origin in the US. Pijama B’America is the name of the organization.

Adam explained where he got the idea to establish the Hager Pacific Properties in an interview with ideamensch. Adam came to the US to pursue his studies where he joined USC and obtained an MBA in entrepreneurship. Before his graduation, Adam was hired by the many people who came to campus to recruit students in various posts. He realized that they did not recognize his skills and expertise because he received less than what the undergraduate students received. Adam made an informed decision to enter into the world of self-employment and started offering the brokerage services to real estate companies. After serving for three years as a broker, he began to invest in the real estate industry.

Adam adds that when someone starts a business, it is not possible to know their day’s schedule because the structure of the business becomes more complicated as you get more assets. That means that you will have more activities to complete. For many years, Adam realized that participating in philanthropic activities made his daily work more satisfying.


Tammy Mazzocco Realtor with Judy Gang & Associates

Tammy Mazzocco is a real estate professional who has services the Columbus area with her gaining her real estate license in 1995. In a recent Spokeo interview, she spoke about her career in real estate. Tammy Mazzocco believes that her personal habits have allowed her to gain success in real estate. She begins her day with a combination of exercise and answering personal and business emails. This helps her to get into the business mind set, which allows her to do more difficult things such as making cold calls later in the day. Tammy Mazzocco feels that staying ahead of market trends is an important part of staying a head in real estate. She also opens up about some of the mistakes she has made in the past. This includes such things as being shy while talking to clients.

Tammy Mazzocco began her career as a secretary working for a real estate company. She then went on to join with T&R Properties and RE/MAX as a personal assistant. She current works with the real estate firm Judy Gang & Associates. Tammy Mazzocco has worked in condominium management and multi site property management. She currently manages multiple properties along with selling singe unit housing.

Tammy Mazzocco uses a number of strategies to manage properties in her current role as a buying and listing agent. She uses software to look for properties to buy along with a strategy of cold calling and following up with property owners. She also uses several online sites to list properties.

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