The Master Of Amalgamation: Alex Pall

Today’s world consists of many genres of music that fits each individual taste. Rarely does one genre of music overlap into the other. Each style is unique in itself. But today, we are witnessing a stark contrast to that concept. Alex Pall and the band The Chainsmokers have not only combined the majority of musical genres but their excellence of execution in combining such genres has lead to some amazing music.

From the beginning, Alex Pall always held an interest in music and dance, in fact, it was because of music and dance that he eventually quit his job to become fully entrenched, that is when he met Andrew Taggart. As always, most musicians start as a music DJ, traveling to produce great music for great events and these two are no different than the rest with both having their origins as DJ’s and having a love for music itself. But that is only the beginning because the inevitable expansion would soon take place.

with the advent of social media providing a wider reach to more listeners and more cultures around the world, the time was right for such a presence as Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers band. Alex Pall and Andrew put in a lot of work in the early days and still to this day put in a lot of work. The times have changed and one word that defines the culture of music today is the word “cool”. Such a word describes the mentality of those who listen to the music. Knowing that as such, Alex Pall created a form of music for his listeners that will leave them feeling cool. What even makes this union between Andrew and Alex so masterful is that there is no discrimination in the styles of music involved. They have assimilated all forms and created a masterpiece for the listeners.

In conclusion, the musical world is the beneficiary of the union between Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers band. With great music from great artists, we are sure to have a cool time. A time to sit back and enjoy great music.