Diving into Sky High Courage

Hero Andy Wirth is the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski on https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfSquawValley/posts/10152191670133708 in Olympic Valley, CA but Andy Wirth is no ordinary CEO. This 52 year old man has taught the world a valuable lesson. Andy was in a Tahoe sky diving accident that severed his arm. However, after his quick thinking, the inspiration he gained for the song, “Just Breathe,” 21 surgeries totaling over 30 hours, and 50 days in the hospital, Andy Wirth on wsj is now on the way to a successful recovery. The remarkable part of his story wasn’t the accident, or even the miracle of his recovery, it was how Andy Wirth on kcrw had the courage to turn a not so pleasant situation for himself into a blessing for so many others.

Through his friendship with the Navy Seals, Andy Wirth was able to get the motivation to cycle and raise over $40,000 for the people who actually did lose limbs in order to protect our country and the freedom we have. Mr. Wirth so beautifully said about the Navy Seals on crunchbase.com, “From them, I’ve learned that courage is not when one has the strength to press on; courage is found when, in the absence of strength, one finds a way to advance….to press on.” I am sure for them too, the feeling is mutual.

Andy Wirth is such a selfless man that as much as he does miss skydiving, he chooses not to go back to it as to not put his wife and children into the stress of worrying about him.
Andy Wirth’s selflessness on http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=36030954&privcapId=7911768 doesn’t stop there. A DAY after his accident, he actually wrote a thank you letter to Eddie Vedder (the man behind the “Just Breathe” song that inspired Andy). Amazing how in the midst of unspeakable pain, he was thinking about how he can encourage someone else.