The Superior Leadership of Brian Bonar

It was on March 12th 2010 that Brian Bonar was appointed Chief Executive Officer, Secretary, Chief Financial Officer, Chairman and Treasurer of the Board at Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian had earlier been appointed in the STTN Board of Directors on May, 2009 and named President of the corporations a few months later. Brian Bonar has over 20 years of experience with the famous IBM in Asia, Europe and the United States and a bonus 15 years of technical expertise in various private and public high growth companies situated in United Kingdom and United States.

From the year 2003, till 2007, Brian Bonar has been the chairman and President of Solvis Inc., a group offering PEO, staffing and ASO services to particular call center and medical market segments.

His appointment as CEO at Dalrada (read more at PR News Wire) was his most strategic achievement, one that defined his achievements as a great leader. He also founded AMS outsourcing, a PEO involved focusing on transport market place based in the United States.

Dalrada is a California-based financial organization offering health insurance, workers compensation and numerous other insurance packages targeting the final consumer and market-end clients under the staffing and PEO companies.

The company concentrates on offering financial, insurance, business process outsourcing products and services among other offerings. For instance, the company will offer you or your organization all the finances that you require to run the business while at the same time, protect that new capital and any risk exposure.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Dean received his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland and Masters and a PHD in the International Business Development from Stafford University. His experiences and contacts in the sector of PEO has been key in his appointment as the CEO of the Dalrada Corporation.

Presently, Brian Bonar was awarded with the most superior accolade of his career following his nomination as the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. This award is of great honor as only two male and two female members are nominated in every discipline every year. The accolade is also awarded based on nominees’ academic achievements, professional achievements and leadership capabilities.

Over his professional career, Brian has developed a status and a reputation as a leader who is overwhelmed to achieve the aspirations and needs of his clients, partners and team members. His specialties in acquisition and merging are his technical strengths realized from his approach of linking his technical expertise of an engineer with the power of an architect.

He is regarded as a highly coveted resource with every company seeking his attention as a consultant. There exist no match for the business acumen of Brian Bonar and his success continue to gain strength in time.

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