NGP Van Stays On Top of Technological Changes

NGP Van uses big data to connect with voters. The use of this model helped President Obama get re-elected. NGP Van’s implementation of the big data model tools on the web help Democratic campaigns run smoothly and more efficient. Democrats have the edge when using NGP Vans technological experience. NGP Van is known as the leader in Technology. NGP Van the data driven campaigns give democrats, liberals, and labor unions the advantage. NGP Van is based in Washington Dc.


Those running campaigns must take in to account the technology changes that occur. Political parties must be aware of the all web based platforms, the smartphone apps and all the new digital technology. Failure to stay up to date with these platforms can mean a huge loss of voters. Enabling voters to connect with you, while being able to be on the move is key to keeping voters.


Tv and radio were once the means of connecting to everyday voters. President Roosevelt won 4 terms by using this new technology at the time. Campaigns have to recognize these trends and then use them effectively to build a connection with voters.

Reaching out to voters using all new means of digital technology is key. Since these digital means are ever changing, it is important to keep up with these changes. Obama was able to gain 14.5 million more voters by using the internet. He was able to interact with younger voters through uses of social media. Twitter was only 2 years old at the time of his first election. Today twitter is his main used outlet in regards to the social media platform.


Poll watchers was a software created by NGP Van for the Obama campaign. Being able to keep politics at a close range so to speak for voters was the idea. Since most voter use mobile phones and interact through social medal outlets. Campaigns are able to connect with voters instantly. Having some savvy computer programmers have become critical. Databases need to be integrated flawlessly with mobile canvassing apps, and software needs to be easy to use for political parties.


NGP Van has all the tools to run campaigns that are tech savvy. Democratic’s have an advantage when having these tech savvy campaigns ran by NGP Van. Skilled employees are key to maintaining and handling all areas of the webs framework. Paperless canvassing is smooth and quicker than the old days. NGP’s direct mail platform created in 2016 allows for emails to be sent directly to voters.

The Important Points To Note When Investing In The Internet Of Things

The internet of Things is the new most widely used term in the world of technology. Everyone in all the niches is using IoT in their business. It makes sense that anyone that is not already on board with the process might feel left out and start thinking about getting involved. However, it is advisable that before you get into the process, you think carefully about what the development entails.

What is IoT?
This is simply the connection of things to the internet. For instance, when you are able to connect an ordinary watch to the internet, it becomes a Smartwatch. The object thus becomes much more in tune with modern life and advanced. The same concept can be applied to all other devices that people use in their day to day activities. Before investing in the trend, think of the following things.

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The value of the investment
It is estimated that by 2020, the IoT technology will be worth a whooping 20 trillion. The number of items, tools and other household goods that can be connected to the internet keeps increasing in value and is estimated that it will reach 50billion within the next few years.

Quality of the investment
Every new technology comes with its own trial and error period. This is true about IoT also. It is estimated that many companies are gearing up for a major takeover with the development. However, there is still the possibility of a crash; therefore, it is advisable to invest wisely.

About Jason Hope
Jason believes that technology is the future. He targets a variety of avenues and technological fields in his investment. He develops mobile Apps, software for desktop computers and generally all the devices that improve connectivity and bring in the power of technology in improving day to day lives.

Jason is a firm believer in giving back to the society. He has been involved in a series of initiatives, with special focus with developments that slow down or reverse the process of aging to aid people to live longer and better. His main goal is to see the marginalized communities in Arizona thrive.

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White Shark Media: Keywords are Key to Effective SEO


In a recent blog post, the search marketing firm White Shark Media explains how to find the keywords to target on your website and how to optimize them on each web page.

It does not do a business any good to rank highly for irrelevant keywords or keywords which do not have enough search volume to make the effort worthwhile.

They suggest using three different pieces of keyword software: Ubersuggest, WordStream and the Google Explore Trends tool. With Google Trends, results are broken down and displayed based on time, regional interest and related searches.

But start off with the most obvious, relevant, broad keyword term that describes your service or business. If you’re a plumber, use “plumber” or “plumbing.” If you sell homemade candles, put in “candles.”

Look at some of the search engine results. Think about the keywords. Put yourself in the mind of the persons putting those keywords into Google. What do they want?

Typically, keywords fall into two categories: informational and buyer intent.

For example, if someone searches for “how to become a plumber” they want information about becoming a plumber themself. They do not need to hire a plumber. Therefore, that’s a good example of a keyword phrase a plumber should not put on their website.

But if someone types “best plumber Raleigh North Carolina” they probably want to hire a plumber. Every plumber in Raleigh North Carolina should be trying to rank highly for that phrase.

“Candles in the Middle Ages” indicates a request for information. “Lavender smelling candles,” however, would be a good phrase for a company that makes such candles.

Take the buyer intent keywords and turn them into titles and headlines for articles to go on your website. Examples:

* How to Find the Best Plumber in Akron Ohio

* Why the best candles are beeswax

Use synonyms and variations on the web page. Google knows words that are connected to each other.

According to White Shark Media, effective keyword target is about search queries, not keywords. That is, the exact order of words is not important, but the words and their variants and synonyms and related terms.

Google has processed trillions of search complaints since they started. They are very sophisticated at understanding what a searcher is looking for. It’s much harder to fool them than it used to be. White Shark Media starts off the post by sharing a website listing that is stuffed with keywords the way sites used to do that, and it is embarrassingly spammy looking.

White Shark Media Review began helping webmasters optimize their Google AdWords pay per click campaigns. They are a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. They also help businesses with Bing ads and eCommerce PPC ads.

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Eucatex, A Leading Multinational Brazilian Firm

Eucatex is a rapidly growing Brazilian company that has expanded exponentially since its inception in the early 1900’s. What was once a small sawmill in the town of Salto, has expanded into a leading multinational firm that routinely does business on five different continents.

Eucatex’s corporate headquarters is located in the heart of the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. The company also has two regional offices in Brazil. These are located in the city of Belo Horizonte outside of Sao Paulo and in the town of Bento Goncalves in southern Brazil. Eucatex has three industrial manufacturing plants, all of which are located within Brazil. Its panel, tile and laminate flooring plant is located in the town of Botucatu which is within the state of Sao Paulo. The fiberboard facility, which creates wooden boards used in the manufacturing of furniture is found at Eucatex’s founding location, Salto, São Paulo State. Eucatex’s fiber board facility is now state of the art and has gone a long way since the 1900’s. It utilizes all of the latest technology. The manufacturing facility for Eucatex brand paints and varnishes is also located in Salto, albeit in a different part of the town. Eucatex also has a forestry division located in Salto, again in a different part of the town and has a second forestry facility in the town of Botucatu.

At the heart of Eucatex’s sustainability initiatives is its eucalyptus tree seedling nursery located in the village of Bofete. This is where Eucatex grows, develops and studies different strains of eucalyptus trees for use in the timber industry. Eucatex devotes a significant amount of resources in the studying and development of fast growing eucalyptus trees in the forestry industry. This is to improve both its own yield and sustainability efforts, and to export seedlings abroad to other timber companies.

Leading Eucatex to the challenges of the 21st century is current president Mr. Flavio Maluf. Mr. Maluf is uniquely poised to lead Eucatex through a period of increased global competition. The reason Flavio Maluf is the ideal leader of Eucatex as it now enters a phase of globalization and international competition is a combination of experience and traits that Maluf has.

Flavio Maluf graduated from college with a degree in mechanical engineering in his native Brazil. This allows him to understand the manufacturing processes that are vital to the operations of Eucatex. Additionally he has worked in several departments of the firm before and served as vice president before being promoted to president of Eucatex. Flavio Maluf has insight into the manufacturing, sales, marketing and trading aspects of Eucatex, and this is just what the firm needs to guide it through the beginning of the 21st century.

This will give him valuable insight to guide Eucatex through an increasingly global marketplace. LinkedIn shows that Maluf is well versed in international business and globalization, as proven by his publications and advice he give aspiring entrepreneurs.

Coriant’s New CEO Hire

As one of the newer tech companies on the block, Coriant has made strives in bringing in a new CEO to run the company. In the world of new tech and new companies, it is very important to have a strong CEO who is able to manage the business and bring the right kind of mindset to it. The CEO forms the direction of the company, and without a strong direction for a new business, it is going to falter. That is why with the help of Coriant’s new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir, the company is making strives and taking its services and tech to the next level.

Now, while Coriant is a new stand alone company, it has been existence, in some shape or form, for several decades. It started within the Nokia Siemens company as a manufacturer and developer of fiber optic based equipment. However, as the demand for faster data delivery systems improved, the need of this sector greatly improved. Nokia Siemens needed to invest resources into other areas of its own business, so it could not pump the necessary finances into the Coriant sector. Due to this, Coriant eventually split off from the company and became a stand alone entity.

In order to make sure the company had the right CEO for the job, it looked for experience running a business and in the fiber optics community. It knew it likely would not land a major CEO from a larger tech firm due to the smaller nature of the new company. So, it looked around and eventually found Shaygan Kheradpir. Shaygan has a background in tech, dating all the way back to his original Ph.D. in electrical engineering. Plus, upon graduating, he worked for a company that would eventually become Verizon. While there, he helped develop the FiOS system, which is a fiber optics network for delivering television and Internet instead of traditional labeling. Beyond all of this though, he worked on the board of directors for Barclays and as the CEO of Juniper Networks. All of this made him a very attractive CEO candidate for Coriant and it is why the company went after him.

Now, the business is proving to be a strong business and it is doing everything in its power to grow.

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