Roseann Bennett Helps Marriages Remain Afloat

The fifth month of the year is widely recognized as the Mental Health Month. Roseann Bennett’s career that recently crossed the ten-year mark has given her the opportunity to interact with numerous clients most of whom have come from marriage and family settings.


Separation and divorce are on the rise and Roseann Bennett has sought to aid her clients to iron out their issues. She has identified untreated depression as a leading cause of most of these issues. Over the years Bennett has found out that depression tends to have ripple effects.


Loneliness leads many to find solace elsewhere while in other cases depression is associated with financial trouble. For the cases where tragedies cause depression, it rarely lasts long. There is still a likelihood that it could recur according to the seasoned therapist. Recurring depression is tougher to address given that the root cause is not easily figured out. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


Insomnia or excessive sleep along with overeating or poor feeding habits are some of the common symptoms of depressed individuals. Roseann has found out that the healthy partner does not always take this mood disorder very well. This is not made any better especially if they have never had such episodes themselves. Resentment kicks in and a lot needs to be done to restore the love and respect they once shared. See This Page for additional information.


Roseann notes that the society should embrace the culture of seeking help whenever depression knocks on one’s door. Roseann Bennett encourages healthy partners to encourage their spouses to seek help. Looking at the therapist as a mediator is invaluable as it keeps one from blaming their partner for their trouble.


Roseann Bennett takes great pride in the success stories of her patients. She is acclaimed for the compassion she extends to her patients and has also established a name in the business world. When Center for Assessment and Treatment was set up back in 2009, she was at the forefront of the initiative. She now serves as the Executive Director of the charity organization. Prior to this, she had worked as an in-home therapist in New Jersey.