Soothing Medication Meets Delicious Flavors With EOS Lip Balm

Finding a lip product that delivers soothing medication to dry chapped lips might not be that hard. However, finding one with a delicious flavor as well is. EOS lip balm provides this unique product that will make your lips healthier than ever before.

Completely all-natural and organic, the medicated Tangerine flavored EOS lip balm is made with a soothing blend of shea butter and jojoba oil. It will provide medicated relief for dry, chapped or cracked lips and leave the lingering taste of juicy tangerines. With such natural ingredients, you can use this medicated tangerine EOS lip balm daily.

This delicious flavor is available on the official EOS website and online, alongside many other luxurious flavors. EOS, an acronym for Evolution Of Smooth is a beauty brand dedicated for providing an all-natural line of lip balms, lotions and creams to give you soft and healthy skin.

The iconic EOS lip balm sphere containers hit the market back in 2006 and became a beauty staple around the world. The trendy .25 ounce container is the perfect size to fit in any purse, tote and makeup bag. Grab an EOS lip balm in every flavor to experience a variety of lip balm flavors, from fruity to minty. Read the EOS history on