Securus Technologies Vital in Solving Cold Cases

Working with a crime scene investigative unit means that we have to deal with a variety of cases on any given day. There are days we are solving cold cases, and others where we are hunting dangerous fugitives. This month was very concerning because we were after an escaped inmate who was out to get revenge on those who got him arrested in the first place.


Not only was an entire community on high alert because this was a very violent fugitive, we didn’t know who he thought turned him in, so everyone was on edge. The issue we had was trying to find his safe house before he had the chance to seek revenge. We staked out a number of his family and friends, but nothing materialized as far as getting him into custody. None of his family would talk, and informants were terrified they would be discovered, so all leads were dead.


We returned back to the jail to collect some information, and were told by officers the inmate call monitoring system that Securus Technologies installed was providing them numerous opportunities to make the jail safer. This company has these inmate call systems in over two-thousand jails, and when the company objective aligns with my teams objectives, we have to try to see if this resource can help.


Once the inmates knew who we were looking for, they began to take to the phones discussing our suspect. It was one call that wound up being the key to getting a solid lead. The inmate was telling his cousin that they should cancel all plans until the heat dies down. We found the home of the cousin and during a stake out, we saw our suspect sitting in the yard drinking beers with the family. He was taken into custody and put back behind bars where he belongs.


Securus Technologies – Helping Inmates Stay Connected with Their Families

Securus Technologies is a leading inmate communications and crime prevention technology firm that offer its services to over 1.2 million inmates and 2,600 correctional agencies in the United States. The company is known for developing innovative and effective technology that helps the inmates stay connected to their friends and relatives. Securus Technologies invests heavily in research and development and recently launched a new service for the inmates and their family called the video visitation service.


Through this service, the inmates would be able to talk to their friends and relatives virtually. It is a cost-effective way of helping the inmates get more communication opportunities. The relatives and friends can also send money to the inmates through the money transfer services offered by Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is widely known as one of the best technology firms in the country when talking about inmate communication and prison technology. The company offers many different services and continues to launch new services every week. It has one of the most comprehensive ranges of crime prevention and inmate communication services on offer, and the best part is that it doesn’t cost a bomb like its counterparts.


The company also released a press release online that contained the excerpts from the letters written by the law enforcement officials. The press release was published with the aim to showcase how the company is making a huge impact in the correctional sphere, and how it is helping law enforcement officials to perform better. There are many firms active in this sector, but Securus Technologies has been innovating and developing cutting edge services that are far more advanced, affordable, and reliable than what the competitors offer.


As a law enforcement official myself, I regularly use the services of Securus Technologies and found it tremendously helpful in my job. It helps in getting the information needed to put the criminals behind the bar and reduce the crime rate.


Better Business Bureau Gives Securus Technologies An A+ Rating

Securus Technologies is a large communications company that works with correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations all over the United States and North America. Currently serving over 3,400 facilities and 1.2 million incarcerated individuals, Securus provides sophisticated communication capabilities to them all.


Recently, Securus was given an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau of Texas, as they are headquartered in Dallas. The A+ rating is the highest rating that the Better Business Bureau awards and it signifies that Securus performs at the highest level and backs up all of the services that it provides.


Being able to provide a sophisticated communications network to inmates and families is a big task and one in which Securus is proud with which to be involved. The company deals with roughly 2.5 million calls per month with an 11 second answering time, 99% first-call resolution statistics and a customer score of satisfaction of 4.3 out of a 5 point rating.


Not every business will qualify for the strict accreditation for the Better Business Bureau because there is an arduous and detailed application and screening process that must be undergone before approval is not just talking, and accreditation is awarded. A company must already be doing business in a manner already conforming to standards described by the Better Business Bureau.


Having the highest rating that the Better Business Bureau can give is a comfort for customers as well as a tribute to Securus and its ability to provide the best service possible. This means that when the company talks about the service levels that are being attained, customers know that it is not just talk, but the reality of the level that is being supplied to customers.


With BBB accreditation there is an expectation that a particular level of performance will continue to be made not only at present but that it will continue long into the future.


GTL False Statements Fuels Securus Technologies Anger

GTL made some statements that were false about Securus Technologies, and Securus decided to fight back by publishing an article that attests to this. They want to make sure that people are able to know what they do, and why it is so important to the country and to the world.


Securus is a company that works with providing technology for the protecting the public. They want people to know what they do, and they have even decided to invite them to a presentation at their company. It is being held in Texas. At this presentation, they will be able to ask questions, and see the latest technologies that the company is working on. This is what they are doing to counteract the false statements that GTL has made. When they put in litigation to stop it, it can take years, so they took it upon themselves to do this instead.


Securus Technologies is a company that deals with the criminal and civil sectors by developing solutions for them to use in keeping the public safe. They are the leader in their industry, working on a regular basis with the government. They deal with prisoners numbering in the millions on a regular basis. Their work is immensely important, and they are known all over world for their excellence. On a weekly basis they create even more technology to keep the public safe, and they work towards making the world a safer place for everyone to live in.