Whitney Wolfe Looks to Empower Women

Whitney Wolfe is a recently married entrepreneur that has changed her name, but she is still the same power player that is taking over the dating app industry. Whitney Wolfe knows a lot about dating apps and the dating app environment. She has become someone that helped create Tinder, one of the most successful dating apps, and now she is pushing forward with her own powerful dating app called Bumble.

This year she got married to an oil tycoon and entrepreneur Michael Herd. This officially makes her Whitney Wolfe Herd, but many of her fans still simply know her as Whitney Wolfe. It may seem odd for some people to hear that Whitney Wolfe has a fan base, but this is very true. She has a network of fans because she has become someone that is interested in empowering women.

The Bumble company that she started employs women in 80% of the jobs that are available through this company. Whitney Wolfe has described the Bumble as a feminist dating app. All of these are things that have translated into a movement where women are in charge. That is why Whitney Wolfe has a huge fan base. Women are loving the fact that she is helping other women gain control of their situations. She has become a leader in the dating app industry because she puts so much time into building an app that is easy to use.

Whitney Wolfe has also become popular because she has changed the way that people look at this dating app environment. Women make the first move, and that is another part of her feminist movement in the dating app community. All of this makes other women that are interested in engaging in the business world fond of Whitney Wolfe Herd and the legacy that she is leaving behind. She is revolutionizing things for women in business as she takes on the evolution of the dating app world as well. Whitney Wolfe has her hands in a lot of different areas, and she has made significant progress as a strong female dating app development leader.