Chris Burch: entering the hospitality world

Chris Burch: entering the hospitality world

Chris Burch is an internationally known Fashion icon as well as a business entrepreneur across the globe. In 2015, the mogul constructed a high-end five-star resort in an Island located in the remote areas of the Sumba Islands. The resort in question was named Nihiwatu which in the local dialect stands for Mortar Stone. The hotel has been voted for two years consecutively as the best hotel in the world by the Travel & Leisure Magazine from 2016.

Chris Burch built the resort in partnership with his New York friend called James McBride. At that time Mr. McBride was the president of a chain of hotels under the name YTL Hotel Group. The hotelier was based in Singapore. The expertise of James with the vision of Chris Burch, after numerous trips to the site, materialized to a well sought-after destination in a remote island of Indonesia. The two put in thirty million dollars to the project to be used in renovation as well as the installation of new structures to the seven hundred acre land (

The resort has many activities including hiking, spa sessions, and sea or land explorations. It also has a restaurant that serves all types of delicacies that are local dishes in the area. All the food is either fished or harvested from the ground. The hotel has more than 27 villas that have a unique view of the coastal line and sea as well as all the aspects nature can provide. The design of the villa focus on the neutrality such as fresh air and natural scents.

The pride of the island resort is in the staff who are locally employed and offer the best services to the tourists who visit and stay in the hotel. The hotel serves as the most significant employer of the entire Sumba Islands.

There is also a philanthropic trust that was set up by Claude and Petra Graves who were the initial owners and developers of the resort. The fund which is referred to as the Sumba Foundation was set up to help develop the island and its local communities on issues such as malnutrition and health care services as well as the education system. A considerable percentage of the funds in the trust comes from the tourists who visit the resort. In essence, Chris Burch is not making any profit from the development as all profits are channeled towards this fund to help the communities living in the area.  See for an additional article.

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