Chris Burch Helps Put Nihiwatu on the Map

Chris Burch has developed a keen insight into how to fashion a business and his wealth of experience as an entrepreneur allows him to carve out new niches and further his skills. It’s something akin to a successful band that continually reinvents itself to avoid getting stale. One of his recent projects is a spectacular resort on a remote coast of Indonesia. Nihiwatu is an amazing island getaway with breathtaking views and luxurious accommodations. Related article on

The career of Chris Burch the entrepreneur is characterized by big successes in retail fashion brands such as C. Wonder and Tory Burch. Endeavors like these have been his main claim to fame, but that is changing as he continues to branch out into new areas like technology and real estate. The resort of Nihiwatu can be found on the island of Sumba and it has been an ambitious and successful project which deepens his standing as a world-class entrepreneur.

Nihiwatu is a joint effort by Chris Burch and the hotelier James McBride and it has received some serious plaudits. The noted magazine, Travel + Leisure, has declared it to be the best hotel in the world in 2016.   Check

One inspiration for Burch regarding the project was his desire to leave something beautiful to his children. He was also enthusiastic about improving the lives of those living on the island. Nihiwatu has become the largest employer in the local community and it also supports them in other ways. Part of the profits that the resort generates is given to the Sumba Foundation, which helps support projects that improve the quality of life on the island.  Click this useful link to read more insights from him.

The amazing splashes of color that are found at the resort are most compelling and the bluish-green water on the beach is a wonderful place to start. The bold, orange strokes of the sunset are fantastic in their beauty and provide a sense of romance and wonder.

There are 27 private villas on the island and they all have their own plunge pool. Surfing is available with world-class waves and excursions to nearby waterfalls are sure to please and delight. A blue lagoon can be accessed and jumps into the water and swimming make it special.

Chris Burch began exercising his entrepreneurial bent during his undergraduate days at Ithaca College. He formed a company with his brother called Eagles Eye Apparel with a two thousand dollar investment. The selling price? $165 million. This launched his career and he’s never looked back.

He is currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, and they are involved in some exciting projects like ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Some others include Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, and Poppin.  To learn more about his various business ventures, head over to

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