Chris Burch: The Notable Business Man Without Limits

Success never depends on uniqueness alone, but it requires the individual’s vision, determination, and ability to accomplish the set goals. This description relates to real life stories, especially that of Chris Burch, a fashion billionaire. In 2012, he decided to purchase Nihiwatu resort and immediately followed a major upgrade costing over $30 million. As a result, travelers across the world have been choosing it as a preferred destination. The renowned investor gained interest in the place through verbal remarks while visiting Bali, and his actions were prompted upon learning that Nihiwatu’s founders were seeking the assistance of outside investors.

At the moment, Chris Burch is known for being the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. Different from other companies, Chris Burch uses it to express his entrepreneurial values as well as the vision he has for the upcoming market opportunities. Generally, he makes use of imagination, incubation, creativity, support, and scale to build businesses that can create a direct, positive and lasting effect on the lives of the consumers. In short, Chris Burch is merely a serial entrepreneur who has a varied business background in a slew of companies. Most notably, he has interest in fashion, real estate, and technology.

To date, Chris boasts over four decades experience building his career in investment and entrepreneurship. Aside from the companies he has founded, he has managed to facilitate the rise of over 50 others. Basically, his intuitive understanding of consumer behavior gives him an edge in business, and this supports his success. Moreover, he has a track record of linking innovation to impact. At the beginning of his career, Chris Burch partnered with his brother to start Eye apparel which eventually grew to a net worth of other $165 million. They started out with a capital of about $2,000. The surprising thing is that he was still pursuing his undergraduate studies at Ithaca College.

Although Chris Burch is a renowned investor due to his input and contributions to the fashion industry, he as well as a good name in real estate business ( In 2004, he partnered with other investors to develop Faena Hotel. In a similar story to Nihiwatu resort, Faena was first built as a grain storage facility which they successfully renovated and upgraded to become a high-class resort. Moreover, Chris Burch has made quite impressive profits in real estate transactions including the sale of a luxury home for $25 million which he had acquired at $14 million.

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