Chris Burch’s Tips For Gaining Startup Investors.

Chris Burch is a New York City based serial entrepreneur. Currently, he is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. This organization seeks new and exciting businesses to invest in in order to help small companies grow and become exceedingly profitable.

Mr. Burch began his investment career with his brother. They created an apparel company that they later sold for several million dollars ( With the income from the sale of this company, Chris Burch invested in several other firms.

In addition to his work at Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch is the owner of apparel company Tory Burch. He is also involved in a number of charitable projects including being a board member of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.

In a recent post on, Chris Burch discussed how an individual or group starting out in a business venture can gain the help of other investors with a startup project. Mr. Burch cited four principles that those starting a business should keep in mind when trying to approach angel investors and venture capitalists.

The first piece of advice is to keep the business concept simple. Those seeking investments need to keep their business concept succinct and easy to present. Most investors will not want a long presentation. The person seeking an investment needs to keep the presentation down to a period of seconds. If the investor’s interest is aroused, he will ask more questions.

The person seeking an investor should not become discouraged. Not everyone who is asked will want to invest in the startup. Keep refining the presentation, and keep presenting the business idea. If it is a good concept, an investor will be found eventually.

Another piece of advice is don’t be afraid to admit a lack of knowledge. If a person seeking an investor doesn’t know the answer to a question, it is best to admit it. However, the potential investor should be told that an answer will be researched and presented to them very soon.

Finally, Chris Burch advises that those seeking investors not use jargon and buzzwords. Make a plan presentation. The idea should sell itself.

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