Greg Secker: On the Benefits of Forex Trading

One of the benefits of investing in foreign exchange markets is the versatility in investment platform. Forex trading can be done anywhere, at any time of the day. Moreover, forex traders enjoy flexible returns that are not confined by the up and down movements of the markets. They also enjoy a demo account where they can practice forex trading before moving into the real deal. The popular investment vehicle is also easy to start. However, to become a successful trader it is imperative to take note of various factors. Greg Secker, a successful forex trader, company executive and entrepreneur, believes that learning the basics of the sector and molding your forex trading around a successful forex trader are important success pillars.

He believes that with the basics, an aspiring forex trader can further attain success by fully understanding and using one of the many forex trading strategies. Forex traders are also advised to make realistic and well defined investment goals while keeping their emotions away from their investments. A well defined plan will be critical in determining important investment moves such as exit, moving on, budgeting and plan of action on a daily basis. Having a cool head is critical in avoiding disastrous investment decision. Being realistic ensures that the forex trader understands the realities of investment including the being patient and persistent. Greg Secker believes that there is no perfect indicator for predicting the right investment time. This is because each condition presents unique investment opportunity for different individuals.

Career, Academic Background and Philanthropic Interests

Greg Secker is an award-winning technologist and entrepreneur with strong passion to giving back to the community. After he developed Virtual Trading Desk during his first professional stint as a technologist at Thomas Cook, he was honored with British Telecom Award. His success at the financial services company signaled a remarkable fete for Greg Secker who only took up computing and programming at the University of Nottingham studying Food Science and Agriculture.

He left the company to join Mellon Financial Corporation to serve as its vice president before retiring in 2003 to venture in entrepreneurship and forex trading. He founded several companies including Learn to Trade, which has educated thousands of people on forex trading. He also founded Greg Secker Foundation to explore his philanthropic interests globally.