How Did Chris Burch’s Indonesian Resort Reach Tops In Travel Reviews?

Chris Burch, a man who’s made business development a huge part of his career is also a hotel stakeholder and luxury home investor, and his biggest hotel acquisition came in 2013 when he bought a hostel on Sumba Island. This place can only be reached through special transportation vehicles and offers a lot of repose to visitors, so Burch decided to build many villas on the island with tremendous comforts and creative designs to them, but he’s ensured the surrounding environments and ecosystems have not been harmed. Burch said this island allowed him to bring ideas to life in the design of this hotel that he said he could not do elsewhere ( ¬†He also said the $30 million investment he made into the property is one that he believes can last for years to come, and is something he can give back to his future family.

Burch became known as a serial entrepreneur because since 1976 he’s never ceased to bring ideas to life that have turned into companies with unique brands unlike any seen before. He started out with a simple idea of buying sweaters and reselling them, and these sweaters became so popular that he bought many other fashion designs and had a multi-million dollar company, Eagle Eye Apparel built from the business ( But this was just the start as Burch would go on to buy into several larger retailers in Tory Burch, the fashion line his wife brought to life, and C. Wonder which is now independently operating after Burch’s company exited it. Burch also bought holdings in internet-based companies through the Internet Capital Group, and also joined the Board of Directors at Guggenheim Partners.

Burch Creative Capital had its initial beginnings in 2006 but became the full-service venture capital investment company in 2008, and its mission is to invest in companies based on what their creative strategies can do for them in the markets as opposed to just the numbers in finance they might be valued at ( ¬†Through the Burch Creative portfolio, Burch bought into several major real estate holdings beginning in 2004 with the Faena Hotel + Universe, one of Argentina’s best vacation properties rated in travel magazines. And prior to acquiring Nihiwatu Resort, Burch also bought and flipped homes across the northeastern coast with a $14 million house selling for $25 million, and several town homes sold in Nantucket Island. He’s also a former board member of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.