How TalkSpace Can Help People Seeking Therapy And Provide Great Jobs

Sometimes people get stuck working with, or even worse for, genuine psychopaths. All bosses at some point get cranky but psychopaths are on a whole other level. They are constantly switching between being awesome and being a nightmare. One moment they’re being genuinely funny and the next they’re backstabbing someone without showing any sense of remorse or compassion.

There are six warnings that you have a psychopath on your hands. There are that they are very charming when you first meet them, they are control freaks as well as narcissists, they constantly lie, the avoid responsibility for anything bad happening no matter what, and they take foolishly extreme risks. They often climb the corporate ladder quickly because they have zero issues taking down anyone in their way regardless of whether it’s someone above them, their peer, or their staff. It can be horrific working for someone like this, especially if it’s a job you can’t easily get out of.

People in New York City who work with or for psychopaths, or any other life issues they want to talk about with a therapist, now have a convenient choice. This is TalkSpace. It’s an app you can use on any device which puts you in contact with your own personal licensed therapist to talk things through with. You primarily text back and forth with your therapist but there are also options for photos to be sent as well as videos or just audio recordings.

For those who want to work for TalkSpace the reviews are pretty promising. There are a number of pros listed such as flexible hours, new offices, warm coworkers, approachable leadership, and a great learning environment. They pay is competitive at TalkSpace and they have a relaxed atmosphere. When the app does glitch, as happens to every app, the support team is said to be right on the ball in getting it fixed.